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the venomous spider


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we all know the story we all know the quote but this time a different peter takes on the mantle a Peter that's has lost uncle Ben during one of Tony's battles this a spider man that won't take shit from anyone he won't have the cursed luck of every Peter Parker this is his story note somethings to know about this story and changes I made this is for the most part mcu Spider-Man but with comic book mixed in here and there I'm not planning on writing a harem and or smut if I do it definitely won't be until the later chapters expect poor grammar as this is my first work I'm not talking about those other pics where they'll be like oh sorry English isn't my first language but yet it seems like Shakespeare wrote no my work until I get a beta will be bad but hey hope ya stick with me p.s am I supposed to use punctuations on synopsis? ppps.wow you actually read this far what are you still doing here read the dang book


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