Transmigration: To become the greatest of villain

Author: To_not_lose
Magical Realism
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What is Transmigration: To become the greatest of villain

Read Transmigration: To become the greatest of villain novel written by the author To_not_lose on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering action, romance, r18, system, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


2055 A time of turbulence and uncertainty. With the sudden arrival of the dungeons, in the form of space rifts, a new era of awakeners began. In this world, where more and more dimensions are connected, as time flies by, a man is reborn. Only noticing the world to be very similar to a game he played. A harem-building game that is. [Ding!] [The host has awoken the villain system] ********** The cover doesn't belong to me. If the owner wants to take it down, please inform me. [Author note: The novel will gradually get dark, so here's a heads up to people who don't like such genre. I hope everyone enjoys the novel.]

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I'm just a beginner writer so you might find a lot of things lacking, but I genuinely hope that you enjoy this novel. Please support the novel by pointing out any mistakes you find.


An absolute banger of a read. 10/10. I like the story very much the progression of the story, MC's delinquent like personality, the fact that he actually has to face enemies stronger than him and have to plan things, his system is also not omnipotent from the start so he has to work hard and gradually get stronger, the things he can buy in his system too is pretty interesting to read, his relationships with the female leads/protagonist is also to my liking. His background too seems a bit suspicious like he was placed in that world for a reason. I hope the author won't drop this since I'll be supporting this book from now on till you drop it.


Story is Just amazing,I like it, but there is one problem I don't appreciate, It only has so little chapters, I can't wait to know what will happen next, Can't AUTHOR create 20 chapters a day, please, 🥺🥺


man I really like your novel. just wanted to let you know. the mmc s my type of person m[img=recommend]


This is a great novel to read. Keep up the good work.


The story is quite good and I hope that Academy will be really good too. I have high hopes for this novel 😌✌️


chicken nugget of wisdom shall take you to heaven


A very good story and novel, until the author stopped updating. With a lot of potential yet to be explored, and a great plot and story. A clear and difficult division of powers to jump, and with very few plot holes.




I started it and only stopped after reading the whole volume 1, the story is somewhat commonplace a mc reincarnated in a villain body with a system and he decides to steal heroines for villain points and such. But what makes this novel unique is the approach for it, the novel is engaging and full of surprises. Author doesn't tell us the whole plan of the mc and surprises us which is, in this type of novel a rarity. I hope I will get to see more surprise elements in the next volume too.[img=recommend][img=recommend]


MC seems like a low level thug and lacks intelligence. I mean he transmigrates and finds out he can gain Villain points by harming protag like taking away heroines etc. He right of the bat knows his sister is heroine but he's like nah I am not interested since I am not going after every heroine. Then he finds out she really hates him so instead of working to fix that and gain some points he is like nah let me forget about that and gain strength instead (why not do both) Why would you leave heroines who can assist protagonist when you can easily approach sister conveniently...makes no sense I mean he finds out the former body is trash and he is like yeah I am not planning to be goody two shoes The execution of him targeting the protagonist seems lackluster and not captivating enough to keep reading.


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