The first few players who got into Blue Ocean the earliest loved playing games.

However, it was difficult for them to be online for 24 hours straight. Most of them had to work during the day or live their lives.

The game was just a form of entertainment. Only wealthy kids or pro gamers could have the luxury to be online for so long. In spite of that, it was impossible for them to give up the slot to get into the village.

Someone got angry and shouted, "So what if you can be online for 24 hours? Do you think you can do whatever you like while being online for 24 hours straight? This game requires skills! SKILLS! Not farming endlessly! I despise you farmers!"

Shi Wuliao grinned and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, farmers can really do whatever they want!"

He then turned to Fang Yue and saw the latter talking to Lord Han. Then, Fang Yue waved at him.

"You may go into the village now." 

Shi Wuliao was overjoyed. "Thank you, brother!"

He then ran forward with the corpse above his head, but he soon realized that something was not right. His own HP was running low and would not be sufficient for him to run into the village.

He had gotten so excited and totally forgot about his own HP. He looked at Fang Yue in despair, hoping that he would get some help.

It was then that Lord Han waved his hand. A layer of thin mist appeared and blocked the rain for Shi Wuliao.

The damage numbers no longer appeared.

"T-thank you, Lord Han!"


Compared to Fang Yue's enthusiastic answer, Lord Han was a lot colder as he simply nodded.

Shi Wuliao was not overly concerned as he quickly ran into the village.

Right after he entered the village, he fell to his knees with all smiles. He finally got into the village! He was safe!

He got up and looked at the other refugees outside. The village entrance somehow felt like a chasm that split both worlds apart; the village was heaven while the outside was hell.

Shi Wuliao had entered heaven. He was extremely happy when he saw the despair and sour mood of the other refugees.

With comparison came happiness, and Shi Wuliao's happiness was built upon the suffering of the other refugees.

However, when he laid eyes on Fang Yue, his happiness froze and caused his face to twitch helplessly. Compared to Fang Yue, Shi Wuliao was suffering.

'This stupid game! Why is the gap between players so huge? Fortunately, I have those refugees behind me…'

At the thought of that, Shi Wuliao saw Fang Yue talking to the other refugees.

"What are you guys standing here for? Hurry up and get into the village."

Shi Wuliao and the other refugees were stunned.

"Us? We can go into the village as well?"

"Yes. Lord Han will arrange missions for you guys. We are all players, so we should take care of each other."

The group of refugees cheered loudly when they heard Fang Yue's assurance.

"Bro, you are the best!"

"Almighty brother, you No. 1 in the world!"

"From today onwards, you are my real-life brother!"

"Bro, do you want a girlfriend? I don't have anything to repay you with, so I want to be your girlfriend!"

While the refugees were overjoyed, Shi Wuliao was not. On the contrary, he was annoyed and somewhat depressed, and somehow even lost interest in the game.

'I tried so hard, and got so far; in the end, it doesn't even matter…'

"Um, Bro Shi?"

While Shi Wuliao was carried away by his depressing thoughts, the voice startled him and brought him back to reality.

"Yes, bro, what can I do for you?"

"It's nothing important. I just want to add you as a friend."

Shi Wuliao then received a notification.

[Ding Dong. Player NightDawn sent you a friend request. Yes/No?]


Others might not know the in-game name (IGN) clearly, but Shi Wuliao had the name branded into his mind.

A while ago, the game had sent out a global announcement about a player getting first blood on the Wicked, and the IGN was none other than NightDawn.

Shi Wuliao's jealousy had almost driven him mad when he saw the announcement. Now, he finally met NightDawn in person. His thoughts drifted away again as he somehow found this world mysterious.

He then noticed that Fang Yue was talking to the other refugees with a friendly smile, adding them to his friend list, and even promoting himself enthusiastically.

"To be honest, I, NightDawn, am a professional gamer in Blue Ocean. I hope we can stay in touch. In case there is any kind of business opportunity in the future, we will have each other's backs."

"Oh, isn't this the young lady that wants to be my girlfriend? I noticed that you are beautiful at first glance, and your beauty will surely attract problems in the future. You are so beautiful that you can decide the world's fate. Add me and I'll give you a 20% discount on killing any love rivals. I can also give you 50% off for finding your boyfriend's mistress. It's fair and square—honesty with no lies!"

"Come, my Superstrength brother! I bet you're feeling strong for having 3 points in Control, but what if you can't bring out the potential of your strength? I can teach you and make sure you master your powers! I won't charge you 998 or 98 because today, you are my biggest VIP, and my course, Full Guide of Attributes, is only going for 9.8 just for today!"

For some reason, Fang Yue's impression and character changed drastically.

Shi Wuliao was stunned. 'So, this is the guy who got first blood throughout the server? What's with the awkward price of 9.8? It's not even worth my pocket money."

He could not remember because he was a little surprised by Fang Yue's IGN, NightDawn, but he sort of recalled Fang Yue also promoting something to him before going off to the other refugees.

The others were not really concerned until they received the friend request. Everyone was stunned as they stared at Fang Yue strangely.

They probably shared the same thought as Shi Wuliao. They did not want to believe that the player who got first blood throughout the server was someone that failed to meet their expectations.

However, before they realized it, many other players started to call Fang Yue "Bro Night". They sounded so intimate and friendly despite being the first meeting. They even bought several packages that Fang Yue was selling just to build their connection.

Shi Wuliao did not want to be left out either. He quickly bought a package from Fang Yue just to be connected.

'I should get closer to him since he's a top pro gamer. In the future, I might be able to ask him to help out with missions and stuff. It's all about connections, after all.'

However, after Shi Wuliao got the so-called the Full Guide of Attributes, he looked rather bitter.

"The so-called HP is your total HP, which means Health Points, also known as…"

'F***! This Full Guide of Attributes is total bullsh*t!'

Shi Wuliao was annoyed. Then, he saw Lord Han pull Fang Yue away from the ground.

"You haven't even dealt with your legs and you've let your guard down? I've not gone into depth about [Cold Night's Corruption], yet you really didn't take it seriously!"

"Ah…Lord Han, okay. I'll go warm up my legs."

"Follow me. I have something to tell you."


Fang Yue then said to his 'customers' loudly, "Those who have bought the Full Guide of Attributes, I'll send you guys a message later. I'm an honest player, so spread the word. I'm probably the best guide here, so remember my name: NightDawn."

"I'm the best guide here, so remember my name: NightDawn."

The phrase somehow left an impression in the players' minds.

Shi Wuliao felt cheated, but when he received the message from Fang Yue, he was surprised by the content.

"Block is similar to Defense, but it doesn't work directly. It will only work when you put up a defensive stance of a blocking action…"

'Damn, I guess he's really something.'

Block worked a little differently than other game's Defense. One must put up a defensive stance or blocking action to make it happen.

Shi Wuliao had no idea before. After all, he had only been in the game for an hour and had not fought anyone before, hence missing out on the key information.

In the end, he calmed down and the contempt he had for Fang Yue dissipated.

The other players happily studied the information Fang Yue sent them as they strongly believed it was money well spent!

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