Tower defense: Sacrificial tomb from the start!

In a world where life was once ordinary, a blinding white light changed everything in an instant. Billions of inhabitants vanished from the only planet in the galaxy with life, leaving behind empty cities and abandoned structures. Among the survivors was William Davis, an average 22-year-old who was content with his ordinary life. But his world turned upside down when he woke up in a strange place, surrounded by unknowns with dangers lurking everywhere. As William tried to make sense of his new reality, he saw something out of the ordinary that made the gears in his brain move faster. 'A tower?' Waves and waves of monsters came for his tower with the intention to destroy it but how could William let it happen? His life was binded with it! Follow William's journey as he masters the use of his ever-upgrading tower while also building bonds of a lifetime.

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Proxy Murder

The Gremlick was making a very terrified expression while it sat on its butt staring at William.

William, on the other hand, was calming his nerves, this was it, his first kill, sitting like prey to be hunted without any problem.

He went in to punch the damn bastard again but stopped looking at how it was trying to protect itself with its hands.

"No fighting spirit, such disappointment... pathetic," William said and spat on the ground, even that made the Gremlick shiver.

William went in for the punch on the face so that he could then go for the neck yet the creature finally showed its true colors.

The feint it had used that showed that it was protecting the face now changed to a frontal attack with its claws at William's hands.

William finally smirked and felt satisfied, this was it. The creature was cunning, that he had already realized.

William smacked the hand away, something he had done so many times that it was instinct.

While the Gremlick may be fast yet its strength was trash. It had frail arms that felt like a sacrifice for such a high speed it could muster at point blank range.

William grabbed the creature's neck from the front this time and started strangling it with both hands.

The Gremlick gasped for air yet from the start, William had mustered all the strength he could, the neck was squeezed to the extreme.

The Gremlick scratched William's arms hurting him in the process yet William had no choice but to keep going.

His resolve was trying to waver while looking at the eyes of the creature. Truly they were his biggest weakness.

His over thinking was at its wonders again making him realize how with each second, the life inside those big eyes were washing away.

At the back of the head, William wanted to stop at the last minute. Thinking it was all very wrong, even his grasp on the neck loosened for a second making Gremlick take some air properly for the first time in a while.

"FUCKK!!!" William closed his eyes and started grasping with more strength. He wanted to get with this already. 

Looking at the creature was making him feel a bad taste in the mouth. 

'No, this is not resolve.' William's thinking was chaotic.

His first human proxy kill was a lot more difficult mentally than he had thought.

He opened his eyes again and saw the horror of the Gremlick's eyes rolling back as tears and snot came out.

William added more strength to the grip but it was no use, the neck was not squeezing anymore. At last, he did not know the time that it took but the deed was done.

[+80 EXP]


[Congratulations on completing the fourth wave!]

[You were the 80,203rd to complete the wave successfully!]

[The user is in the top 100,000 ranking!]

[Extra rewards shifted to the tower]

[The wave completion reward is shifted to the tower]

[Detected 2 dead monsters- Convert it to Tower Points? YES NO]

[Next wave in 5 hours! Be well prepared!]

[You have leveled up! All stat points increased by +1]


"Huff… Huff… Huff…" William fell on his butt and looked at the corpse of the Gremlick in exhaustion.

He did not know what he was feeling or if he was feeling anything at this moment or not. 

All he knew was that while this creature was not human, it was the closest William had seen something else other than monkeys that were so alike to humans.

This Gremlick was the true first humanoid species he had seen and in his first encounter, he had to kill one too.

Before he did anything, William first made the Gremlick's corpse disappear.

While looking at it, William had the urge to vomit yet he controlled himself, the bread in his stomach was not in abundance. 

He did not have the privilege to even vomit.

As soon as he touched the button on the hologram, the corpse became thin particles of light that hovered in the air.

[+4 Tower Points]

'I worked so hard and the reward is good too.'

This was also the first time he saw what happens when the light that always go inside the tower does when it gets inside.

In this case, it was already inside, and to his disappointment, the light just burst into many small particles and died off in a matter of seconds.

But to his relief, the dead body at the murder site was not there anymore. Making him finally start trying to forget this feeling of distaste.

He never wanted to end the creature like that but what choice did he have? It was playing tricks on him trying to guilt his way into making William stop.

'I was the 80,000th one to complete the wave this time… But it's still not winning.'

William thought it as 'not winning' because he obviously had an upper hand in this situation.

He had planned this day and built his resolve for many years yet he still faltered. 

What would happen to the ones who didn't think this all through? They would either die making mistakes or have an emotional scar that goes very deep in the heart.

William wanted to divert his thinking so he made his way to the tower's button and pressed it instantly.


Tower points- 16

Upgrade options- 6

Tower level up available (New)

Ranking Award available (New)

Fourth wave reward available

Fifth wave in 00:4:55:32


"Damn, so many new things." He couldn't help but say aloud.

William didn't want to open it right away this time.

He went to the 100km chat and after messaging Tom if the guy was alright, he went to the world chat.

'Holy shit' 

The curse was an understatement for what Lucas had truly seen.

The speed of the whole chat had decreased a lot.

'It should only mean two things at most… either many died from that fucker or they are still fighting.'

The world chat right now was all about how guilty the people felt after killing these creatures.

A single guy even said that after using the fire staff out of fright on the Gremlick, he was in trauma as he one shot killed the creature without even trying.

But there were some war veterans, soldiers, and even some overly public people who blatantly stated they were experienced murderers who were writing about how it was alright to kill this vermin creature.

They all were bullshitting, William knew that so he ignored such whiny people.

Only to find the first message in a while that had talked about the rewards for this time around.

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