12 Nescafe jar

Both of us were ready to visit Sierra and Abraham. I was super excited to see Abraham. Today, I wanted to make sure that he would sit down and talk with me.

I was thrilled as well as nervous to meet me, to look at him and I started having butterflies in my stomach again. 

Vicky knew from my body language and expressions and said, "Don't worry, I am sure he likes you back. Just don't be nervous and play cool."

"Yes, you are right. I should not be nervous. Let's be calm and relaxed," I replied to her.

To that, she said, "Yes, that's the spirit."

I didn't know how it would be possible but I had to try every single thing possible. We both reached Sierra's place. 

First, we greeted her parents. I talked with both her mom and dad and later she told us to sit in her room before we could sit upstairs.

While Vicky and I were greeting her parents Abraham joined us. My heart started fluttering when I saw him. Like always he looked very handsome and attractive.

He was very hot, although I never liked anyone by their looks he sure was one hell of a sexy guy. I just couldn't help but notice his looks.

He was wearing a solid blue shirt. He folded his sleeves till his elbows. His forearms looked sexy and very manly. He was comfortable so he wore a grey color fabric on his bottom. 

While talking with Sierra's parents I kept on looking at Abraham secretly. I just couldn't help myself and observe him. He had a strong aura around him. 

Usually, we sit in the room which is on the terrace for more privacy. While we were sitting in Sierra's room, Sierra took Vicky with her so that Abraham and I could have a little chit-chat.

I didn't know how to begin the conveying action so  started, "So, do you hear about Diana and Shanky from Sierra?"

"Yeah, I did but please tell everything again more clearly," he said. 

I became so happy that at least we had something in common to talk about. So I started telling him the entire thing. 

I concluded up by saying, "I know that you like Diana…"

Before I could finish he interrupted, "Woah, no I don't like Diana and I haven't even liked her in the first place."

I was surprised that he didn't like her at all then I realized that Diana lied about him liking her. 

Abraham made it very clear that he never liked it and he revealed it was Sierra who was texting Diana through his cell phone because she wanted to hook both of them but Sierra didn't know that Diana would turn out to be a bad person.

When I heard that, I was relieved. I took a sigh. During those days I recently broke up with one of my so-called best friends. 

Abraham already heard about this incident from Sierra and he was keen to know what had happened exactly.

I told him in detail how my so-called best friend ditched me when I needed her the most after I quit my job. 

Soon, Sierra and Vicky joined us and they prepared snacks for us. We all four went upstairs and sat in the room. 

We all were sitting on the king-size bed. Abraham was sitting right in front of me and Vicky was sitting right in front of Sierra.

Sierra kept on giving me weird looks and I didn't understand why. She then got annoyed and asked me, "Naomi, where's the main item?"

"What item?" Abraham asked her.

Abraham doesn't like it whenever Sierra drinks because of her health issues. 

Sierra requested Abraham, "Abraham please please please let me drink today. And please promise me not to tell my mom."

She kept on requesting him and nagging him and at last, he allowed her to drink.

The last time when I visited Sierra I had a backpack and I was ashamed to face her mom because of the last incident. 

I didn't want to worry her mom this time so instead of a backpack, I had a sling bag so that her mom won't doubt us.

From the moment I entered her home, she kept on getting irritated and became hopeless that I didn't bring the alcohol today.

Both Vicky and Sierra were hopeless that I didn't bring anything to booze. I was their long faces and started opening my sling bag.

I took out a Nescafe jar from my bag and said, "Tadda!"

Their mouths were wide open. Sierra said, "Naomi, is this our drink?"

I nodded and explained to them why I brought this jar instead of a big bottle. Three of them looked at me with complete shock.

I told her that I didn't want her mom to worry about anything.

Sierra, Vicky, and Abraham laughed out loud. They even took a snap of the Nescafe jar.

Sierra said, "I would have never imagined it. What a talent Naomi."

Then we all started laughing out loud. Then I realized it was one of the silliest things I have ever done in my life.

Then I noticed that Abraham was laughing out loud. Deep down I was happy that I made him laugh with my silliness. 

It sure was one of the funniest moments we had together. I would never forget that day because that very day Abraham and I became friends. 

For the first time, we both opened up our hearts to each other. Abraham doesn't talk to just anyone. His circle was very small and he just doesn't allow anyone to be a part of his life.

The more I got to know him the more I fell for him. I have never liked someone this much in my life before. I just kept on wondering whether he would like me back or not.

But I had high hopes, I was ready to do anything for him which I have never done for any other guy in my life before.

He was different and he was extremely special to me.

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