9 Chapter 9 - My fatal weakness

"Duchess Kassidy, I know very well that you're getting annoyed and thinking this kid is talking nonsense," he continued, seemingly able to read my thoughts.

Why was this child acting so mature and as if he knew everything?

"Then why don't you tell me how you can give me this so-called valuable resource? I don't believe your father has any mana mine left,"

I remarked with a smirk, As I saw him coming towards me with his body taking small steps I thought of him as the same child who once tried to take his first steps toward me.

It was still annoying, but as his mother, I couldn't help but feel some responsibility for him.

"I will inject mana into your body. Please accept it," he said as he placed his hands on my back, emphasizing our shared bloodline and good mana compatibility.

I sighed, thinking, 'Enough, Zeph! Are you testing my patience...' But before I could complete my sentence, I felt an enormous surge of mana emanating from my back.

As I felt the surge of mana, I swiftly stood up and held my son's hand as I checked his mana. It was not just vast; it was enormous and stil regenerating at very fast pace.

A smile slowly spread across my face as I realized what a genius my son was.

"Son, you are..." I began to say, overwhelmed with pride afterall he was not useless.

Zeph's POV

I injected my mana into her, and I could see the surprise in her eyes. She swiftly stood, turning around to hold my wrist, her eyes widening before a smile occupied her face. I thought she was about to say something like "Son, you are..." But she was interrupted as I spoke.

"It's Zephyr for you, Duchess Kassidy. I'm here to do business, and that's what I want right now. I hope you'll accept my offer."

She seemed to be about to say something more motherly, but I interrupted her.

"I guess there's a misunderstanding, Duchess Kassidy. You're a businesswoman, and for you to talk to me like I'm your son just because you found me valuable shows all this. So, stop this, and I hope you'll accept my offer."

I spoke without hesitation because she was not my mother, and she certainly didn't have the qualities of one.

There was a saying in my old world: 'Every child deserves a mother, but not every mother deserves a child.'

I couldn't act like her beloved child just to obtain a weapon.

But here's the catch – I was terribly nervous. My heart was racing because I had just revealed that I was a mana mine. It was a gamble, and I knew the stakes:

1. She would either kidnap me and use me as a cauldron.

2. Or she would accept the deal.

' !?! '

I couldn't understand what was happening as I saw her eyes forming tears.

She was the last person I expected to cry. She couldn't cry; it was impossible.

But my heart... I had been an orphan in my previous life, and I had received very little motherly affection.

The quote I mentioned earlier came from the dean of my orphanage, a kind lady unlike any other. She had been a blessing to me, but the day she left, I felt empty, just like today.

The emotions from both me and the previous owner of this body came hiting me together though I would have controlled them but I don't know how much is she tormented him — There was vague details about mistreatment she did to real Zeph.

And then, something unexpected happened. I felt my own eyes welling up with tears. So, this maybe the old body owners feelings wailing up, 'I need to get away from here'

"I hope you accept my offer, Duchess Kassidy. I will be waiting."

I gathered myself for one last effort, my voice steady as I spoke without hesitation, and then I turned and left the room, leaving her alone.

Kassidy POV

Tears welled up in my eyes as he walked away. I couldn't believe what was happening.

It was the first time I had cried, all because of that child – no, he was no longer a child.

"Give him the key to the Treasury room,"

I ordered one of the shadows that had been hiding in the room for my protection.

I couldn't help but think how weak I had become again. It reminded me of my past, a time when I had a weakness – a fatal one.

That weakness had been my child.

As contenders for the Duchy, my brother and I had fought bitterly. He had ambushed our carriage, Nearly taking the life of my only heart – my child.

That day, I had vowed never to have a weakness again.

For years, I had kept my child hidden in the background, protecting him until he turned 15. That's when I made the Count take an oath of memory deletion.

According to the oath, if anything happened to my child, he would lose all memories of ever meeting me. The Count loved me deeply, and I knew he understood, but as a noble,

I had a bigger responsibility than personal feelings.

I already planned to send someone to fulfill the gap between his heart as his wife i know how much he loves me.

But I can't sacrifice all my people who trust me for my family.

This is what I was taught from childhood.





Zeph's POV

"Haa... now it feels good." I moved through the hallway, feeling overwhelmed in her presence.

Seeing her tears, my eyes welled up; after all, why not?

She is my mother, who will help me gain faster entry into the Academy.

Her affection towards me was evident from the fact that I needed an appointment just to meet her.

'It should keep her from taking actions.' I cleared my tears, which were reflected outbursts of my emotions, intending to maintain a facade to make sure everything was right and go according to my way.

I felt my first steps towards Valeria Academy becoming successful, understanding Kassidy's personality, which was likely to keep things going according to her way.

If I were to describe her in one word, it would be - a hypocrite.

She sees herself as right while others are wrong.

Her mind instinctively tries to mold things her way.

Seeing those tears, I knew it was time to become a weak son in front of her.

She will think of me as completely under her control. 'I need to become stronger faster, or else.'

If everything goes as per the novel, then had I acted haughty towards her, my body would have been found in some river. 'Duchess for ya.'

Looking back at the direction I came from, a smile formed on my face.

I will make sure that the future awaited Duchess Kassidy in just a year will be unforgettable.

Until then, 'I am a very good son.'

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