Time Effect ( A Mass Effect Fanfiction)

A man is reincarnated in the Mass Effect Universe. At first, he was kinda scared about the possibility of dying to the Reapers, or other dangers across the huge galaxy. But, he persevered and, after making friends with Shepard and the crew, won the final battle. He was happy and thrilled about the possibilities of his new life after the war. But, on the day he turned 28 years old, he returned back in time, to when he was a baby. He was confused and mortified by the weird situation, but, our MC didn't let that shake his confidence. So, he tackled the plot of the game once more. But, again, after he turned 28, he returned in time. He finally had to admit to himself he was trapped in some sort of time loop but decided to continue ahead with his life(s). The problem was, this didn't happen just once. 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times... 9 times. It slowly changed him, to the point he lost the will to try after a few cycles. He realized what he was doing was meaningless, because no matter what he did, the changes he made, nothing mattered, as he would be thrown back in time anyway. So, he deviated from the plot and started to study a variety of things and he didn't care about the fate of the galaxy anymore. In those subsequent loops, he managed to become a master/expert in a lot of things, but the time loop never changed, and the MC started to lose hope of living a normal life. But, after the 9 loop, he felt something different from the other cycles! Perhaps this is his final one? Follow along and watch our MC conquer the whole galaxy, fighting the dangers inside it, and possibly getting a few girls along the way! --- Release schedule: 3 chapters a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday), as long as I have enough chapters in stock. Otherwise, 2 chapters per week (Wednesday and Saturday) Minimum of 1,500 words per chapter --- I do not own any of the characters I found the Image on the internet Also posted on RR and SH --- This is a fanfic written by a newbie, so there will be various grammar errors scattered across it. So please, bear with me!

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15 – Priority: Eden Prime (1)

At the same time Samael and RR were going home, Miranda was trying to adapt to her new job. Or better, try to find a trustworthy person to help her, as she will soon leave Earth with Samael.

She started her job as CEO of a multi-trillion-dollar company yesterday. And her job on the very next day was to launch a revolutionary blueprint for a ship while also showcasing the final product.

But, as Samael said, he was launching a degraded version of said ship, so the video would be heavily edited to show only the bad frames.

Something that made Miranda question her rationality, as every other company would do the opposite, but, oh well, she had her orders.

Anyway, she checked once more on the plan to showcase the new blueprint, made sure everything was okay, and was ready to leave.

As she checked almost every higher-up inside the company, she knew everyone was, at least on the surface, on LD's good side, so she didn't mind leaving the rest of the process to them.

'' You just need to send this to the market. I'm the new CEO, but you guys are here way before me, so I trust you to do a good job.'' Miranda was talking with the other higher-ups in the company, the majority were also geniuses whom Samael pouched based on his future knowledge.

It is safe to say that they are the best on Earth.

'' Leave it to us!''

'' Good! I'll go now. And remember, I'll be going on a long trip soon, so please, help me find a middleman who can relay my orders around the company.''

Miranda was just making sure everyone was on the same page.

And even if she didn't find one, she trusted Samael to help her if the need arose.

'' I'll pass their contact info to you soon.''

Miranda nodded, said her goodbyes, and hurried home to the party. When she was out of the company building, she looked at her watch and noticed she was already late.

' Shit, I'm late!'

She then hurried to Samael's home. She didn't really care if it was in the slums. Even if she was from a rich family, she had normal principles.

The product would eventually sell like hot water, but that is history for another time. Samael's plan of arming the galaxy with better technology, even if limited, was going nicely.



''... Can you repeat that, please?'' Valery was having a hard time right now. She knew it was coming, but her son leaving tomorrow was a shock to her. Then he showed her his new Android like it was nothing.

'' Hello, Valley. My name is RR, and Samael made me. Nice to meet you.'' RR extended her hand for a handshake.

Valery was still in shock over all that happened in the past minute but soon accepted the handshake. She noted the skin of RR was a bit cold. ''… It's nice to meet you, too.''

'' Oh, and I called Veronica, her family, and a few other people for a farewell party.'' Samael was dropping more and more news on Vallery, and she was taking it like a champ.

'' No problem. Anything more I should know?'' At this point, if he said he was going to fight an intergalactic war against machines, she would have no choice but to believe him.

'' Just that. I'll be in my room until the guest arrives. Call me if you need anything.'' Samael and RR went to his room and closed the door.

Samael went immediately to the place where he had hidden his armor previously. As he hadn't used the armor since the clean-up, the place was unused, until now that is. He was now going to leave a few things behind for his mom's protection.

'' RR, how are the traps and the cameras around the house?''

'' They are in perfect condition. If any person I do not recognize passes through the area, I will immediately contact you, and if you are unavailable, I will call Tarzan.''

'' Good. Hmm, should I make a VI so it could become standby in case of emergency?'' Samael was thinking about the fact that Tarzan might not arrive on time if there was really an emergency.

'' Samael, are you replacing me?'' A voice dripping with malice sounded from behind him.

Samael said as a reflex, '' No, you're the only AI for me.''

RR sounded glad. '' Good. And don't worry, I'm enough to handle any type of attack here.''

'' …True. How about this? I'll make a few more drones that you can connect and use if the need arises. I'll also leave a few more things here, in case of an emergency that you can't handle, you can use them. ''

Remember, the place in which he was leaving those things was the sort of basement in the Samael room. He would leave guns and armor for his mom just in case, among other things.

'' There won't be such a situation, but I see no problem with you giving me more things.'' RR didn't have any complaints.

So, for the next 30 minutes or so, Samael and RR reorganized his 'basement', took out the things he would need, like his armor, and closed it.

Just when they were done, the doorbell rang. '' Samael, the food you ordered arrived.''

'' COMING!''

Samael went to the door, received the things, tipped the delivery guy, put the food on the table, and then sat down with his mother in the living room while RR went to do her thing.

Soon, the mother and son stayed in silence, watching TV. After some time, Valery started a conversation.'' So, we already had this conversation before, but I'll say it again. No matter when and if you come back home, remember that you will always have a place here, no matter what you do or become.''

'' Thanks, Mom. While I'm away, please live well. Remember, if you have any problems, just call that number, and they will help. Oh, if you need anything, just use the account I gave you previously.''

Money is not an issue for the family anymore, as they have more than enough to last for a few generations at this point.

The two then hugged each other and continued to watch TV until someone rang the doorbell again. ''They arrived.''

It should be his crew, the one he trained a little bit for some time, and their families arrived at Samael's home for the 'party. While the crew he gathered was temporary, they were still his, so Samael made sure if anything bad were to happen to them, their families would have a comfortable life.

After getting off the sofa, Samael opened the door, and sure enough, Veronica and her family, the other members of the crew, and their families too had arrived.

They had a few drinks on their hands, along with a few other gifts.

'' Enter and make yourself at home. There's food inside for a hundred people, so please eat a lot.''

'' Thanks!'' Everyone then entered the place. It was a little cramped, as the place wasn't that big to accommodate 15+ people, but they managed it well.

Samael saw the gifts they brought him and felt bad, as he didn't have any for them. So, he used his OmniTool and asked RR to buy some. '' Buy a few gifts for me, you can choose whatever you like. Don't be stingy and use my money on it.''

RR just said, '' OK.'' The AI then proceeded to buy cars, a few terrains in the slums, and many other things.

While Samael never said what to buy, he did say he would leave it to her and not be stingy.'' I can't give them the terrain in person. But the cars I can.''

The AI then ordered the cars to be delivered today. RR didn't have any problem wasting Samael's money, and it was clear she was enjoying it.


The party was on the way when there was another ring on the door.

Samael opened it, and there was a nice-dressed man. '' Is this Samael's house?''

Samael right away knew RR went above and beyond what he expected, but he still asked the man, ''Yes.''

The nice-dressed man clearly didn't like to be in the slums, so he was speaking fast so he could leave. '' As I had ordered earlier, here are 15 SkyCars, all with reinforced windows, along with a few other upgraded ones. Please, sign here.''

Samael glanced at the document in front of him, and it was just a normal thing to declare that he had received the Sky Cars. After signing it, Samael then said to the man, '' We are having a party now, do you want to join?''

After nine cycles and hundreds of years, Samael was a carefree man. He didn't care about the opinions and prejudices others had, he just wanted to live a fun and normal life, so he didn't mind inviting unknown people to his house to party.

The nice-dressed man declined the invitation, '' I'm afraid I have to continue my job. It was a pleasure doing business with you.''

It was clear he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Samale was imagining the man's reaction if he realized the person in front of him was one of the richest on Earth and possibly even the galaxy. '' No problem. And here's a tip.''

After tipping the man 100,000 Credits, Samael almost closed the door when he heard a woman's voice say, 'Wait!''

When he looked behind him, it was Miranda. '' Took you long enough.''

'' Sorry, it was a busy day at the company...Are you sure you want to give me part of the shares?''

Miranda was talking about the shares of LD Samael said he would give her yesterday when he hired her as CEO. Any % of a multitrillion-dollar company was a huge number.

'' Yes. To be honest, I have the brain to make things, not manage them. You, on the other hand, are good at both, so you can help me twice.''

Samael wasn't lying. While he did live various cycles, management bored him so bad. He prefers to lie low, or at least stay on a battlefield, rather than work in that area.

'' Thanks for the trust. Can I come in?'' Miranda had already finished her work for the day and came to the party. She never really had a family, save for a few servants who raised her thanks to her absent and lunatic father, so she wanted to live in the atmosphere of it.

'' No problem, and yes. Welcome to the party.'' The duo then entered the house, and Samael started to give the keys to the SkyCars to the participants of the party.

'' What is this?'' One of them asked.

'' Keys to your new SkyCar. They are parked outside, so if you want to see them, feel free.''

Everyone was shocked when they heard that and rushed out. The people who received the car started to tear up a little while they thanked Samael.

'' Don't thank me, this is just a small gift to you, as your family will work with me.''

Samael would not say it out loud, but it was going to be dangerous to those working under him. Mainly because those in his crew would be in the most dangerous places in the galaxy.

So, he was rewarding their family, and if anything were to happen to them, as mentioned before, he would make sure their families were taken care of.

After checking their new cars, everyone went inside, and the 'party' continued. 'Party' was an exaggerated word choice, as everyone was conversing and eating. No loud music or anything of the like. It was more like a get-together, than a party.

RR eventually joined the 'party' and introduced herself to everyone, who were a little surprised by the android, but soon recovered when they found out Samael made it. After all, the 'genius of the slums' already made even more shocking things, like the Advanced Med Gel, so an Android wasn't far-fetched.

While the galaxy still didn't know about him and the fact he created the degraded version of the Advance Med Gel, the people in the slums knew, as he didn't bother that much to hide it.

Miranda's eyes made a credit sign, as she could see the possibilities of earning money with the new Android, but Samael shut her down.

Well, at least for now. Even he could see a market for... female androids. But even he doesn't want to touch THAT part of the market.


'' So, when are you two going to start dating?'' Veronica's mother asked Samael, who looked surprised.

Before he could respond, Valery also said, '' Yeah, when are you going to date?''

'' MOM! AUNT VALERY!'' Veronica was a little tipsy, thanks to a few alcoholic drinks some people brought, but she was still embarrassed.

Samael, on the other hand, had developed thick skin thanks to the drink too. ''We aren't dating'', He noted Veronica's reaction was a little sad, so he continued, ''Yet.''

'' Hohoho, good to know. Remember, I want grandkids as soon as possible!''

'' MOM!'' Veronica was embarrassed but a little happy, as this meant Samael might date her in the future.

Samael had a friend-with-benefits relationship with Veronica in a cycle, but things didn't end that well. So, after that, he refrained from trying to have that kind of relationship with Veronica. But now, he didn't mind seeing where things led them, and he wasn't opposed to having some kind of romantic relationship with her.

But only time will tell if that will happen.

When it was clear it was time to end the party, Samael made a speech, '' I thank everyone who came here to this farewell 'party'… I'll be honest with you all, I don't know when we are returning to Earth, so this might be the last day you see your son/daughter or family in a long time.''

While everyone knew it, no one had said it out loud. When Samael did, the atmosphere changed to one that was a little more depressive.

But Samuel did not care and continued while looking at the families of his crew, '' But I promise to do my best to take care of your sons and daughters. I can also say with conviction that while they work for me, we will do our best to change the galaxy for the better.''

He raised his cup and said, '' To us, to the galaxy, and to our journey. Cheers!''

'' Cheers!''

The last part lifted the spirits a bit. The party then ended soon after, and thanks to Samael's warming, the crew would spend the rest of the day with their family and enjoy their company while they could. Miranda asked to stay, and Samael lent his room to her and RR and went to his mom's room.

Doing what, only God knows.

Samael also wanted to enjoy his mother's company, and for the first time in years, mother and son slept on the same bed. '' It's been a few years since we did this.''

'' Well, consider this a farewell gift. When I come back, we could do this some more.''

'' At that time, my grandson might take your place, you know?''

''... Maybe. We will see.''

'' I love you, son.''

'' I love you too, mom.''

The duo then slowly entered a deep slumber.


Inside the unmanned ship, Samael and the rest of his crew were gathered. We had Veronica, the pilot, Josh, the thug who tried to rob Samael years ago, is the man in charge of the weapons.

There was also Clare, the ship doctor, Nate, the navigator, Miranda as a jack of all trades, and a few other crew members to act as a group when they landed in other plants or regions.

They had all already said their goodbyes to their families and were now waiting for Samael to give him the okay to leave.

'' By the way, we have to alert Alliance that we are leaving, no?'' Veronica asked as she knew all unmarked ships who tried to enter or leave Earth, without saying anything with the Alliance were shot down or put on a black list.

'' Don't worry about it. RR, activate the Stealth mode.''

'' Done.''

Veronica said with expectation in her voice, ''Is that what I think it is?''

Samael looked smug and said, '' Yes. You can go around in all places within the galaxy unnoticed. I developed it myself, so trust me.''

Well, he wasn't lying per se. Kasumi and Garus helped him make those in a past cycle, and he never forgot how to make them. By the way, the only place that might notice them would be Tesia, the Asarian home world. And even then, it was a small percentage.

Miranda immediately asked after she heard him saying he made it, ''Do you plan on selling this?''

Samael shook his head and said, ''No. It would cause more trouble than good. At least for now, no sale.''

Miranda nodded and didn't object anymore.

'' You made this? Cool… So, where to?'' Veronica asked Samael with expectation, as this would be her first time flying out of Earth and potentially using one of the Mass Relays. The way those mass relays worked was that they kind of warped, or went at a high speed, to the location of the other mass relay. It helped a lot in halving the time of galactic travels.

The pilots who used them always said it was a fun sensation to use them, so Veronica was excited to experiment.

'' To Eden Prime!''

Finally off Earth and into the huge galaxy! What awaits our MC there?

Also, did anyone notice anything about the chapter name?

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