The World As We Knew It Book

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The World As We Knew It


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Sample: Something in my chest tightens from seeing my fathers old work building half in shambles, and for the first time in two years, I feel a tear roll down my cheek. I wipe it away angrily and focus back on the screen. Right now she’s warning everyone to stay indoors. “I’m standing just outside of Biotech Breakthroughs Inc., where an explosion happened moments ago. There’s toxins in the air. We don’t know what else may have escaped.” They don’t know what else escaped? What does she mean by that? Whatever’s going on, she looks scared. Her blonde hair is in a messy bun like she hadn’t expected to be called onto the scene, and her black skirt holds wrinkles like she forgot to iron her business suit. I don’t blame her. If someone unexpectedly called me to a scene where a dangerous explosion happened, leaking unknown chemicals, I wouldn’t want to be there either. Streaks of orange and red flare up in the sky. There’s something behind her in the distance. I don’t think she notices it. “What the hell is that.” A student says while biting on their nails. “No cursing!” Ms. Darcy snaps her finger in the air, but her eyes are glued on the T.V. I lean forward and push myself into a stand, moving closer to get a better view. The clouds pull back, it’s a-. “It’s a plane!” Rose gasps, taking the words right from my thoughts. It is a plane. It’s coming down fast and heading straight for the reporter. “Oh my god.” Ms. Darcy barely whimpers out. The nosey people gathered around the explosion site, starts screaming and running away. I see the reporter turn to look up. But it’s too late. A bright light fills the screen with flares of red, black and grey, then the signal goes dead. ————————————————————- Seventeen year old Ian has always felt like an outsider, ever since his mother lost her mind and his father disappeared two years ago while working at a mysterious corporation that conducts experiments for the future of the world. He lives with his little brother and their adoptive father, who doesn't understand Ian and often argues with him. One day, after a heated confrontation, Ian is dropped off at school, where he faces his bully who taunts him about his mentally ill mother. Ian loses his temper and starts a fight, but their brawl is interrupted by a loud explosion outside. The teacher turns on the TV and they see that there is an outbreak of some unknown virus. Ian realizes that this might have something to do with his father's disappearance and the corporation he worked for.


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