To Become Unstoppable

Author: LesserCodex
Anime & Comics
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What is To Become Unstoppable

Read ‘To Become Unstoppable’ Online for Free, written by the author LesserCodex, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: After one night of intense training, Eijiro wakes up in a cold sweat with memories of a life he never lived. When the re...


After one night of intense training, Eijiro wakes up in a cold sweat with memories of a life he never lived. When the realisation struck of who he was and the future set for him, the embers of his past life ignited a passion in his spirit like never before. With a stronger will, he will rise to become number one! His quirk is simple, but with his spirit, he will rise to become unstoppable! Remembered as one of the greatest heroes of all time! Red Riot! I hope you give this a try and give me a fair review.

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Read until at least chapter nine, as that is where the quality improves. The memories actually make an inpact of kirishima, there is more punctuation, the characters are getting more fleshed out with the chapters progressing through, and there are less spelling errors. A thorough edit may be needed, but with good enough plot it’ll stick.


I gave myself 3 stars because I know I'm not that good but I do improve. For those who skip the description. There is one love interests Mina as expected. This is a fanfic of BNHA with Kirishima waking with memories of a past life having watched BNHA, his character doesn't have a big change in personality since it's not really reincarnation but more like watered transmigration only being more spirited than before. If you don't like that there's little change in his character's personality then I'm sorry. He will interact with Izuku if you think that is forced then ready any other fanfic, he does help but not to the point of "simping" over the boy as someone commented previously. Writing wise my grammar has improved of course there are small mistakes that crack through but it doesn't ruin immersion. The story will trend along the lines of cannon nothing will change in the beginning but will come later make things exciting. I'm doing my best and will take kind criticism. If you have any question you can ask here.


I think the mc has good potential and that his love interest Mina is also good I believe the author got their personalities good and it's quite informative as well and you have good grammar and hopefully you have a schedule released date so you do not get burned put and Incase you are doing something eles you can just release some. And I am glad the author is not doing harem bbecausethat would kill the story. I like it how the author is making 0


Fanfic on how to suck Midoriya's balls, you should even have a manual because 2 out of 3 MHA fanfics suck Midoriya's balls until they shine 🤦 .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................


I've read until the end off USJ Incident (ch 10) and so far there are a lot of things that made me stopped reading. -Him being in Kirishima's body never made a huge impact on Kirishima as a character. There's only one way to justify this although it's stupid and lazy, the MC having the same copy of personality as Kirishima would explain that. -The MC being pretentious, the only reason he's helping Izuku is because he knows Izuku's the MC and the chosen one for OFA. Kirishima in canon never bothered to help Izuku so early in the story, in fact, he's actually closer to Bakugo which is crazy to think about. -Kirishima's optimism in the manga is not annoying but the MC tries too hard and instead makes it more annoying. It's a bit nitpicky but yelling along with Present Mic is something he doesn't do, atleast alone then he had the audacity to be embarassed when he's being over the top. He's just seeking attention at that point. -I don't know if this continues on the latest chapters but you tend to skip significant events such as when Shigaraki broke down the UA's gate so a reader was confused when Aizawa made a reference to that when it was not mentioned or atleast not properly explained. -His interaction with Izuku is definitely forced and doesn't seem geniune when he's still the same as Kirishima in the manga. Allmight letting Kirishima in the secret also seems very forced, you mean to tell me that Aizawa or the other UA staff doesn't know about the secret but Kirishima was accepted? -Him being surprised at the Nurse's quirk when it was explained in the anime. Why is he surprised?


This novel has got me hooked! I love how despite receiving his past life's memory his personality remains mostly the same. I'm excited to see if he will unlock a form beyond red riot but overall the book is nice just need's more chapters


A great story with fantastic potential. The most pressing issues are the grammar and the character name. Throughout the whole story, the author has people call him Eijiro Eijirou instead of Eijirou Kirishima


grammar could be fixed a lil, but it's readable unlike CN's/MTL's. update is a bit inconsistent, so that was 4 stars. story development, 4 stars. character design, i like the fact its a kirishima transmigration, and he's actually gonna be dealt justice and be strong. overall 4.2 stars, just more chapters needed


Le doy 5 estrellas porque me gustó como va todo, el interés amoroso me parece bien, estaría bien que se profundice un poco más en más relaciones personales del protagonista o algunos eventos pequeños que enriquezcan al personaje, no tiene que ser complicado, pueden ser cosas simples.


I love it. I've always wanted to see a fanfic that has Kirishima or at least someone with the same quirk as the mc. But bro please gimme more chapters!! And don't you dare drop it.


I'm probably not rating this story properly but I kind of dont care. The chapter where kirishima fights against the USJ nomu is probably in my top 10 of all time. I regularly come back to reread this just for that one chapter. I dont even care if this story never gets an update again as long as it isnt deleted. The rest is good I guess.


i very much like this story as it got me hook as soon as i started reading it. its also about one of my fav mha characters and the way you have developed it and fleshed out his quick more then just hardening and explained more about what it entails is amazing.




More you should updload chapters More often please🥰


So man, when are you going to write this story again, it’s really good. ............................................. ...............................................


Reveal spoiler


This story is more like having future knowledge than past life memories / reincarnated. And mc behaviour irritates me.


MC is a bit too much like the original character.. i get that it wasnt a stolen body but just his next life but really it was just like the original with knowledge of the future, and he just isnt a very interesting character.


I really liked this alot hope to see you continue this story i see that you updated it last month but haven't post much more if you could give a update about the story that would be great


This is a decent story, author just needs to work on writing or get an editor, this has potential to be one of the greats (In the MHA fandom at least), keep it up your getting better, Anyway hope everyone has a good day/night!


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