Transmigrated as a Fat villain: All heroines are after me

Author: A4KL
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What is Transmigrated as a Fat villain: All heroines are after me

Read ‘Transmigrated as a Fat villain: All heroines are after me’ Online for Free, written by the author A4KL, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ADVENTURE Fiction, REINCARNATION Light Novel, R18 Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: DROPPED! -- There are several reasons for dropping this book, but the most important one is that it had several plot hol...


DROPPED! -- There are several reasons for dropping this book, but the most important one is that it had several plot holes in the first volume. Re-editing will not improve anything, so I will soon rewrite the entire book with different twists and better world building. For now, yes, this project is dropped. Now, for those who may think that if one book is dropped, the author may do the same for others too. Let me clarify this, guys. This book is being dropped because it was my first book with a very poor writing style, extremely short chapters, and mistakes which I have improved in my other books. Please read them without any doubts in your mind.

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"[ADVERTENCIA: CONTENIDO PARA ADULTOS] - [HISTORIA PRINCIPAL COMPLETA] Izabelle subestimó el fuego con el que pensó que iba a jugar esta noche. Pero, ¿cómo podría haber previsto que el hombre con el que se había topado no juega con un simple fuego, sino con todo un infierno? ___ Extracto: —Pasar por este matrimonio conmigo podría ser como si estuvieras cavando tu propia tumba. Porque en el momento en que empieces a querer más de mí, te divorciaré. Y en el momento en que rompas tu promesa y trates de luchar contra mí... Te arruinaré y te romperé por completo. Sin piedad. Te arrepentirás de haber conocido a este diablo esta noche —dijo él con una voz suave pero fría. Pero Elle ni siquiera pestañeó. Su mirada tampoco titubeó. Este hombre era despiadado, y ella lo sabía claramente. Sus ojos en ese momento prometían pesadillas y oscuridad sin ninguna promesa de respiro. Pero no importa lo que diga ahora, eso aún no cambiaría su decisión. Realmente no tenía otra opción. —Ahora entiendo... —dijo en voz baja, reuniendo su valor—. Ya que no confías en que cumpliré mi palabra, ¿qué tal si hacemos esto? Preparas los documentos de divorcio ahora y yo los firmaré. De esa manera, cuando decidas divorciarte de mí en el futuro, los papeles ya habrán sido firmados y no habría manera de que pudiera molestarte por ello. Simplemente tendrías que enviarlo a los abogados y hacerlo notariado. Un pesado silencio reinó antes de que su risa incrédula y callada rompiera el silencio. —Me dejas sin palabras, princesa Izabelle —dijo él, sonando maliciosamente divertido—. Pero luego comenzó a asentir con aprobación—. De acuerdo, princesa. Me casaré contigo. ___ Cuenta de Instagram: kazzenlx.x Página de Facebook: author_kazzenlx Servidor de Discord: https://discord.gg/UGTA3A4 La portada es mía, así que no la utilices. Arte de la cubierta de @azihidalgo Logotipo de @gisel.arts"

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AUTHOR NOTE :Hope all of you like my original work,It has nothing to do with any pre-existing novels,name used in it is randomly choosen by your favourite AUTHOR-kun...


The story is going great so far, I love when the same scene is shown from different perspectives and adds depth to the characters as well as the story. Another thing I liked about it is developing all characters. However I do think that there are some dull moments such as the future which just felt like a 5 chapter info dump rather than a story as well not explaining the characters more. Author expect us to remember all character names and even guess from just a line. Sometimes I don't even know which character we are talking about. However despite all that, the story itself and the background is quite well written and enjoyable, the academy wasn't stretched out to increase word count, which I really liked.




I don't know why but I'm getting a sense of Deja Vu while reading it 🤔🤔🤔*have i already read it in some alternate reality.


I saw the title and knew I had to read this one, didn't disappoint


the author seems confused, he keeps on introducing new hero and heroine, forgetting that he has already introduced many characters.


it is TRANSCENDENTAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!just keep going


[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=Feeling it][img=Feeling it]


Reveal spoiler


I stumbled upon this novel, and it's an absolute gem! The writing is so captivating that I couldn't stop reading. The characters are incredibly well-developed, and the plot twists had me on the edge of my seat. I can't recommend this webnovel enough; it's a must-read for anyone looking for an engaging and thrilling story!


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Very interesting concept and the writing quality is great, just one big problem. Too much info all at once or not even explaining info. A lot of the time it seems like something is mentioned that has an obvious implication to it and although I too am a fan of foreshadowing it doesn't feel like foreshadowing if it is even an attempt at that. Like there's a line "Each of the heroes have their own unique story, that's what made the novel so popular." Great! Each of the heroes of the original novel the MC read had a bunch of different protagonists with their own story, but I had no idea before this, and this feels like pretty important information that should have more than one just casual passing. I also feel like there's always a bunch of info dumping, it feels like there's so much idea and creativity flowing through this story but it all just bursts out in big bubbles one at a time. It makes the information your giving me hard to understand and it makes me unmotivated to read or pay attention to it. That said the story is interesting and cool, and I think if the info was more spread or well introduced (like we're suddenly thrown into a few chapters of an entirely different scene with no mention of MC and I though the author posted chapters to the wrong story) it would be much better. 7/10- Definitely worth a shot, and don't let this review dishearten anybody from reading this as it is definitely interesting just flawed in some areas.




I saw it went on hiatus because you have exams. just come back strong with more content like this, I really like the story and the plot.


Reveal spoiler


I'm very confused at chapter 13 but I guess I'll keep going. I don't hate it, I just don't get how I'm supposed to feel about the characters.


would've rated higher, but quality of the story quickly dropped down mid vol 1 and 2. what happened Author. you were doing really good at the beginning.Writing quality 3/5 at first it was 4 almost 5 but it wasnt, sometimes the preference of his writing style is cringe.story development is 3/5 because I got confused both with the story and the MC himself. is he autistic?character design and update stability are both 5, because it was atleast creative and stable in updatesworld background is 4/5 its okay atleast, still dont'tunderstand some things but great potential, dont waste it.I rated it while keeping in mind this work is Authors first.


The book starts off a little rough but once you make it past that, it is trully great.


I got to chapter 49, and I'm really confused on what's happening but It's still entertaining to read even when you get lost. So I actually recommend reading this.


this fanfic is great and you did an amazing job


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