Transmigrated As The Strongest Villain

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What is Transmigrated As The Strongest Villain

Read ‘Transmigrated As The Strongest Villain’ Online for Free, written by the author Ink_Weaver122, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: How does feel to be the strongest in the world? Exciting...Right? However, that was not the case for me.I have become th...


How does feel to be the strongest in the world? Exciting...Right? However, that was not the case for me. I have become the strongest villain, in my novel that was about to end. However at the moment, I wasn't the strongest at all, the villain that I was transmrigeted wasn't the strongest at the moment... He will be in future though. Despite being the strongest, like every villain's fate, he will die at the hands of the protagonist. The villain's name was Ashen Adele. Ashen Adele's goal was to take revenge on everyone who caused the downfall of his family. However "Revenge.” It was a good sound. At least for the original owner of the body. But from my point of view, the goal is to survive, let alone revenge. The whole world wants Adele to be dead and there was no way I could survive against the whole world at the moment. So what did I do? —-I went to the Demon Realm. From there, a new story was born of Ashen Adele, who would not die at the hands of the protagonist. I would make sure that happens. ______ Note:- English is my third language so there might be some grammar mistakes. Please point out any grammar mistakes so I can fix them. This novel has joined the WPC Feb-March. Please support it. 150+ power stones = 1 bonus chapter. 300+ power stones = 1 bonus chapter. 450+ power stones = 1 bonus chapter. ____ 50 Golden tickets = 1 bonus chapter. 100 Golden tickets = 3 bonus chapters. ____ 1 Magic castles = 5 bonus Chapters. I would update chapters as soon as possible after those milestones are completed. ______ Note: The cover is mine and also this cover is made by Author A4KL. All the copyright belongs to the Author A4KL. ---- Support me one Pateron patreon.com/InkWaver_122

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Mise à jour quotidienne ! 9h PST ---------------------- À l'ère de l'Éveil Universel sur la Sphère Azure, une myriade de races et de dieux coexistent. Démons, dieux obscurs et monstres descendent dans le royaume mortel, pour être accueillis par les Éveillés. Howard, lors de son Rituel d'Éveil, découvre des talents doubles — Récupération de Mana de rang F, et le talent suprême : Synthèse Suprême. Il garde un profil bas, se cachant en tant que 'magus ordinaire'. À travers d'innombrables actes de synthèse, il forge des artefacts suprêmes, des compétences suprêmes et des classes suprêmes ! Synthèse de Boule de Feu... Ding ! Synthèse réussie, acquisition de la compétence de rang D — Serpent de Feu ! Synthèse de Serpent de Feu... Ding ! Synthèse réussie, acquisition de la compétence de rang B — Python de Feu ! Synthèse de Python de Feu... Ding ! Synthèse réussie, acquisition de la compétence de rang S — Dragonfeu ! Lorsque les démons envahissent et que les dieux obscurs descendent, ils restent bouche bée devant la Sphère Azure qui se dresse devant eux. "Non, c'est un piège... un piège déguisé en simple cupcake !" ---------------------- Participation WSA 2023 ! Veuillez montrer votre soutien si vous aimez l'histoire ! Comment pouvez-vous montrer votre soutien ? Offrez une Pierre de Pouvoir ! 150 = 1 chapitre bonus 200 = 2 chapitres bonus 500 = 3 chapitres bonus La sortie bonus aura lieu la semaine suivante !

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A teenage Nigerian American girl flew back to her country during her final year in high school, she couldn’t stay back in LA because apart from her high school white friends there aren’t other people around. Her parent are Vloggers in other to keep their subscribers glued to their Chanel they have to create content because that’s the only source they get paid for. So Kamari decide to do something different well her mother had told her living with grandmother Susie is very difficult, well life is already difficult not having her parent home most of the time she needed them except for FaceTime and seventeen years kamari couldn’t bare it anymore because it makes her look like a child constantly needing her family attention so she decided to hit back Nigeria to see how lives it is in Africa. Well, Kamari is an influencer on Instagram and technically has her own life to live with her passport intact and grandma Susie's address in her iPhone note she books the next flight from LA to Nigeria. Well, Kamari had thought all she has to do is apply to one of the best private schools in the city while she keep up with her white friends in group chats she will physically get along with any of the girls in other to meet up school stuffs she’s behind. You know life has many ups and down when Kamari fell in love with a guy at first sight on first-day in geography class and a shady attitude from the class president the iconic Mercedes, things didn’t go smoothly as Kamari had thought Nigeria would be but despite the whole odds read how kamari manoeuvre with her love triangle with the billionaire son Jack and the school iconic Mercedes who made it clear they won’t be having the best of relationship especially when her new love jack has a history with her. Boom boom boom!!!!

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I can confidently say this novel is the most underrated novel in webnovel right now and has a great potential to be one of the best novels out there. So give it a try, I'm sure you will love it!


Hello author I wanted to know if there is seggs and harem in this novel? What about ntr or Yuri?


I remember reading something similar to this story called The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy is this based off of that?


how big IS the Harem would be cool If only 2 or 1 XD then IT IS Not a Harem but i Hope For that 🤔👍😁🤣👌


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