Transmigrated As The Strongest Villain

How does feel to be the strongest in the world? Exciting...Right? However, that was not the case for me. I have become the strongest villain, in my novel that was about to end. However at the moment, I wasn't the strongest at all, the villain that I was transmrigeted wasn't the strongest at the moment... He will be in future though. Despite being the strongest, like every villain's fate, he will die at the hands of the protagonist. The villain's name was Ashen Adele. Ashen Adele's goal was to take revenge on everyone who caused the downfall of his family. However "Revenge.” It was a good sound. At least for the original owner of the body. But from my point of view, the goal is to survive, let alone revenge. The whole world wants Adele to be dead and there was no way I could survive against the whole world at the moment. So what did I do? —-I went to the Demon Realm. From there, a new story was born of Ashen Adele, who would not die at the hands of the protagonist. I would make sure that happens. ______ Note:- English is my third language so there might be some grammar mistakes. Please point out any grammar mistakes so I can fix them. This novel has joined the WPC Feb-March. Please support it. 150+ power stones = 1 bonus chapter. 300+ power stones = 1 bonus chapter. 450+ power stones = 1 bonus chapter. ____ 50 Golden tickets = 1 bonus chapter. 100 Golden tickets = 3 bonus chapters. ____ 1 Magic castles = 5 bonus Chapters. I would update chapters as soon as possible after those milestones are completed. ______ Note: The cover is mine and also this cover is made by Author A4KL. All the copyright belongs to the Author A4KL.

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Black Liquid

As I stood before the barrier, perplexed by the enigmatic message before me, a sense of unease washed over me. "Welcome to the end," the words echoed in my mind, sending a chill down my spine. What did it mean? Was this truly the end of my journey, or was there something more sinister lurking beyond the veil?

With a cautious step forward, I reached out to touch the shimmering barrier, my fingertips tingling with anticipation. And then, with a surge of determination, I activated my [Location Exchange 'I'], focusing on the small stone on the other side of the barrier.

In an instant, I felt the familiar sensation of displacement wash over me, and the world around me shifted and warped as I was transported to the other side of the veil.

Taking a deep breath I moved cautiously forward.

'Is this a last barrier?' I couldn't help but think so.

I just wanted to end all of this and get off this dungeon.

...And to do that I must defeat the last guardian of this barrier.

Soon after walking for a few seconds, I get to see the last guardian.

The last guardian was a human skeleton wearing knight armour, the skeleton had a long rusty sword in its hand.

The skeleton gave rather ominous feeling to me. I could feel a death aura around him.

Even if the skeleton was other side of the barrier, I know that I wouldn't have any chance to him against him if I went on head-on.

In terms of strength, the skeleton knight would be the same level as Isaac, The knight commander that I nearly got myself out of.

So I will not fight him, Instead, I will do what I have been doing till now.


Since Skeleton Knight is considered a dead binge I can swap our position by using Location Exchange.

Soon I could feel the invisible connection between me and Skeleton Knight.

No matter how strong you are, what's the use if you don't deal with it?



Skeleton Knight and my location have changed.

A truly heartbreaking victory.

Anyway, it's all about winning.

"Well, that was easy."

Intoxicated with victory, I walked around the area where the Skeleton Knight was.

It was very wide, probably because it was the square where the boss monster was.

By the way, after that.

"Is it a box?"

It was a treasure chest to store unexplored things.

A box engraved with a large black dragon made of unknown ore.

Looking at it, I frowned.

'If it's a black dragon decoration.'

It was a vague feeling.

Where did I see these patterns… ….

'It's probably not a pattern that humans would use.'

Humans consider black dragons to be ominous, so it is clear that they belong to the demons.

'Shall we sort it out?'

This place is presumed to be an unexplored dungeon created by a high-ranking demon family.

If so, the black dragon pattern would have something to do with it.

If so, is there a family that uses the black dragon pattern among the high-ranking demon families?

Before writing the novel, I had created settings for all kinds of demonic families, saying that I would write a charming villain.

However, after writing the novel, it was all discarded.

… So I didn't remember very well.

There were too many high-ranking demons, and they didn't play an important role in my novel.

If that's what I remember….

'The seven highest-ranking demon families who were the villains next to Adele.'

called the seven sins.

pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.

The Seven Deadly Sins are the characteristics of each of the seven families.

I don't know everything about the seven families.

However, even so, it did not mean that I had forgotten all the settings that I once painstakingly created.

… For example.

"This pattern is similar to the one used by the Pride family."

They are 'evil' and 'arrogant' like a black dragon.

In that sense, the Boros family of pride uses the black dragon pattern…

for a moment, my face hardened at the thought of pride family.

This unexplored dungeon is also created by them.

As I pondered over the significance of the black dragon pattern adorning the treasure chest, a sense of unease crept over me. The Pride family, known for their arrogance and ambition, was not to be trifled with. If they were indeed behind the creation of this dungeon, then I knew I would have to tread carefully.

With a deep breath, I pushed aside my apprehension and focused on the task at hand. The treasure chest before me held the promise of untold riches and secrets, and I was determined to uncover them.

Approaching the chest cautiously, I reached out and gingerly lifted the lid, revealing the contents within.

"What is this-"

My face froze for a moment as I opened the treasure chest, inside was a dark puddle of water.

'No, it's not water.' I thought as I shook my head.

The thing that was inside the chest hard to call water, it was slimy and its outer texture was like silicon.

The black liquid gives goosebumps around my skin.

'Maybe this liquid has some special power?'


The black liquid I did the box moved


The moment I open my mouth in shock

The black liquid shot inside my mouth.


After invading the inside of the mouth, it squeezed through the throat and began to pierce the oesophagus randomly.

I vomited repeatedly at the strange feeling in my throat.

"Shit… … ."

When I vomited, yellow gastric juice gushed out.

However, the black liquid never came out.

It was when I was moaning from the pain in my throat and abdominal pain.

The tearing pain in my head made me shudder.

I was consumed by pain without time to figure out what had happened.


A headache that gradually got worse and black blood vessels that began to rise on the forehead.

My vision started to turn black and my reasoning faded.

I tried to fight back, to expel the foul substance from my body, but it was futile. No matter how hard I struggled, the black liquid remained, its sinister grip tightening around me with each passing moment.

With a final, desperate gasp, I collapsed to the ground, writhing in agony as the darkness closed in around me. My vision blurred, my thoughts scattered like leaves in the wind, and I knew that I was losing the battle against whatever foul magic had been unleashed upon me.

And then, just as I felt myself slipping away into oblivion, a voice echoed in the darkness, cutting through the haze of pain and confusion.