Transmigrated as the Blind Empress Book

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Transmigrated as the Blind Empress


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Hu Sungho, the man who possessed the body of a woman, Du Hyeon Ju. She was no ordinary; she was the king's third wife. Foremost, Hu Sungho learned that she was legally blind. This might be the reason why the people in the palace neglected her, treated her as if she was just some hostage from the rival country. Days came by and Sungho accidentally listened about an upcoming war between the land he was in and the land from the south. How will Hu Sungho deal with the mistreatment? Will he be able to secure his chastity against the king before the threat to conquer the land come into being? ... This novel is inspired by 'The Ugly Empress' by Yun Guo Shi Fei, but more different. The picture on the cover is not mine. Contact me for a request to take it down. Instagram: @gmy.wn Discord: gmy#8109


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