The Will of Gil (Gilderoy Lockhart SI)

A 16-year-old boy wakes up in the bed of Gilderoy Lockhart, in the body of the man himself and he receives quite the warm welcome. Watch as he carves a path through the Wizarding World and learns esoteric magic, uncovers ancient secrets and solves magical maladies all the while enjoying himself to the max. This entire world will submit to his will, The Will of Gil. (MATURE THEMES)

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97 Chs

Chapter 1 (R-18)

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Chapter 1– Rebirth

Edited: 27/02/2023


*LEMON START* {A/N: That's correct! Right away! Don't worry. This story isn't just about lemons. There is a plot and a reason this lemon is happening now, which will be revealed later.}

Oh, that's nice. What is that? My dick is extraordinarily warm for some reason, and it feels absolutely fucking great, and the pleasure I feel is so great that it drives me to grunt in satisfaction.

"So you're finally awake, huh?"

My eyes go wide, startled at hearing another voice in my room, my room is usually locked, and nobody really comes to check in on me, so the sound of another person certainly wakes me right up. I look down along the length of my bed covers (were they always purple?) to see a bulge moving underneath it, so acting quick, I pull the covers away.

Only to reveal a beautiful woman just past her teenage years dressed in lingerie and slowly stroking my dick up and down, partly hiding my own cock from my view. I am mesmerised by her curly blond locks, her emerald-shining eyes, the small smattering of light freckles across her cheeks and the naughty smirk on her face.

Her gorgeousness is only highlighted even more due to the white lingerie she is wearing, along with the white garter belt and stockings that drive me crazy. I can't stop my eyes from roving up and down her body, from her seductive face to her sensual curves and her dainty feet.

"I see I've caught your attention, I stored this in my bag in preparation for last night, but you didn't even give me time to freshen up before ravaging me. You were so wild that we went for hours, and then you passed out after cumming for the last time. I tried to wake you up, but you were dead to the world. I was going to leave before you woke up, but I thought it would be such a shame not to use my specially bought lingerie, so I decided to give you a little good morning treat before I go."


I looked down to see her rapidly moving her head up and down my length while looking me directly in the eyes. I nearly came right there and then, but I held myself back since I didn't want it to be over so soon. I don't care if this is a dream or what because all I know is that this is the greatest thing I've ever felt.

To think me, the bullied, nerdy, skinny 16-year-old orphan with no friends who sat alone and binged books and anime all day, is now, for some reason getting his cock sucked by a buxom blonde beauty, I'm not gonna question it and just enjoy it for what it is, whatever this actually is.

I watch as she bobs her head up and down my dick, using her tongue to encircle and lick around the rim of my head, sometimes taking it out of her mouth and stroking the length while licking the sides before she does something that really gets me going, she starts to talk to me, and she talks dirty.

"Yeah, do you like that, daddy? Do you like your little girl sucking your big, massive cock?"

"F-Fuck, yeah. You... You're a naughty little girl, aren't you? A, a shameless s-slut of a daughter like you needs to be disciplined!"

She stops licking the sides of my shaft. Instead, She begins to stroke the entirety of my length with both of her hands while going down and beginning to suck on my balls. First, sucking on the left one before switching to the right and then licking them both feverishly before she goes even further and takes both of them into her mouth and sucks like she's trying to suck the life out of me.

Thankfully she stops before I find myself past the point of no return. Then, she returns to paying attention to my shaft, slowing down her strokes and beginning to kiss every inch of my penis, paying particular attention to the head. She then stops her kissing and instead nuzzles into the side of my cock while slowly stroking me.

"I'm such a bad girl, daddy. Naughty girls like me need to be punished, punish me, daddy!"

Before I even know what's happening, my hands shoot out and grasp onto both sides of her head before pulling her down and impaling her head on my cock and then pulling her head back up and then back down furiously. Next, I move my hands along her head and scoop her curly blonde hair into one place. As I do so, and begin to hold that with both hands as I continuously shove her head down and even go as far as to start thrusting myself upwards to fit even more of my cock into her mouth's loving embrace.

I don't know how long I continue to do this, but at some point, the blonde beauty reaches her hands around and grabs me as a hook hold to start bobbing her head as well, which further enhances my pleasure. The pleasure is so immense that I feel my release coming, and I shout it aloud to let her know.

"Ahh, I'm going to cum! Take it, take it all, you LITTLE SLUT!"

Before I can actually release any of my sperm, she quickly breaks away from my grasp and removes her mouth from my shaft before taking hold of it with both her hands and pointing it towards her face, where she has her eyes closed. Then, she begins to vigorously stroke my cock until I reach completion, and watching the mesmerising sight in front of me pushes me over the edge and with a roar, I cum.

I watch as a rope of cum whips across her face to lay over her eyes. Another shoots up higher and gets entangled, with her hair drooping down a little onto her forehead. I shoot a few more ropes before my last rope of sperm shoots out, hitting her chin. Satisfied with my intense release, I ragdoll backwards onto the bed and close my eyes to immerse myself in the bliss.

"You sure let out a lot, especially after last night. Tergeo. That's better. Now I'm going to get late for work, so I have to leave now. I hope you enjoyed your treat."

I was so lost in my bliss that I didn't pay any attention to what she was saying, but I managed to just about catch the last thing she said, which made me panic. I didn't want any of this to end, and at the moment, I am still a virgin, and I don't know when I'll get another moment like this.

However, I can't let this moment pass by, even if it is a dream because it just feels so vivid that I don't know if I will ever have a dream like this again, so I've got to enjoy it while I can. So I quickly shoot up from my supine position, resting my arms behind me on the bed and frantically look for the blonde beauty who is kneeling on the bed, seemingly searching for something, and I realise that she's trying to find her stuff to leave.

"Ah, can you help me find my bag? I lost it, damned little thing. Well, are you going to help me, Gi-"

I leap forwards and pounce on top of her driving her down into the bed. she makes a noise of confusion and goes to say something, but I quickly cut her off by smashing our lips together and franticly ravishing her mouth with my tongue, my first kiss and it is a french one. I grab both sides of her head and pull her deeper into the kiss, sticking my tongue deeper into her mouth and prodding at her tongue, which eventually begins to respond and starts to entangle itself with my own.

My body acts on instinct as she wraps her arms around my head and caresses the back of my head as our tongues begin a beautiful dance filled with saliva with our tongues twisting and turning in each other's mouths with us both fighting for control before she eventually relinquishes all control over to me.

No longer having to focus so much on our little oral war, I slide one of my hands down her glossy blonde tresses and along her delicate collarbone and supple skin before sinking further down to cup her bra-covered breast, and I massage it with expertise I did not know I have, getting tired of having the fabric in the way I slip my hand around her back and unhook her white bra with incredible ease which I don't question since she quickly removes her bra after feeling me unhook it and graces me with the best view in the world.

I stop our hot embrace to pull back for a second and stare mesmerised at the perky D-cup breast in front of me, which are pale white globes with tiny pink jewels inlaid in the very centre of each of them. I can no longer contain myself and latch onto her breasts and begin to lick and suck on her left breast while using my right hand to play with her right breast while my left-hand ropes around to slip through her underwear and start groping her shapely ass, she seems to be saying something to me I pay no attention having been bewitched by the seductresses delightful body.

I stayed like that for seemingly forever before she moved in my grasp. My left hand, which was clasping her right ass cheek, slipped and began to feel a slit which reminded me that there was much more of this gorgeous woman's body that I had yet to explore, not yet having had my fill of her breasts but wanting to transverse the rest of her body I push her back to lay on the bed which takes her by surprise.

Then I grab her by her calves and pull her towards me, lining our crotches up together. Realising I pulled her a bit too much, I scoot back a little before reaching for her white panties and not wanting to be denied any longer, I rip them off, drawing a startled cry from her before I throw them off to the side of the room and move my head within inches of her vagina to get a first look at one in real life.

Transfixed by the sight in front of me, my head unbiddenly moves forward of its own accord, and my tongue darts out to start lapping her sweet pussy. I reach my hand around to the front of her legs and grasp them before pulling her up with myself and drawing her up directly to my face leaving only her upper back and head touching the bed as I continue to ravish her vagina.

My tongue moves with experience that belays my years, which I guess is just as to be expected in your own dreams. I can hear her sweet moans and cries as I bury my face between her legs and viciously devour her cunt and again, I lose myself in the moment and continue to move like a machine. Eventually, I begin to feel her legs twitch and spasm with the same happening to her vagina and with the most melodious cry I've ever heard, a fountain of sweet juice squirts out into my face and mouth, and I lap up the sweet nectar which is my bounty for working so hard.

Pulling back to breathe for a second, I let go of her legs, allowing them to hit the bed on either side of me. While catching my breath, I looked down at her to see her panting in exhaustion, with her chest heaving up and down and her limbs slightly spasming. The sight makes me extra aware of my hard dick that hasn't been touched in a while, so much so that it is beginning to ache.

Not waiting any longer, I again move my hands to her legs, this time grabbing the underneath of her juicy thighs and pushing her legs up so that her legs rest partially on either side of her body, which wakes her up. She stares at me wide-eyed as I line my dick up with her centre before taking a deep breath to capture this moment in my head, and then I thrust forward with a strength I've never felt before and bury myself deep in her depths.

I stayed like that for a moment, just taking a moment to encapsulate this moment in all its entirety in my mind and solidify in my memory the feel of her warm tight vagina completely clasping around my erect penis. It truly felt like bliss, the feeling was like nothing else I have ever felt before, and I can find no words to describe it. I also can't be bothered to find the words to describe it since I just lost my virginity for the first time (in a dream, but it feels so real), and I would rather be in pleasure than pondering about adjectives and describing words.

Pulling myself from my lull, I draw myself back out of her sopping wet yet contradictorily tight pussy that wraps around my dick like a clamp, so much so that I find it difficult to extract myself from its warm embrace. Still, I manage to pull out enough so that I can drive back in at full force. After that, the process is easier. I rapidly and frequently begin to pull and thrust my dick in and out of the bewitching blond's tight cavern at such a pace that I worry for a second that my dick might set itself on fire despite the lubrication. Still, my pleasure is so intense that I don't give it another thought and get lost in the process of fucking this delicious young woman in the prime of her life with reckless, wild abandon.

I continue to thrust at speeds I didn't know I was capable of and begin to push her legs further and further back as I drive her down into the bed to the point that I am now basically folding her in two by holding the backs of her ankles which are nearly at the height of her own head and yet when I look down I don't see discomfort but lust in the women's expression which boosts me even more.

I lean down as I continually thrust my lower body to once again join our lips together and start entwining our tongues. She moans into my mouth as I plunder both her upper and lower mouths, and wanting to feel and taste even more of her, I move down to her neck and begin to lick and kiss that before slowly transitioning all about her upper body to leave my own mark on her supple skin using my teeth to sometimes lightly bit down into her delectable skin.

My hips continue to move of their own accord, sometimes doing fast thrusts and sometimes doing deep thrusts but mostly just a combination of the two, but the weird thing is that my hips almost have a mind of their own, as does the rest of my body as if it knows precisely how to bring both her and myself the ultimate pleasure, a trail of the skin here and slight angling of my dick there, a tiny nibble of her nipple and sucking on the skin just under her ear.

I can feel my climax approaching, and I don't know how long I have lasted. Still, I am guessing that it must be an impressive amount of time for my first time having sex, and I feel a sense of achievement and pride at the accomplishment. However, I don't voice it aloud, knowing that it probably isn't a good idea to say that now but if I am honest, I didn't voice it because of the slight fear that she will reply that it has been way less time than I thought so I ignore the thought and continue to plough into her feeling my end rapidly approaching.

Finally, my release comes closer and closer, with each thrust slowly reaching its crescendo and sending powerful waves through my body. I prepare myself to come inside the blonde beauty's enticing pussy. And for a moment, a thought crosses my mind, and panic rushes through me.

Still, I don't stop my movements even as I think about coming inside of her and possibly getting her pregnant and being saddled with a child at such a young age before the panic rushes out of my body at the reminder that this is a dream. So I can cum gallons inside of her with no repercussion and cover her in my sperm, and that mental image is what pushes me over the edge and with a guttural shout of pleasure and one last deep push, I cum inside of her.

I remain buried to the hilt inside of her as I deposit more. More of my cum into the deep depths of her vagina with rope after rope of my sperm shooting out as if bullets from a gun piercing her insides. Finally, she lets loose a piercing scream of pleasure as she, too cums, having reached her own climax. I feel even more pride and accomplishment having made this busty blonde woman release such sounds from her mouth, feeling my strength leaving me after shooting out all of the sperm stored inside my balls.

I release her legs which I was still holding above her head, and instead reach my arms around to give her an embrace. I close my eyes as I pull her tight against my body feeling our naked skin touching against each other and the feeling of my dick still trapped in her warm vagina. She begins to talk, but I don't pay any attention as my body slowly loses strength, and I begin to feel my consciousness fade away.

It doesn't matter what she was saying anyway, as I am going to wake up back in my room at the foster home with my life not having changed at all, what with this just being a vivid dream, feeling the warm body of the blonde woman in my arms comforts me, and with that, I drift away into sleep.

*LEMON END* {A/N: My first proper one, comment on anything I can improve on.)