The Unwanted Mate

Author: Jessica
Fantasy Romance
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What is The Unwanted Mate

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He ignored me... He broke my heart... All he wanted was an heir and I was the means to that end... He was suppose to be the one that loved me and took care of me... He was my mate... A mate that didn't love me Now I have his heir growing in me but once he gets what he always wanted I will disappear from his life forever... Well, that was the plan until he decided he wanted more than an heir ... . . He wanted me

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♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Hello everyone!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ My story is with mature content.... So if you don't wanna read mature part you can skip that one..... It's for 16+ age "Bend over, baby." He whispered in my ear. I complied immediately not wanting to make him any more angery then he already is. He brushed his finger's against the most sensitive part of my body. I gasped, as i felt my body reacting to his touch. The worst thing is he know it very well how my body react to his every single touch. "What did i told you earlier?" He said with most seductive voice in my ear,i was breathing heavily. How can he expect me to give an answer, when he kept assulting my sensitive part with his finger's. He squeezed my @ss firmly with his other hand. I moaned loudly when i felt it's effect right between my leg's. "Who do you Belong to,Darling?" "YOU" ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ A/N: Hey lovies.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☄️ So this is my chapter of the story. Please any comments you have I will be happy If you leave some. Good or bad I want to know if you like it. If you like it don't forget to vote. You can follow me at_My Wattpad account for my story's update https://www.wattpad.com/user/Princes-Dream-23 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ NOTE: All rights are reserved. Copyright of PrincesDream23. This story was created from my ideas and my imagination. This story cannot be used in any way, shape, or form. Any resemblance to real events or locations are coincidental. Enjoy Reading. Copyright © Nikita Gandhi 2018 All Rights Reserved. This book is sold subject to condition that it shall not by way of tradeor otherwise, be lent, resold or hired out, circulated and noreproduction in any form, in whole or in part (except for briefquotations in critical articles or reviews) may be made without writtenpermission of the publishers.This book has been published in good faith that the work of the authoris original.All efforts have been taken to make the material error-free. However,the author and the publisher disclaim the responsibility for anyinadvertent errors. https://notionpress.com/read/love-lust-confusion

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I love you with all my heart, to the point where I can’t even express it - Baek Eunseong to Jin Lihua ———————————————————— Heaven. For most it is an unattainable feat. One must train and train until reaching the Supreme Realm of cultivation and martial arts. Only then they can ascend and start building a family in the land above the clouds. For those lucky and skilled enough to ascend will find that it’s much like the world below. The same competition, love, and hierarchy. The ruling class of the heavens are called the Celestial Heavens. The ruler has always been a male and always been the most powerful human under the gods. To choose an heir the ruler picks princes who have awakened their divine spiritual root, a gift from the spirits, signifying their right to rule and their ability to protect the sacred land the spirits sacrificed themselves to create. Jin Li Hua. The youngest heiress of the Jin family, a family famous for its bright thinkers and high power in the business world. But what happens when this modern and high-spirited twenty-five year old transmigrates into the eleven year old body of a girl with the same name. To make matters worse she’s the only girl to awaken a divine spiritual root in this sexist martial arts world, which makes her eligible to compete for the seat of Ruler of the Celestial Heavens! Everyone thinks she’s a fraud and a thief as she was born on the same day and hour as the first prince, the only one of the princes to be of the emperor’s blood. “Hahhh.” Hua Hua sighed. “All these fancy titles, I don’t even want the throne, but I’ll win it just to prove girls can.” Centuries later, a man gets on his knees and begs for a woman’s love and affection. The man, whose body radiates power, a face more handsome than any could ever dream of. The first prince, Baek Eunseong. “Please, Hua Hua, I love you with all my heart and would give anything to be with you.” “But you were my worst competitor!” ———————————————————— This story is of a girl who gave up on her dream of becoming an idol to for the sake of her family who transmigrates to a princess of Heaven. She wants to be happy and will live life the way she wants to, whether it means making others happy or competing for a throne. • No reverse-harem • A complete romance and drama with a lot of character development, detailed background characters and small adventures that bring the characters together. • No major misunderstandings other than the First Prince’s feelings for Huahua. • The first thirty-ish, depending on my future plot decisions, will be about her relationships with the other princes, character development and just overall world building. • The book will have around 200-300 chapters if finished. (Might change) • Set in Ancient Korea/China but it doesn’t really matter to the story too much • Just to avoid confusion, there is Earth where humans are born and lands are semi-magical, once you reach the Supreme Realm of cultivation, you may ascend to Heaven which is a lot like Eartha and looks just like it (Please don’t ask me why there are clouds in the Land Above the Clouds) it’s just full of stronger people and stronger magic, so think of it as a demigod Earth of a smaller scale, then you have the Celestial court made of the royal family and the top four families that individually specialize in either fighting, art, cultivation, or knowledge, lastly are the spirits that created the world and bless the royal family with their divine powers, they sacrificed themselves to build the world and have relinquished their heavenly bodies because of it. So basically Humans but magical

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-In the Dark Ages of humanity, when Heaven and Hell first appeared, the world was completely in ruins. The angels and devils fought relentlessly over control 3 keys to unlock the truth behind a realm called False Reality. As the war progressed with humanity in the crossfire, legends appeared from across the world to defend humanity, they were known as the 12 Apostles. They were the first ones to use the powers of divinity also known as Law and Authorities. With the war won and the realms disappeared to their respective realities, it wasn't long until the world had to begin a new one. Peace proceeded across the world and every story that had been created continued to become reality... that was until his history was born. Reawakening from the mysterious feeling of death, Kiryuu Amuka finds himself in a new world and body. He was reincarnated as the main character of the story he created, Xion Trinity, the son of a baker family located in Blackband, a city south of the capital of the Archive of Chanda. In the Electric Age Eon, technology has grown to use steam power and other technology such as machinery, canons, transportation, canons, airships, and ships, as well as, positions, Arcadius Keys, Apollo Artifacts, laws and authorities, curses, and more. With the mystery comes more questions to ask about the world he truly created. Follow Xion as he finds himself entangled with the Archives, lower gods, and Paradoxs, both physically, metaphysically, and transcendently - as he slowly awakens and develops newfound powers he was given by the Transcenders. The False Dawn spoke of the mysterious nature of the future worlds. As stories continue in an endless stream of lies and misfortunes, they also talk about magnificence and truth. The Seraphims spoke of a man who would eventually open the False reality, a man with potential that would be unrivaled by all who approached him. This is the Story and Legend of "Judgement." Or how the gods and Patriarchs call him "The False God."

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The Thieving Luna

"You lied to me," he breathed out the words like he was tired and did not want to be here, "you lied to everyone." Jade gulped and glanced at his hands that were holding the handcuffs. Even in the dark, she could make out the outline of them. "I didn't want to…" "Yes?" He huffed and mocked, "tell me then did your beloved master have to force your hand to fool every one of us?" To fool me? But he left that unsaid. Jade remained quiet. Every game had unfolded and every clue had been brought out to light. There was nothing she could do, and even if she spoke the truth that was in her heart at the moment, no one would believe her. Not even the man that vowed to. No, her alpha won't believe her. "Please," letting go of her morals, she begged. "Please believe me when I say that I changed—” "No one cares if you have changed or not!" He roared and she flinched at the anger of the wolf. Her head bowed down and the animal inside her submitted to her mate and alpha. Her animal had already betrayed her. "Lies! Lies are what we have heard from you from the beginning!" He spat and the chain rattled in his hands. "There is nothing that will come from that mouth and I will ever believe in again." Jade nodded, her tears blurring the vision but she did not make a sound. Even when she heard him near her. He snatched her hand roughly and clasped the handcuff on her wrist. For the first time, the alpha's actions were in complete contrast to what they had been before and it hurt. "Stay here, thief." The word made her flinch. "You will see the daylight when you receive your judgment." She did not have the strength to open her eyes until she heard his footsteps retreat into the distance, leaving her alone in the cold dark and filthy dungeons of the pack clans. Resigning to her fate, she slowly moved to the wall to which the chains were attached and slid down with her back touching it on the floor. What had she done? * The credit of the images goes to the rightful owner.

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THE WORD says the Human heart is wicked, who can understand it? Greed, Lust, Pride, Fear, Disloyalty, Dishonesty, just for what the world has to offer. Whether consciously or subconsciously, each man wants to have things for himself and himself alone. Death makes us understand that all benefits last till death. At that time, the dead can't covet anything else the world has to offer. Only dirt and maggots are attracted to it. Lin Fan, the Young Master of the Lin Family of Blue Wind Village, had mediocre talent in cultivation but was lucky enough to meet the minimum requirements to enter the Outer Sect of Mystic Jade Sect as the most ordinary disciple of the sect. In two years, he was the only one who didn't advance to the Inner Sect amongst the disciples who entered the Sect at the same time. He was looked down upon and ridiculed, yet he remained indifferent but worked harder. Many were indignant that they were in the same sect as him and thus plotted against him. As it was forbidden for killing fellow disciples in the sect, they made a move on him during one of his Missions out of the sect. He was to obtain a certain herb from the Mountains to get a Realm Breakthrough Pill that helps those in Body Tempering Realm stage 6 to breakthrough to stage 7. While in the Mountains, just when he obtained the Herb by a cliff and planned to the sect, he was cornered, beaten to the point of death and thrown down the cliff. While in the air, a voice sounded in his mind: (Ding! System: ORIGIN, has been awakened. Spiritual energy will be absorbed to Heal Master's Body and Soul. A Barrier has been formed around Master to prevent him from falling to his death) The story of the Unfettered Immortal who does whatever he wishes, unrestrained and unmoved by the world's beauty or wealth.

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Wow! what a simple and sweet story 🐱! The author has done great job writing this book...what a simple, sweet and wicked story...I just loved it and I hooked to it that I did not want to leave... definitely in my library! super fantabolous work ☺️❤️


A wicked story which is an example of short but sweet.A mixture of smiles and sadness and just the right amount of salt and spice. beautiful work author.


Loved this short story. I’m happy they finally got it togethe and the story didn drag on


this story was short and sweet. very good thing to read. I wish more books would actually be like this.


💯💯 Great story can definitely go further. Will recommend this book to others.


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