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Adventure Academy


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Explore. Fight. Die. Come back to life stronger. Rinse and repeat. Death holds no power over Will Wisdom, a boy who’d once been sacrificed to the altar of the gods of death only to reincarnate moments later. Will’s a teenager stuck with Extra-Life, a curse that lets him relive the same day of every death with all the gruesome details of his latest demise intact to help him survive in his next run of whatever realm, dungeon, or adventuring class he’s decided to challenge next. Returning to life after each harrowing encounter’s a really useful cheat for a teenager enrolled in the legendary Academy, the school that teaches young adventurers to become the kind of heroes who chase after the big monster bounties and great mysteries of the Realmsverse. Mysteries like finding the cult of evil ljósálfar who’d cursed Will with Extra-Life and exacting his revenge on them. The Academy’s the perfect place for Will to achieve his hopes and dreams too. Assuming he does well in Swords and Sorcery, Apprentice Alchemy, Dungeon Excursions, P.E., and the rest of the crazy list of training courses in his novice schedule. Will may need a little help with that… Welcome to the Academy, Will Wisdom—hope you live to see graduation day! *** Temporary cover created with Midjourney AI