Transmigrated As The Strongest Villain

How does feel to be the strongest in the world? Exciting...Right? However, that was not the case for me. I have become the strongest villain, in my novel that was about to end. However at the moment, I wasn't the strongest at all, the villain that I was transmrigeted wasn't the strongest at the moment... He will be in future though. Despite being the strongest, like every villain's fate, he will die at the hands of the protagonist. The villain's name was Ashen Adele. Ashen Adele's goal was to take revenge on everyone who caused the downfall of his family. However "Revenge.” It was a good sound. At least for the original owner of the body. But from my point of view, the goal is to survive, let alone revenge. The whole world wants Adele to be dead and there was no way I could survive against the whole world at the moment. So what did I do? —-I went to the Demon Realm. From there, a new story was born of Ashen Adele, who would not die at the hands of the protagonist. I would make sure that happens. ______ Note:- English is my third language so there might be some grammar mistakes. Please point out any grammar mistakes so I can fix them. This novel has joined the WPC Feb-March. Please support it. 150+ power stones = 1 bonus chapter. 300+ power stones = 1 bonus chapter. 450+ power stones = 1 bonus chapter. ____ 50 Golden tickets = 1 bonus chapter. 100 Golden tickets = 3 bonus chapters. ____ 1 Magic castles = 5 bonus Chapters. I would update chapters as soon as possible after those milestones are completed. ______ Note: The cover is mine and also this cover is made by Author A4KL. All the copyright belongs to the Author A4KL.

Ink_Weaver122 · Fantasy
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The narrow-eyed man opened his mouth.

A voice that sounded like it would crumble at any moment came out weakly.

[I wanted to break it. ]

[I wanted to burn it. ]

The man was just muttering self-deprecating words that no one would understand.

Hamel frowned at the incomprehensible words.

Amidst the choking silence, the man let out a small laugh.

[Sorry. ]

The man stared at Hamel with a gaze dripping with regret.

There were already several large wounds on the man's body.

Out of breath would be the only thing.

However, the man did not stop talking even though he knew that talking any more would erode his life.

[In the first place… … If not. ]

The man spoke vaguely, as if recalling something.

With a trembling voice, the fire of life was gradually weakening.

The man's crescent-shaped eyes and weak smile trembled slightly before suddenly stopping.

In response, Hamel quietly closed his eyes and murmured.

[He's dead. ]

The flames were already extinguished.

Only ashes remain.

… … With this, the villain who threatened the kingdom had done its job.

Confirming that the man had stopped breathing, Hamel turned his back.

'I think it's a shabby death worthy of the worst and strongest villain.' Hamel couldn't help but think as he gazed at burning city before him.

* * *

[epilogue, the end of the villain.]


I rubbed my eyelids, which were about to close from drowsiness, and began to organize the contents of this episode.

Types stretched tightly on the screen of the monitor.

This novel, which I am currently writing, has come to an end with this.

At first, it was a serialized work with its original setting.

However, readers wanted a protagonist who was armed with talent and skill to show off his strength and go on a winning streak.

I didn't want a novel that was engulfed in all sorts of setting games.

so instead '… I twisted it.'

In the end, all the settings originally planned for writing were discarded.

It twisted the development in a way that only readers would like.

There was no time to express dissatisfaction.

Because I was busy just revising the development of the second half -.

The character, which was given miscellaneous settings and backgrounds to create an attractive villain, was being used as a simple expendable character.

All settings have been changed...

The main character and the people around him are good, and all who oppose him are evil...

As a result, Readers followed until the second half of the novel, and thanks to that, the results were not bad… …

It never felt good.

'It's embarrassing.'

It was sticky and unpleasant like the rainy season in summer.

writing something you don't want. It's a pretty unpleasant thing but what can I do? I also need money so I can live and writing is the only thing I'm good at.

For the artist doing something like this was an act comparable to swimming through hell.



'Tomorrow is the end of this thing.'e I stretched my body and let out an exhausted yawn.

The feeling of desolation and relief made my heart burst.

Everything will be finalized in the next registration round.

The only villain who choked the main character died in vain.

So, I can't write more novels than this.

well, what can I do?

"I should throw away my lingering feelings…"

-Knock, -Knock!

It was when I was powerlessly spitting out self-deprecating words.

I frowned at the muffled noise echoing from the front door.

'Did I order a courier? No, I don't think I did.'

But there's no way I have an acquaintance who would come to me early in the morning.

… … Who is knocking on the front door?

-Knock, -Knock!

-Knock, -Knock!

A knock that still doesn't stop.

I furrowed my brow in an instant of anger. 'Who the hell is knocking on someone's doors at this dawn?'

I stood up from my desk and walked toward the front door,


However just as I reached there the continuous beating on the door stopped and everything went back to silence...

'Maybe some drunken found the wrong door and knocked or maybe I'm a hallucination by the stress I'm getting nowadays?' I couldn't help but think so.

' flutter.'

A white piece of paper with something written on it fell from above.

Why is the paper flying around?

Eventually, I lifted the mysterious piece of paper that had fallen on the floor, looked at it, and narrowed my expression.

[It is a gift. Ask when you need it.]


I frowned at the words I couldn't understand.

Rather, what is this piece of paper? Did this paper come in through the crack in the door?

Just in case, I picked up the paper, folded it and placed in my upper chest pocket, and turned around.

"… … ."

I took a deep breath at the unexpected sight.

"What the fuck..."

What kind of appearance is reflected in my field of view?

Goosebumps ran down my spine and it drove away my sleep.

It was because a narrow-eyed man with a black aura and bleeding from his chest was staring at me.


I glanced at the man's appearance in fear.

The twisted mouth under the thinly torn eyes with narrow eyes created a shady atmosphere.

When the dark red hair that symbolizes sinfulness was added to it, I couldn't help but feel intense fear.

Among them, what stands out is the tattoo in the shape of a cross, like a stigma, on the nape of the neck.

At that moment heaviness of unknown origin pressed painfully on my chest.

It was a feeling of death. If I move I'm sure I'll be dead.

What is going on here?

My feelings, this situation, everything. That's when I was frozen in place.

"In the end, this is how you die." A groaning, narrow-eyed man muttered.

I looked at him with my shoulders trembling in fear.

"I put a lot of time and effort into it."

The narrow-eyed man said that and stepped towards me.

I had to take a step back from the intense momentum that came as I got closer to the man.

"To get revenge on those who ruined my family, I sharpened my sword in secret. For ten years."

A series of incomprehensible words that don't make sense...At least for me.

The current situation was enough to drive me into a panic.

"I lost a lot and gave up a lot to get revenge."

The narrow-eyed man kept walking, saying incomprehensible words.

Confused, I took another step back, but…

There was nowhere to go further than this. I had hit my back against the wall.

Having reached a distance, he thrust his face in and spread his fingers.

"Family, close friends, lovers… … Gee, I don't have enough fingers to count them all." Red eyes were revealed by the man bursting into a self-deprecating laugh.

At this, a strange sense of dread came over me.

"But it failed. Evil cannot overcome good. It was just like that."

evil and good.

It was the moment the man spat out those words.

From the novel to the current situation, his crooked narrow eyes cooled down.

"So please… … ."


Before the man could speak, a black haze erupted and whirled violently.

The pitch-black darkness that had grown so rapidly swallowed me and him.

The world spins, and the body begins to break down.

In the meantime.

[ … … please do ]

Only the last words the man left pierced my eardrums.


Inside the old-fashioned room. Contrasting with its appearance, musty dust was piled up around the furniture.


I twitched my eyelids and stood up from my seat.

"… … ."

When I lowered my gaze, faded clothes that had lost their original colour came into view.

It seemed to be made of luxurious fabric, but it seemed to be rough because it had not been maintained for a long time.


I turned my head and looked around.

It must have been a nobleman's mansion, but it was neglected and full of spider webs.

Isn't that what a fallen nobleman is?

'What the hell is this situation… … .'

I calmed my beating heart and raised myself.

Then I looked down at my hands and narrowed my eyes.


Densely embedded calluses that don't go well with young skin.

Is it to cover it up?

A thick layer of powder was applied over the calluses.

sure thing, 'It's not my hand… … .'


I got out of bed and started walking.

My steps were cautious but unstoppable.

Even though it was the first time in my life, I was moving to find my way.

As if the body remembers-.

The place where my steps arrived was in front of the mirror.

"… … ."

Looking at the reflection in the mirror, I couldn't help but be silent.

An ominous red hair and a fishy mouth.

Unusual tattoo on the nape of the neck.

And the moment I saw his eyes torn so thinly that I couldn't understand his intentions.

I had to scrub my face roughly.

"What is the situation? … ."

I put my hands on the mirror and sighed deeply.

This appearance was not mine. One, I was also old.

I guess the person who brought me into my novel, and the world's strongest villain.

'Ashen Adele.'

It seemed that I become a Ashen Adele.

… … And this time in a few days he was scheduled to be assassinated in a few days.