23 Chapter 23 - Lily meet up with Zeph

As I continued my training, a sudden movement in the sky caught my attention. A figure tumbled from above, and before I could react, I found myself catching her.

Her small frame was surprisingly light, and I couldn't help but notice her enchanting Light Purple hair as I steadied her.

"You stupid man, I already said I can't fly," she scolded me, her adorable pout and folded arms making her look even more endearing.

I couldn't resist the urge to pinch her cheek gently, earning myself a small, playful smack in return.

"Ughh... It hurts. Little girl, don't hit. Big brother like this,"

I teased, feigning pain, but secretly enjoying this unexpected encounter.

"Why are you pinching my cheek from the start? You don't have manners befitting of a gentleman. You look like a barbarian,"

She scolded me with an air of sophistication that seemed out of place for someone her age. I couldn't help but smile.

"Okay, sorry. Forgive this big bro, little girl. Tell me, where are you from?"

I asked, my heart softening as I patted her Purple hair, trying to stop the tears that had threatened to fall from her purple eyes. Her gesture toward the sky and her attempt at explaining her fall intrigued me.

Lily's POV

As I tumbled from the sky, I couldn't help but feel a sense of dread wash over me.

The ground was getting closer, and I had no means of slowing my descent.

Panic coursed through my veins until suddenly, I felt a firm grip on my cheek.

It was as if I'd been plucked from the air by some unseen hand.

Startled, I looked up to see a man with sharp features and a handsome face, his hand still pinching my cheek.

I tried to glare at him, my little brows furrowing in irritation, but his face was far too close, and his smile far too charming. A blush colored my cheeks as I turned away, muttering a few choice words about manners.

His dramatic reaction to my displeasure made me giggle despite myself. "Why, are you pinching my cheek from the start?" I protested, my tiny hands folding across my chest.

I didn't understand how this man could be both so rude and so... well, good-looking. He certainly didn't have the manners befitting a gentleman.

Before I knew it, he playfully gave my head a light tap. "Waaah... waaaah... you hit me!" I cried, not because it hurt, but because I was shocked.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked up at him with the most pitiable expression I could muster.

He quickly apologized and patted my head gently, stopping my fake tears from falling. I couldn't help but feel a sense of triumph; it seemed I had this ⟨big bro⟩ wrapped around my little finger.

When he asked where I was from, I pointed to the sky and tried to explain that I'd fallen from a cliff while my brother Alex was fighting bad people.

My speech was limited, but my gestures were enthusiastic, as I hoped he could understand my predicament



Zeph's POV

*Badump *

My heart raced so fast that I felt it might burst out of my chest. Did she just say "Alex "?

'No, it couldn't be. How could my luck be this terrible?'

It all started to make sense. This girl had to be Alex's sister. Referring to Alex as one of the most tragic characters was not an exaggeration.

After her sister's fall into the lower realm and being accepted as a disciple by an evil old man who found her chaotic body intriguing, she was taught the most dangerous and sinister art, the 'Heavenly Chaos Demon Art.'

This art allowed her to extract mana from people's bodies without even touching them, and not just mana but life force as well. She became the formidable villain in Volume 8 of the Novel, introduced in later volumes through a flashback of Alex.

In two years, Alex would attend the academy in search of his sister, but he would likely still be unconscious, thanks to that man.

I gulped, feeling a mixture of shock and dread wash over me.

But I couldn't just leave her, could I?

Regardless of what she might become, it didn't sit right with me to abandon her.

I might not be a real villain, deep down.

I should help her, right? After all, I was once a civilized man, wasn't I? Despite her annoyingly cute puppy-like cheeks that tempted me to pat her head, I was merely acting on basic human decency.

"Let's go, little girl, to my house. I'll give you some chocolate,"

I babbled, mimicking the same approach that old man used to convince this little one of his innocence.

"But Mother said evil people use this to trick small, naive children," she replied, parroting the same words.

I couldn't help but think, how could a demon Queen call other people evil?

"But you're not naive or a child; you're a smart girl, right? And do I really look that evil?" I asked, flashing a smile that could make a boy fall for me, let alone this little girl.

"You're right, big brother! Let's go!" she exclaimed, her eyes filled with excitement.




On a cliff surrounded by thick fog, a group of around 1000 people had gathered.

Half of them were there to retrieve their young master, while the other half had come to rescue their young miss, who had fallen from this perilous cliff.

Without a moment's hesitation, these shadowy figures leaped off the cliff, resembling a cascade of bodies plunging into a waterfall.

It might seem that fear for their queen had driven them to this extreme, but in truth, it was their unwavering loyalty that motivated their daring leap.

After a brief period, the forest below was shaken by a series of colossal thuds, the result of the 500 men landing simultaneously.

Remarkably, not a single one of them suffered any injuries.

In the blink of an eye, they dispersed in all directions, seemingly on a quest to explore every corner of this human world.

Their stealth abilities were unmatched, making them nearly impossible to detect. However, a few exceptionally powerful and sensitive beings, though not surpassing their queen, managed to sense their presence due to the concentrated aura generated by their collective actions.



In a grand hall of immense proportions, several imposing seats or thrones were occupied by seven individuals.

All at once, their eyes opened, and they began to converse.

[So many demons in the human world... is this the beginning of a war?]

[No, it doesn't seem like that. I sense they are here for a specific reason, and there haven't been any casualties]

[Should we eliminate them?]

[Not unless they prove to be a threat. Our priority is to protect the innocent.]

[Shall we seek an explanation from the Demon Queen?]

[Not right now. They are currently at war with the Saint realm. Let's observe and wait until they pose a threat to humans.]

[Agreed. Let's allow them to proceed as they wish. We'll step in when they reveal their true intentions.]

Seven ethereal voices resounded through the vast hall, a solemn agreement among those gathered, their words carrying an air of authority that would compel anyone to kneel.

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