The WealthTap System: Rising from Rags to Riches Book

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The WealthTap System: Rising from Rags to Riches


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[ DO YOU WANT TO GET RICH? ] "Hah! Hell Yeah!! Who doesn't?" Christopher Swarts or Chris was a young man who lost his parents in his very little age, surviving in this cold, harsh world while tending to two cute sisters, getting harassed by loan sharks...This all things he suffered with a lot of pain and tears. Finally the magical words appeared... [Congratulations on accepting The Wealth Tap System. Binding to Host...0%...39%...97%...100% ] "Hah! System is supposed to be a cheat, but I will cheat the system itself!" Finding many bugs in system missions, follow Christopher on his journey to... Rise From Rags to Riches. ----------------- Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/dRayzqq2Mq


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