1 Kidnapped

"Come near me, and all of you will see your tongues rolling out of your stinky mouths," Olivia spat out with a cold gaze as she stared at the men and women cloaked in black who surrounded her.

Those who encircled Olivia were assassins like her, and Olivia had initially thought that they wanted to inform her about her next mission.

Olivia was a high-ranking assassin, so whenever other assassins approached her, it was usually to assign her a mission.

Olivia was one of the best in her profession.

Olivia could be said to be a nation-level assassin with a terrifying success rate in her missions.

This was the sole reason why Olivia was usually sought out by other assassins.

Why would fifteen people do work that could be done by only one person?

Being the leader of the assassins of the Stone Cloud Clan, Olivia was known to be a highly trained assassin who had even killed the king's wife without anyone figuring out who did it.

Olivia had astutely sneaked into the Queen's chamber after killing about fifty guards and had killed the Queen in her bed.

What an audacious act!

As a result, Olivia was cherished by the Stone Cloud Clan and was given every materialistic thing she could wish for.

Olivia even trained younger members and was highly respected.

However, Olivia was not expecting this particular day to be her last.

"Olivia Shang, surrender yourself now!" A cold voice boomed in Olivia's ears.

Olivia then looked up, anger apparent on her face.

"I should have known you were just like these weaklings!" Olivia uttered, with disdain evident in her voice and expression, causing the man before her to clench his fist while his other hand tightly held his sword.

Since Olivia's words were also directed at those who encircled her, her words triggered them as all of them got ready to attack again.

The man immediately raised his hand to stop the others behind him from attacking Olivia.

The man walked closer to her with a sarcastic smile and Olivia stumbled backwards out of cautiness.

Olivia was in a dire situation, but that did not mean she was going to show weakness.

Olivia's eyes roamed behind the man and then met a woman snickering.

Only if Olivia had not eaten the food served by her earlier, she would not have been poisoned.

"You talk as if you still have an ounce of strength in you, Olivia Shang. I would have thought of killing you earlier. Knowing that Master Han has to give you the mission just when you have completed one annoys me. I gave you a warning, and you took me for granted!"

"I should have cut your tongue off then," Olivia murmured, blaming herself for ever losing the opportunity. Olivia added, "It's not my fault you are useless."

Olivia swallowed, her eyes heavy as she tried to remain still.

She had killed five of these men, but she was unable to proceed as her energy had already been depleted.

"I should have killed you then," Olivia uttered louder.

The young woman who had been snickering earlier came to the front. Olivia was not surprised by her boldness, which she knew was triggered because they now had the upper hand. But Olivia felt betrayed because this same woman was someone she took as dear and had trained her to be what she was now.

"Miss Olivia Shang—" Before the young woman could say anything, Olivia, with annoyance, immediately tightened her grip on the sword, and the next moment, a sword was driven into the stomach of the young woman.

Olivia pulled it out ruthlessly and laughed sarcastically, "Now, you are nine."

Taken by surprise, the man uttered, "How dare y—"

Olivia used the last ounce of her power to strike the man, but unfortunately, he was very quick to defend himself.

However, before she knew it, a sword was driven into her stomach, and she fell onto her back almost immediately.

At last.

The poison was eating up Olivia's body, and all that she wanted was to be killed already if she was going to die in the end.

The man in front of Olivia planned to torture her and Olivia was not going to have her demise end that way so she craved death immediately.

Of course... Olivia knew she was going to die by a sword.

Every assassin will, however, Olivia didn't think her death would be from the people she worked with.

At last.

"Take Miss Yue to the physician!" Olivia heard the man say before her eyes closed themselves.

Olivia had intentionally cut her palm with her sword so she could absorb her blood, which had turned black due to the poison, and Olivia had stabbed that betrayal with the same sword.

Of course, the bit of poison in Olivia's spilt blood would kill the young woman if she was not taken to the physician early.

Olivia knew the young woman was the man's lover.

At least, she had caused them a little pain.

In her next life, Olivia hoped to cause them more.


Jolene woke up in the middle of a dilapidated building.

There was no one present, and everywhere was silent.

Jolene could barely see since it was already twilight and she was... She was kidnapped!

Fear gripped Jolene, and she immediately shouted, "Please help! Help me!"

"Shut your mouth, you ugly piece of rat!"

Jolene suddenly heard a man's voice.

Puzzled, Jolene immediately turned in the direction she heard the voice from.

Squinting her eyes hard to try and make out some details of her surroundings, Jolene raised her head to see five muscular-built men standing in front of her, all in black attire.

One of the men stood with his arms folded, another holding a pistol, two of them concealing pistols in their back pockets, and one holding a cold knife next to her neck.

"My... my sister sent you to me..." Jolene's voice trembled.

The cold knife sank into Jolene's skin, drawing blood and causing her to cry out in pain.

Her thick glasses dropped onto her nose, and she struggled to adjust them as her hands were tied behind her.

"You should know that, as an heir to Yu's business, you are nothing but a hindrance to Miss Allison. A dumb and ugly woman like you does not deserve an inheritance."

Jolene shook her head in confusion and began to speak, "Father is not dead yet, and I told Miss Allison that I have no interest in owning—"

Before Jolene could finish, several gunshots rang out, causing her to shake with fear.

Jolene then raised her head again to see the four men behind her lying on the ground, blood splattered across their heads.

The man standing in front of Jolene hastily pulled her up, gripping her roughly and pressing the knife against her throat once more.

"If you don't show yourself, I will kill this woman. I know you are here to save her," the man holding Jolene stated, his voice shaking as he tried to conceal it and put on a brave front.

Jolene looked around, trying to figure out who on earth was here to save her.

There was no single being on earth that cared for her.

At least, none Jolene knew of.

As Jolene looked at the entrance of the empty room, which now had four dead men, she saw a shadow appear.

The man holding her down immediately replaced his knife with his pistol, still gripping her neck before pointing the pistol at her skull. "I will not hesitate to shoot if you don't show yourself—"

However, before he could complete his words, a bullet went straight into the middle of his eyes, and he remained still before dropping to the ground.

Jolene shook in terror, her ears deafened by the gunshot.

As soon as the man fell, the shadow immediately became bolder, signifying that the man in the dark was coming closer.

Jolene tried to hold her chest in fear until she realised that they were tied.

She needed to escape.

The man who could ruthlessly kill these men was going to kill her!

As Jolene looked around for an escape, a sudden pain elicited from her chest, and she groaned in agony.

Her heart.

'Why now?" Jolene muttered, wondering why her disease had to start acting up at this moment of all times.

Jolene knew that if she did not die from everyone's bullying, her disease would be the end of her.

As Jolene tried to move away from where she was, the room seemed to be running a marathon before her.

Jolene then felt someone wrap his arms around her to prevent her from falling, but the pain was unbearable.

She was dying.

The man in the black tuxedo clenched his jaw as he held Jolene. He slowly pulled down the small piece of cloth that covered his nose.

When he looked at the unconscious woman, a smile escaped his lips as he uttered, "I have found you, wife."


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