Tower defense: Sacrificial tomb from the start!

In a world where life was once ordinary, a blinding white light changed everything in an instant. Billions of inhabitants vanished from the only planet in the galaxy with life, leaving behind empty cities and abandoned structures. Among the survivors was William Davis, an average 22-year-old who was content with his ordinary life. But his world turned upside down when he woke up in a strange place, surrounded by unknowns with dangers lurking everywhere. As William tried to make sense of his new reality, he saw something out of the ordinary that made the gears in his brain move faster. 'A tower?' Waves and waves of monsters came for his tower with the intention to destroy it but how could William let it happen? His life was binded with it! Follow William's journey as he masters the use of his ever-upgrading tower while also building bonds of a lifetime.

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Where am I?

In the wide expanse of the cosmos, there was a planet that was unlike any other. 

Waves of water naturally flow on its surface, land with the most diverse forms of geography, atmosphere suitable for most beings without artificial help.

A planet as beautiful as this where life seemed to bloom very nicely. An unfortunate incident had occurred.

The incident was such that it couldn't even be referred to as an incident because of the severity of the situation. 

Every single form of life, no matter what it was… vanished into thin air within seconds. 

It was a disturbance in the ecosystem that the blue planet would not be able to move on from very easily. All the inhabitants were gone.

Just a single second ago, the whole planet was filled with all sorts of creatures, some intelligent, some beautiful, and some very disturbing. 

The birds chirped happily.

Winds blew past these creatures making them know the happiness that was called life.

The most intelligent creatures, known as Homosapiens or more commonly, humans, were having the time of their lives. 

Yet billions of their population just vanished into thin air one day leaving the land barren.

All the structures… the big buildings, the monumental wonders, the children's playground, were all left alone, not a single species left to marvel or use them.

The planet had gone so silent so quickly that it was disturbing. 

It all ended in a second when a white light flickered in front of everyone's eyes rending them blind, no matter how hard they tried, nobody's eyes opened.

The light was truly an anomaly, no astronomer was able to predict or tell something as groundbreaking as this was even coming to them.

This was what William experienced in the last seconds of his life on his dear planet. 

Unknowing to the fact that his life was going to twist and churn into hell the same day he was going to finally graduate from his college.





Yet this was not the end of humanity or any creature that had vanished from Earth, it just so happened that it was only the beginning of something truly astonishing, something no human could imagine was even possible. 

In a small clearing, a man could be seen lying on the fine surfaced ground, it was still dirt but finely leveled into the perfect-looking land.

The young man was none other than William Davis, a 22-year-old with a height of 5'8. He was one of the many average guys.

 Yet there was something about his face that would make people look twice, it may be because of his jawline or his innocent-looking eyes which were brown, and hair the shade of black. 

The usual four abs with some belly fat and a bit of side tires.

Chest the average size, with a bit of fat but not without some good-looking muscles.

It had been a while since the young man fell on the ground, when his visibility came after the flashing white light, with only one glance at his front, his eyes rolled back and he fell head first to the ground.

Nothing much happened while he was asleep for a long time.

Yet Soon, something out of the ordinary happened, a small object came flying toward the ground.

It looked like a small comet that was flung toward the young man purposely to disturb his ever-perfect dream.

The comet fell to the ground yet no sound came, no boulder formed, no dirt splashed everywhere. It was unlikely as the speed was just too fast to have such a weirdly peaceful reaction.

The object was none other than a metallic ball with a shining metallic radiance. It was like a billiard ball but without the usual colors. It was a fine Grey luminous object.


A series of small spider leg like spikes came out of the ball and smashed themselves on the ground. 

Within a few seconds, the ball of metallic radiance was on its many spiky feet.

Its small size of a few inches crawled its way toward the poor sleeping William with saliva coming out of his face.

When the crawler was just an inch from William's hand.

 It jumped on William's arm and without any wait, dug the many spikes under the left wrist of the young man's arm. 

The young man felt a sting but did not mind it. It was not enough of a stimulation to wake his lazy butt from the deep sleep.

The metallic ball could not have him sleep so peacefully, not when its purpose was to make the young man come out of his sleep.

Unfortunately for William, a stream of electric current came out of the metallic ball latched on his wrist finally giving the unnecessarily high stimulus for him to finally wake up from his slumber.


William couldn't even scream properly as his mouth had frozen from the electric shock while he was biting his tongue hard.

It made some blood come out of his mouth yet he couldn't feel it with how his whole body was brimming with electric currents trying to make a chaos of his insides.

What felt like minutes but was actually five seconds finally passed when the output of the electric current finally stopped.

William was still twitching, clearly going through the after effects of his electrocution.

'W-What happened?' The only thing he could think as his body felt jolts of twitching even when the current was out of him.

After minutes, he finally calmed down and sat with criss-crossed legs on his own. 

'Where am I?'

William looked in front of him, getting the feeling that he had done so before too but he stopped with all his chaotic thinking.

Soon, realization came upon him that something bad had happened.

'What was that light?' He thought remembering the light that had made him go blind. It was a horrific experience, the light not only made him blind but also hurt his eyes a lot.

Soon, he looked in the front with focus, it took longer than usual for his eyes to stop the blurring.


All William could see was a dark fog just a few meters from him. It was pitch black in color and William could make nothing out of it. 

He looked up to that fog and no matter how high he looked, the fog was there, only the sky above his head was the same as before. Blue with clouds of different shapes.

He looked in the fog again and after a minute, he had to actually stop looking due to his overly imaginative brain playing its wonders.

William looked to his right which was the same, in a few meters, on an average, eight to nine meters, the fog could be seen again.

He looked to the left too yet it was the same, the fog seemed endless and only the area he was sitting in and a few more meters seemed to be without it.

With only one direction left, the young man looked behind. 

It was the last nail to the coffin when he actually started panicking properly. 

He had chills run down his spine when he looked at the single construction in the whole place.

It was a… 'Tower?' William could only think of the vertical construct with a height of 10 meters. 

It was a very simple tower, with a gate in the front as an entrance and at the top height of the tower, there was an archery-oriented construction where a ladder seemed to go from the inside. 

William knew about it because he could see the ladder going up from inside the tower.

'It looks better than that creepy fog…' William looked at the fog which gave him the creeps and then he finally tried to move away from it.

When he kept his hand to support his weight to get up, an unbearing pain invaded his arm that he didn't seem to ignore now.

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