Tower defense: Sacrificial tomb from the start!

In a world where life was once ordinary, a blinding white light changed everything in an instant. Billions of inhabitants vanished from the only planet in the galaxy with life, leaving behind empty cities and abandoned structures. Among the survivors was William Davis, an average 22-year-old who was content with his ordinary life. But his world turned upside down when he woke up in a strange place, surrounded by unknowns with dangers lurking everywhere. As William tried to make sense of his new reality, he saw something out of the ordinary that made the gears in his brain move faster. 'A tower?' Waves and waves of monsters came for his tower with the intention to destroy it but how could William let it happen? His life was binded with it! Follow William's journey as he masters the use of his ever-upgrading tower while also building bonds of a lifetime.

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87 Chs

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William looked at his hand and saw a shining metallic oval on it, he had a shiver down his spine when he looked at the damn thing.

It was grey and its surface shined from the light.

It was not something one felt threatened by but from the angle William looked at the object.

He could see small metallic spikes embedded in his skin as if It was a big centipede with all the legs actually inside his skin.

William moved his arm around furiously but he felt even more pain, it was latched pretty tightly in his skin.

"What the hell is this thing!?" He exclaimed not minding that he was talking to himself.

He smacked his hand around but the thing didn't seem to detach from his wrist anytime soon.

"Calm down, William. Calm down…" William took a few deep breaths, he looked at the thing for a second, thinking confidently that the thing couldn't stay on his wrist anymore.

His fingers went toward the metallic oval, William didn't actually know that it was a circle as half of it was already inside his skin.

 But he still made his other hand move toward the object to pull it out.


William saw the metallic oval change itself in front of his eyes, the very shiny surfaces circled in a mysteriously mechanical way and a red button came out.

William couldn't understand why these sudden changes were going on in front of his very eyes and that too his very body!

'Do I have a power switch to kill myself or something?'

William prayed to the gods he didn't believe in but it did not do anything to calm his nerves.

'A red button right on my wrist huh… What could go wrong?'

 William calmed himself and after switching his brain off that was tinging and telling him that this was the greatest red flag he could find in this new relationship, he couldn't help the urge now.


William's face moved instinctively back when something came out of the object.

He looked at the thing again and couldn't help but widen his eyes in dumbfoundedness.

A hologram!

On his hand!

William looked at the content written on the half-meter-long hologram and tilted his head in confusion.

"What language is this?"

William tried to touch the screen, not minding the fact now that a parasitic object was stuck on his wrist.

When his hand went to the hologram, it passed like he expected yet where he touched, a wave went to every corner of the hologram just like water.

[ᚹᛖᛚᚲᛟᛗᛖ ᛏᛟ ᚦᛖ ᚹᛟᚱᛚᛞ ᛟᚠ ᚦᛖ ᛏᛟᚹᛖᚱᛊ!]

[Translation to Host's language successful!]

[Synchronizing the system with the host's mind…]

[3… 2… 1… Effective!]

[Congratulations on activating your system! And welcome to the world of Towers!]

[This is a game designed especially for lower-grade species like you to get accustomed with the outside world.]

[To take full advantage of the system's features, the host has to click the red button twice and all the required knowledge will be sent directly to your mind.]

[This feature was announced after observing many experiments dying due to their lack of knowledge! Good luck to the host! Hope you survive to the end!]

William read the notifications that popped into the holographic screen one after the other. 

He read the description of the last two of the pop-ups twice until his hand went to the red button at a very fast pace.


'I don't want to waste my time, this is the only option I have right now anyway.' William consoled himself.

The hologram went inside the object again and then came out.


It was not the same as before where the hologram was empty and pop-ups came one after other every next second.

This time, many texts were already engraved in the hologram from the start and William couldn't help but engross himself with it until he felt an itchiness in his forehead.

"What?" William scratched his forehead and the frown on his face couldn't get more ugly.

The itching was on the inside, no matter how he scratched on his head or forehead, it didn't matter. 


William couldn't bear it anymore, he dug his nails even sharper inside his forehead and that was when the itch turned into pain. 

At the back of his head, he knew he couldn't do anything about this situation.

 What could he do? Go to a doctor? Where was a doctor anyway? Where was his phone, laptop, his house? 

William sat on the ground, he diverted his mind toward other thoughts. What was happening to him? The hologram did say that the information was going to get engraved in his mind but he didn't expect such a thing to happen so suddenly.

Minutes passed and he finally could feel bits and pieces of new memories that were not his flashing before his eyes, they were visions that felt like a dream, only more realistic.

William got a visions of horrible-looking creatures running at a horrendously fast pace toward a big tower.

 The tower was nothing like the one William had seen in front of him, it was touching heights that not even the tallest mountain could reach on Earth. 

It had weapons of all types- some looked high-tech, and some were plain out of a fantasy movie. 

There were even creatures of all types around it and with only one look, William could tell that they were allies.

Everything that Tower seemed to own only looked to have a single goal, killing the many horror show creatures that were coming toward the Tower one after another.

Only a few seconds had passed yet for poor William, they were ages.

At the end of that memory, he saw the name, Tower Defense. 

Now William saw and knew mostly everything, he knew all the basics. 

'I am in a tower defense game?' William's itch in the head had gone away a minute ago as he kept his hands on his eyes. 

He was in deep thought, his face looked like he was going to cry anytime soon.

But something very unexpected happened, William was not crying at all.

 He had a creepy grin plastered on his face that did not seem intentional with small giggles coming out of his mouth here and there.

"This is so exciting!!" William shouted as he got up.

There was a little pain in his wrist now yet he felt happiness well up in him that he had not experienced for a long time.

William opened the hologram again with confidence as if he had used the thing countless times.