The Wicked Cultivation Game Book

novel - Horror

The Wicked Cultivation Game


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  • 40 Chs

  • 4.6

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When a unique cultivation game launched its server, it welcomed a sea of players, one of which was Fang Yue. However, he soon realized something strange about the game—it was too difficult to beat. A large number of early players quit the game, but Fang Yue stayed. He then found out something more complicated about the game. Three months later, the Wicked appeared in real life and the game data started to sync with the real world. Everyone was terrified. All the early players returned to the game together with players from all over the world. Simply put, everyone went back into Blue Ocean. However, when they started the game and were being hunted by the Wickeds, they realized that the veteran players’ avatars appeared in a different art style than theirs. Fang Yue exclaimed, “You audacious Wicked! In a single glance, I know you aren’t human!” Fang Yue pleaded: “Wicked, I need you to help me cultivate!” Fang Yue roared, “Wicked! Did I say you can leave? Almighty Heavenly Dragon!