Tower defense: Sacrificial tomb from the start!

In a world where life was once ordinary, a blinding white light changed everything in an instant. Billions of inhabitants vanished from the only planet in the galaxy with life, leaving behind empty cities and abandoned structures. Among the survivors was William Davis, an average 22-year-old who was content with his ordinary life. But his world turned upside down when he woke up in a strange place, surrounded by unknowns with dangers lurking everywhere. As William tried to make sense of his new reality, he saw something out of the ordinary that made the gears in his brain move faster. 'A tower?' Waves and waves of monsters came for his tower with the intention to destroy it but how could William let it happen? His life was binded with it! Follow William's journey as he masters the use of his ever-upgrading tower while also building bonds of a lifetime.

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Special Rewards


[Tower_IAMSMART: Is anybody else also in the top 100,000 ranking? If so, please tag me, I would like to chat about it now that we have 5 hours to prepare ourselves.]


William didn't even think much, he did not want an idle mind so he just started cooking a message too.


[Tower_WILLIAM: @Tower_IAMSMART I am also in the top 100,000 ranking, have you already opened the extra reward? If so, what did it give you?]


William went to the tower button again after getting up, till the message came, he wanted to really open his gifts too.

But before that, there was one more thing that was new, and just by looking at it, many questions were answered.

He clicked on the 'Tower Level up available' option and soon many more instructions came in front of him.


Tower level: 0

Tower level-up conditions: Use 5 upgrade options for the tower (1 Done)


'This will be easy' 

William looked at the points and the options, his eyes bubbled in excitement. The traumatic experience was already at the back of his head. 

He had 16 points of tower right now after killing the Gremlick. 


Tower Maintenance- 3 Tower points per 1 Tower Health point (Already full) 

+5 Tower's defense ability- 5 Tower points (1 time done, 5 times cap for the current Tower level)

Increase tower height- 10 points

1 attack bot- 15 points

1 defense bot- 15 points

Random elemental buff- 50 points


'Finally… I can get the defense or attack bot… Fuck... will it even be considered an upgrade?'

After thinking about it for a while, William found it to be true that even getting the bots is like an upgrade for the tower. But he had to buy them this time or another, so why not right now? He thought.

[Transferring the Fourth Wave reward- +5 Tower Points, 250 ml clean water bag] 

Without further ado, he opened the first reward which was the normal wave reward he always got.

"LETS FUCKING GOOO!!!!!" William jumped so high even he didn't expect it.

But soon realized that he was still hurt with scratches that were deep and shallow on his arms and hands.

Finally, he had water with him, It had been about a day since he drank any water.

He didn't care but his piss was telling him otherwise.

A silhouette soon materialized in front of him, it was not hovering in the air or anything and when the light dissipated, it was found on the ground in front of William.

William crouched down and grabbed the leathery-looking small pouch that with a little squeeze confirmed that there was water inside it.

William opened the crude-looking cork at the top which popped with a satisfying sound.

He moved his gaze inside the small opening and found the surface of the clear water. 

William couldn't help himself now, he moved the small pouch near his mouth, took a very small sip, and savored it in his mouth.

Just when he took a single sip after fully savoring, it was like all his problems were fixed. The cold water flowing down the neck invigorated all the places it touched.

When it finally reached the stomach, there was a cold sensation in it and it was intoxicating. He wanted more but just put the cork on the pouch of water again.

He had to use this small pouch of clean water till he could find a better source or just some more.

 It was stated to be 250 ml yet after feeling it out, William couldn't help but take it as even less.

He kept the pouch full of water in the corner opposite to the one that had the hound's corpse and moved for the even special reward.




[Tower_IAMSMART: Sorry for the late reply, many tagged me, and segregating them from real and fake was time-consuming. So, can you tell me what you got as your reward for them both?]


William snorted in response, he didn't like him testing if William was really ranked 100,000 or not. 

He went for opening the second reward and after a few moments of just calming himself down, he finally clicked it.

[You have opened a special reward! Configuring the random special reward! Please wait… … …]

'What??' The message came and stayed there with the end dots just moving and moving as if it was loading.

William waited for a minute but nothing came and that made him lose some patience.

He started brisking in the tower waiting for the message to go away and the rewards to come in.

Just like that, five minutes passed and the rewards finally came in.

[Transferring the special reward: +10 Tower Points, Mana shot Skill]


William looked at the message for a while and did not feel like it was real.

Just when he was contemplating, a shining white light appeared out of nowhere in front of him.

William placed a hand near his eyes and closed them as the white flashing light was blinding to say the least.

When the light finally dissipated, William opened his eyes slowly and looked in the front.

There was nothing but when he looked down, he finally found the reward he didn't think was even real.

'Another book?' William couldn't help but groan as he picked the light but broad book up.

While looking at it, William remembered the notebooks he could get from the stationary on Earth.

The book was not as extravagant as the Sacrificial Tomb, it was fully blue in color and had a simple two words written in the middle 'Mana Shot'. 

That was it, William opened the notebook and flipped through the pages. There were detailed instructions that William skimmed through.

'It contains the instruction of learning the mana shot…' Williams's breathing became ragged and he couldn't help his heart flutter in excitement.

He went to the first page which had some points written on it. They were the only instructions or sentences that were small and concise.


- The Mana Shot is the very basics an acolyte has to go through to learn the advanced levels of magic. 

-The steps given in the grimoire will help make a path for you to start your journey as a new acolyte.

- Note: Learning slowly and understanding everything is much better than pacing fast and going back to the basics again and again.

-Remember, the Mana shot skill may be a low-rank one but if not properly learned, it can be fatal.


There will be system and leveling in the novel but no skill can be learned without the mc learning them on his own, just like studying. Its different as I am going for proper fantasy this time. Hope you will like it and gave a wonderful day!!

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