Transmigration: President Wang, Your Wife Is An Assassin! Book

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Transmigration: President Wang, Your Wife Is An Assassin!


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"President Wang, your wife just issued a threat to the manager of Zhao Company. He's en route to file a report at the—" "Did she at least leave him with all his limbs intact?" Sebastian raised an eyebrow, his expression reflecting astonishment. "Color me surprised." Another individual entered his office. "President Wang, your wife has just dismissed the Senior Director. Regrettably, it's led to quite a chaotic situation and—" "I was planning to let him go anyway." _____ Olivia Shang, once an assassin, fell victim to her colleagues' jealousy and was murdered. Through an otherworldly occurrence, she found herself transmigrated into the body of Jolene Yu, an unattractive young woman within the pages of a comic book. Jolene Yu, an expendable character, grapples with a terminal illness and endures harsh treatment from everyone around her. Her stepsister even goes to the extent of arranging for her life to be cut short by hired hands. However, before any harm can befall her, a mysterious man intervenes, claiming to be her husband. Upon awakening in this feeble form, Olivia realizes she cannot endure the torment and resolves to confront those who have bullied her. With her past assailants nowhere to be found, she seizes the opportunity to rectify her past mistakes. Yet, the sudden appearance of a stranger insisting to be her husband baffles her. And he wasn't just a stranger, he was the fifth young master of the Wang Family, a ferocious man known as the Devil's first son and also the CEO and founder of a very famous tech company. After enduring untold suffering in her previous life, having been exploited as a tool, Olivia swears not to squander the new lease on life she's been granted. Even if it means eliminating the story's designated female lead to ensure her survival, she's prepared to do so. Even if she must manipulate her family's wealth to fund her surgery, she's resolute! All for the sake of rewriting her unfortunate fate. But is there not a popular say that an assassin is always an assassin? FL: Stubborn and Smart. ML: Caring and Cruel. Excerpt* Jolene smirked, "Can't even help your own wife?" Sebastian's brows furrowed seeing her change in countenance. Wasn't she the one begging that she would pay him back for his care? How could she change all of a sudden like she was demanding from him? "I have things to do right now. I'll sort this out when I'm back from work," Sebastian replied, his expression blank. Jolene shook her head in wonder before saying, "The last time you came back from work, you were drunk. And that was yesterday. Today you are off to work without seeing me? We have only shared one or two words for the past two weeks." Sebastian was startled at her confrontation but Jolene wasn't done yet. "Mr. Wang, is that how to treat your wife?" Sebastian swallowed, looking down at Jolene. He said, "Are you going to cause a scene here, Miss Jolene?" "You mean Mrs. Wang? I am Mrs. Wang for christ's sake. Your wife." Jolene folded her arms before saying, "I think there is a need to complete the documents signing. I want to sign it completely and then we will perform a grand wedding to let everyone know that you are married to me. Don't worry, after the contract has expired, we can announce that we have divorced. I won't take a penny from you, it is written that way in the agreement, right?" "Miss Jolene, you must understand that legally you can not fulfil the signatures since you aren't mentally stable. It may be termed that you signed it under manipulation or anything related, so we have to ensure that you are medically upright before you can sign any legal documents." Jolene chuckled before releasing her arms, "Is this young man trying to say that I'm crazy?" Jolene shook her head, knowing what she was doing was dramatic. Actually, she needed the drama to confirm something which she had for 57% be assured of.