To an Anime Multiverse as a Journalist who can control Fate with a Pen Book

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To an Anime Multiverse as a Journalist who can control Fate with a Pen


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James Cayabyab is a Filipino high schooler and an online writer of fanfiction. He seems to live an ordinary life, living in a coastal town in the Philippines. But, while coming home from Iloilo City, the bus he was riding on fell from a cliff, killing him and some of the passengers. He thinks it was over for him. But, the goddess of reincarnation gave him another chance to live as a new person in another world. But he requested to be reincarnated in different anime worlds in a multiverse so he would experience being a character in his favorite anime shows. The request was granted, and he was reincarnated as a high school boy named Roxas Hamasaki, who is a half-Japanese, half-Filipino. But then, the goddess gave him something that he would be using to continue his writing career. Now living as Roxas, he would travel across the anime worlds, engaging and living with his favorite anime characters. Soon enough, he would discover his abilities, which are Golden Word and Aura. He will be using them for good, and to write the fates of his favorite anime characters and the stories of his own fanfic characters. But, an evil force would threaten to ruin his adventures. Anime shows shown in this reincarnation-crossover hybrid fan fiction: Sword Art Online Bungo Stray Dogs Fruits Basket Kemono Jihen Renai Boukun A Demon Lord Reborn as a Typical Nobody Gate Seraph of the End …and many more soon Warning: I do NOT own the anime shows shown in this fan fiction. Credits go to the original creators!!! Note: I might add more shows as I go on.


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