I sat down on the pack porch filling dizzy and tried. I've been very weak and tired lately and it's has been going on for about a week now. we should tell mate, my wolf said.

Anger was so I felt within me. Why? Will he even show concern? ....She whimpered. I thought so, I hissed in return.

"Ariel are you alright?" Lily one of my only close friend in the pack asked. I smiled a little "don't worry Lily, I think I'm alright". Her frown thickened " you think? OK I've had it with you, we are of going to the pack doctor right now" she said already dragging me there. "But......but_" I tried to protest but she gave me a glare that immediately shut me up.

"So Doc, what's wrong with me?" I asked anxiously. He smiled brightly. "well congratulations Luna you are pregnant" ....

I was sure I mirrored the look of pure horror " WHAT!!" I yelled. " Yes Luna you are 2 months in" he assured me .... "OK I will be on my way now" I said bottling up my shock. I knew Jared will be ecstatic about this, after all it's all he care about. But I didn't expect it, I know we made lo-- no we had sex but it was only one sided, Jared just use my body to satisfy his needs and once he is done he leave me hurt.

I won't take it any more, I won't wait for when he will start loving me but instead I will find love because I know I deserve it and know just were to start .

I looked at Lily who had been very quiet... "I'll go inside now. thanks for staying with me" I said. "It's alright, hope you will be okay?" She asked looking at me concerned.....I gave a slight nod before walking into Jared's mansion.