The Villainess Law of Vengeance Book

novel - Fantasy

The Villainess Law of Vengeance


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When others grew to love another, Kalliope fell for darkness. Instead of innocence, betrayal greeted her first, lies met her second, and revenge befriended her last. A century long, her own kind, the mages concealed her origin. They let her lived a beautiful dream before smashing it all apart with a cruel reality. The heroes who saved her kind from being hunted by the humans on Earth were her parents. It was then, blood colored her eyes, madness painted her soul, and corpses of her enemies littered on the path she walked. While she dyed the earth blazing red, the demon whom she had embraced like her guardian angel smiled and asked. “Is my love enough to keep you in the darkness?” The temptation was endearing. But, what happened when someone broke the darkness and told her the most beautiful lies? “You deserve happiness. You are meant for the light.” In the end, which side will Kalliope choose? --------------- Disclaimer: The cover isn't mine! Credits to artist. Instagram: @author_kiiara Discord: Kiiara #9809


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