30 Chapter 30 - The Seal of Time

But the Secret Seal could be undone by some spells, and Garon modified it a bit more.

  When he cast the Secret Seal, he injected a pinch of the power of time.

  It was a very small amount, only equal to the amount of time power Garon got from swallowing in a breath.

  But it was enough to produce the effect Garon wanted.

  Unless the other party also mastered the power of time and could detect the existence of the Long River of Light and Time, the seal could not be lifted at all.

  Furthermore, because of Garon's sensitivity to the power of time, and with the great power of the Long River of Light and Yin surrounding all the realms, he could vaguely perceive the location of the seal even if they were in different realms, and the more time power he injected, the clearer his perception became.

  After mastering all the apprentice tricks, Garon turned his attention to the [Summary of Spells and Changes].

  In this book, there were more than twenty spell patterns in all.

  As the title of the book indicated, these spell models belonged to the spell and change systems.

  Garon rubbed the scales on his chin that possessed a frosted texture and thought to himself, "The Dragon's Hand uses a large number of basic runes from the Department of Changes, and belongs to the spells of the Department of Changes."

  "The dragon breath imitation cast earlier by the two-headed ogre is also a change system, and the summoned storm cloud is a spell system."

  Through the introduction about the principle of spell casting, Garon learned that there were eight academic schools of spells.

  Protection, Spellcasting, Prophecy, Confusion Control, Energy Shaping, Illusion, Necromancy, and Change.

  Each spell school has a unique effect and function, and a set of basic runes and spells that are very different from the other spell schools.

  The basic runes and spells of the eight spell schools are equivalent to eight different languages that are extremely deep, down to the essence of the world.

  This situation leads to the fact that an ordinary spellcaster will only choose one spell school for the rest of his life, choosing to walk one path until he dies, because one spell school is enough for a lifetime of study.

  Even an immortal would take a long time to thoroughly study a spell school, let alone an ordinary creature with a short life.

  The higher the level of the caster, the more unique the path.

  Only the most amazing beings, the darlings of the elements, dare to study several schools of magic at the same time.

  With his elemental physique and knowledge of all truths, Garon wouldn't be limited to just one school of spell learning, let alone spells, but it wasn't much he could access now.

  "Most are first through third ring spells, with only single digits for fourth and fifth ring spells."

  "Dragon's Breath mimicry in the fourth ring change department, Changeling Colossus."

  "Fourth ring spell line of Pearl of Flame, Pearl of Cold".

  "There is only one fifth ring spell, Spell Department Thunderstorm".

  Because of his unforgettable memory, the contents of the [Spell Summary of the Spell and Changeling Department] were already imprinted in Garon's mind, and he didn't need to pick up the books again to know it.

  "The two-headed ogre does not count his physical body or divine magic, he simply counts as a spell caster and belongs to the middle level of mages."

  Garon thought about the spell casting abilities he had cast during the battle with the two-headed ogre.

  Spells from one to three rings belonged to the lower spells, and a mage with the highest mastery of a three-ring spell was known as a lower caster, or lower mage, on Noah's continent.

  And so on, four to six rings belonged to the middle rank, while seven to nine rings belonged to the high rank.

  The more advanced the level of the spell ring, the greater the difference between each ring.

  Those of higher rank are legendary mages who have mastered legendary spells of at least nine rings.

  Although nine-ring spells are powerful, most of them do not fall into the category of legendary spells; only a few nine-ring spells are legendary spells.

  Ninety percent of legendary spells are ten-ring or more.

  Not to mention the current Garon, even if Garon and the White Dragon Lady fought together, the odds were that they would be no match for a legendary spell caster, but of course, an existence of this level was not so easy to find.

  Garon's consciousness only swept the Dragon's Breath Mimicry.

  It was because the other spell based on the Fourth Ring's change, Transform into Giant, had piqued his interest.

  Garon spread his dragon wings and stretched his body, his scaly armor like a mirror shining and reflecting the utensils inside the stone house.

  He looked at his appearance, pleased with the pretty boy appearance among dragons, but not too happy about his current size.

  "A giant shifting spell, that should make me temporarily longer and thicker."

  Garon thought of the illusory dragon perched on the long river of light and wondered for a moment about his future self, wondering when his current self would reach that mountainous and terrifying size.

  Taking a deep breath and calming his mind, Garon quelled his somewhat excited mood and turned his attention to the sculpture of the icy sun.

  Before studying the official spell, he intended to get rid of that strange contraption first.

  In fact, while studying the Zero Ring Trick, Garon had been partly undecided as he pondered what to do with the Sun Sculpture.

  This sculpture of an evil god had a strange power that made him unconsciously addicted to it, but this manifestation only proved that it was a treasure, just a little evil in power.

  The power of the black mist that could repair flesh at super speed made Garon's eyes water a little, and he had a strong appetite for knowledge, knowing that the power was evil, but he couldn't help but want to learn about it and study it.

  The dragon's body had a good regenerative ability, and some wounds would more or less heal after a good night's sleep as long as they weren't too severe, but regenerating at high speed in battle was a hard thing to do now.

  Therefore, Garon felt greedy.

  But then again, wary of the Sun Sculpture, Garon thought in a second moment that it might well be a trap, designed to lure creatures bewitched by power.

  Studying the Sun Sculpture would inevitably lead to the influence of its strange power.

  Not wanting to unwittingly become a follower of the evil god, Garon pondered deeply and finally gave in and decided that it must be destroyed.

  Greed for a momentary power of an evil god and a disembowelment was not what he wanted.

  "Uga, come here!"

  Garon shouted in giant tongue, rolling the sound waves.

  Quickly, with the sound of muffled footsteps, the figure of Uga Broken Bones appeared in Garon's field of vision.

  "What can I do for you, master?".

  Ugar-Broken-Bones respectfully asked Garon after greeting him.

  Garon stretched out his dragon claw and pointed to the sun sculpture as his voice said flatly, "Take this sculpture and smash it."

  He didn't want to do it himself, or even use a spell like Dragon's Hand to touch it through the air, hell, he knew what other strange abilities this Evil God sculpture had that would indirectly affect him.

  Ugar Shattered Bones blinked slightly, as if asking why, but not a word eventually came out under Garon's calm gaze.

  "As you commanded, great master."

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