The World Ending Love Book

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The World Ending Love


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Whether it be love or hatred, those swayed by them will always fall on the heaviest of paths. No one person is strong enough to decide between their love or a country without consequence. Some may fell thousands in pursuit of love. Hatred will act as a holy flame, burning deep inside the hearts of the wronged who seek retribution for their ill fate. Nothing falls short of fair when fueled by hatred and no hand will remain unstained in the path of revenge. Our young Abaddon was born and raised in the countryside village of Shiwick. The village elder found him outside of the city walls, in a basket with a small note. Up to his 16th birthday he never even questioned who his birth parents were. He lived together with Zeraf, from young all the way to full adults. Their feelings blossomed and burned ever so brightly–though neither of them could tell the other how they felt. And so they both set out on their way to the famous ‘Kings Game’ to achieve their dreams. No path they took was without ails and danger but together and with the team they assembled they managed to reach the game in one piece. Though things were looking pearly, joy didn’t last long as the very existence of the world was in danger. Regina, a Forthbringer of Havoc with a great desire to destroy the world, threatened all that Abaddon cares for calling forward for a side of him no one could even imagine. Fated to clash like two great forces. Abaddon with his insatiable lust for revenge against the thief of love Regina. Until a mysterious third party interferes.


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