THe Villain

Warning: Mature Content.  "I have decided what my first wish will be."  Santiago stared at her coolly as if he hadn't granted her five wishes in exchange for a deal.  "Dance with me." "What?" His indifferent facade crumbled instantly.  "My first wish-- I want you to dance with me every night we are together. So, Villain, dance with me."  ___   Persephone Marino, the stolen bride made a deal with the Villain, her captor, in exchange for five wishes. The sheltered Mafia princess got a taste of freedom in her captivity when Villain offered her a deal to get her out of his system.  Who would have thought that the bride he had stolen for a completely different goal would end up becoming his maddest and hardest obsession? __  Mature content starts after chapter 17. This book is R-18, so it's given that it will be hardcore smut. -- Regular updates.  --Anti hero Male lead.  -- No cheating or rape.  The author doesn't own the cover of the book.   

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Dark Horses


(A Few days before the wedding.)

A grin spread on Santiago's mouth as he entered the inside of his sanctuary. The familiar smell of fear and chaos entered his nostrils sending a jolt of rush and excitement in his blood.

Only a true Villain can detect the smell of fear floating invisibly in the air. The villain thrived on fear and darkness. It was his sanctuary; his arena. And no one could enter it on his will. If they did, there was no going back.

Santiago's gaze fell on his prey like a real hunter, he lured the prey into his entanglement. Unbeknownst to the prey, this villain would devour him alive.

The ice-cold water was poured on the half-dead man whose feet were chained to the ceiling of the basement. The blood was oozing from his wounds, his nails were ripped off, the knife cuts on his body were mostly stitched back as Santiago planned on keeping him alive. At least until he got the answers he wished for. Otherwise, the half-dead man was nothing but a scum meant to be vanished from the plains of earth.

The basement was a scary and dark place with the smell of iron and rotten flesh in the air, but for Santiago and his other dark horses, it was their sanctuary.

They were a group of four people who had made a club called -- the dark horses. In the Holy Bible, the four horses of the apocalypse were mentioned. Only these dark horses knew of the fact why they (The unholy creates) were called so in the first place when they already considered themselves dark, monstrous, and villainous.

Nonetheless, they were called The four dark horses. They run with their pack. And one can call Santiago -- the undeclared Alpha of the pack.

Callum, one of the dark horses poured another bucket of ice water on the half-dead man. He was groaning and whimpering in pain. Callum's torture was worse than the devil's. The man would be tortured even after going to hell once he put a bullet in his head, but Santiago would never give him an easy death. He was never taught to give someone an easy death. Hell, he didn't even know how to spell easy.

"Please," a voice murmured snapping Santiago's attention to the man who was being tied by the iron chains. His fingers were digging into the other metal tool which was trying to rip off his nails.

Ignoring his pleas and whimpers, Callum just threw another bucket full of ice water on the man. It was the third bucket and any human would be sobbing to his dear ancestors for such cruelty and torture, but for the dark horses, it was a regular affair. And Callum happens to be best in it after Santiago, but he (Santiago) was saving himself for the main enemy-- Lorenzo.

"You've got to be shiting me, Cal. You poured the only left ice on this half-dead piece of shit," A growling voice was heard. The voice belonged to Nash, another dark horse. Do not judge him by his happy-to-go personality, he was the freakiest of all. And don't mind his cussing, apparently, he didn't know how to use the human language without the use of the swear word, which irritated the hell out of the other three. If Nash could complete one English sentence without the use of cuss, it always called for a celebration.

"And you were thinking of cooling your beers with the ice, Nash?" A bored voice came and it belonged to the last and the most dangerous dark horse, Killian. He could be as silent as a ghost when he wanted but was as deadly as poison whose antidote was yet to be found.

"Fuck off, Killian. My beers are more important than this half-dead shit." Nash commented as he grabbed the beer cans from God knew where. Nash and cheap beers were inseparable.

The chained man's gaze fell on a new face, the one he had not seen before, and hope bloomed in his heart as if the new person who appeared in a suit in this rotten basement could save him, but the poor man was never so wrong. Because the man he was assuming Messiah was actually THE VILLAIN itself.

"Please help me," the man spoke in a shaky voice in hopes that the unfamiliar man would save him from the three sicks. They had tortured him beyond explanation.

He had been chained in this ghostly basement for two days. He had been starved since then and whenever he collapsed they gave him glucose doses but never the food.

They were sick beyond words.


[ I do not support violence of any kind. Santiago and the rest of the dark horses are dark characters. If you are uncomfortable reading such stuff, skip it. No need to read it and then curse me the next day because the scenes trouble you in the nightmare. I am not kidding, it happened to me that's why I am saying.

You will be seeing more of their sides so please do not judge them just after reading the first few chapters. Again there is no ra..pe scenes, but the se.xu.al content can be wrong. Very Very dark.]