The Unreachable
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The Unreachable Love


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Abraham, Sierra and Naomi are friends who fell into love unaware of the consequences of their respective love. Unreachable love revolves around love triangles of friends who become real close while facing the heart breaks. Naomi works in a fashion magazine where she met Sierra who became close to her. Abraham is Sierra's friend who always helps her no matter what.  Somehow Naomi fell for Abraham not knowing whether she could reach this love or not. Now, it's up to Abraham either to accept her love or leave her.  Meanwhile Ron fell for Naomi knowing she can't be his still ke keeps on loving her. If Abraham rejects her, can she give a chance to Ron?  Will Ron succeed in reaching his love? Will these friends successfully find their love partners and stay happy? What if Abraham fell for someone else and chose to  be Naomi's friend? Will Naomi have unrequited love or will she move on? Meanwhile, can Sierra find her perfect match? Let's see if this is a love triangle or a love hexagon?


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