3 A new bond

After Sierra asked me to hang out with her I asked, "Sierra is it alright if I invite our colleagues too?"

She responded with a smile, "Yeah sure! The more the better. We'll have fun."

So I asked Diana, Sally and Zoe to join us at the weekend. I was thrilled that finally, I am going to enjoy my time with my favourite people from the office.

We gathered and reached a place called 'The old castle'. The place had many antiques. It looked like a palace built during ancient times. 

The place had its bar and a museum. The bar was under construction so we sat inside the castle. Recently I promised myself not to drink.

It's been a month or so that I haven't touched liquor. Sierra was exactly like me who used to open her heart and shared whatever comes to her mind.

We five sat and waited for the waiter. As soon as the waiter arrived we gave our order. Sierra was surprised, "Naomi, why aren't you drinking? Don't be a spoiler."


I told her about my promise, "I am so sorry but I can't drink. I promised myself."

She laughed and said, "Oh c'mon promises are meant to be broken. Now shut up and I am ordering a drink for you."

Diana also supported but Sierra didn't listen and ordered a drink for us. Soon we started drinking and having fun.

Zoe asked Sierra, "How did you come here?"

She replied, "Abraham and I are neighbours so he dropped me here."

Diana asked her, "Why didn't you invite Abraham when he dropped you?" 

She replied, "I did invite him but he felt embarrassed because he was wearing a pair sleeper at that time."

I laughed, "How does it matter?" 

She looked hopeless and said, "Well, he is an idiot. I can't help it."

Sierra all of a sudden stood up and went to the museum. I asked, "Why do you need to visit the museum?"

She answered, "Let's go first, I need to find a book." 

Diana interrupted, "What book?" 

Sierra smiled and put her hand on her mouth, "Art of seduction." And she started laughing out loud.

I laughed as soon as I heard her. I said, "You are such a cartoon." She then ignored everyone and dragged me to the museum.

She saw the book and started smiling. "Naomi, can we ask them about the book. I mean whether we can get it or not?"

I hit her shoulder, "No, shut up. Alright let me talk to the seller, you just be quiet." She then nodded and cutely put a finger on her lips like a child.

I asked the seller about the book but unfortunately, he said books belong to the castle and they are not for sale.

Sierra weirdly looked at me, "Wow! You are really smart. You didn't ask him about that particular book instead you asked in a general way. I like how your brain works."

I looked at her hopelessly, "Obviously, why would I ask him about that book. It would be embarrassing if I ask about it."

She started laughing and we were back in our seats. Zoe out of curiosity asked me, "Where were you guys?"

Sierra answered, "Nowhere, just in the loo." I looked at her and smiled.

Besides Sierra and I, other colleagues left early. Only we two were left. Sierra didn't want to leave.

She uttered, "After so long, finally I have found a perfect drinking partner. Let's spend some more time here."

I agreed with her. I have seen many people drinking but with her for the first time, I felt normal. Usually, people have weird drinking habits or they drink unnecessarily a lot.

Sierra and I almost had the same level when it comes to drinking. It was quite good to have drinks with her. 

Till now we didn't know about each other's drinking habits. We were just enjoying the moment. We didn't drink much because we talked about a lot of stuff.

Diana had to leave early due to some reasons so she called while I was with Sierra. I put the cell phone on speaker.

Diane was whining, "Gosh, I wanted to spend some more time with you guys. I am very jealous now."

I teased her, "You should be jealous. Now hang up the phone. Sierra and I have secrets to share." 

"That's not fair," Diana said. 

I told her, "Then who told you to leave early." I hung up the call. Sierra and I started laughing at Diana's state. Poor she.

We were enjoying each other's company. Sierra told me that she wanted to meet me alone. She felt uncomfortable with others. Surprisingly I felt the same way.

I was glad that she was not bored with me. For the first time, we gossiped a lot about the office, the director, the colleagues and everyone else. 

We kind of shared a few secrets. I was unaware of the fact that I would feel comfortable with her. It was really easy to talk with her.

We were about to leave so I asked her, "How will you go home?" 

"Don't worry, "Abraham will come and pick me. Wait, he's already coming why don't I drop you," she insisted.

"No, no, it's perfectly alright. I will go on my own," I refused the offer. She kept on insisting and finally, I said yes to her.

I have never seen such a polite and humble person like her before. Soon, Abraham arrived. 

She sat in the front beside's driver's seat. I sat in the back of the car. Sierra introduced us, "Abraham, this is Naomi, my friend."

Abraham offered a handshake, "Hello Naomi, I am Abraham." I did a handshake, "Hello Abraham, I am Naomi. Nice to meet you." 

He said, "Likewise." 

He enquired Sierra, "Where are the other colleagues?" 

"They left already. It's just two of us," Sierra answered. 

Soon they dropped me at my place. As soon as we reached our place Sierra got out of the car and hugged me and gave a proper goodbye.

That was nice of her. She was completely affectionate.

While Abraham pulled the glasses down and waved his hand towards me and said goodbye. 

They both were cute and very sweet. The next day we met at the office. Mostly Diana and I arrive at the office on time and Sierra arrives after us. 

As soon as Sierra arrived she was excited to see us. She ran and hugged me tightly. She then saw Diana and hugged her as well. 

After last night's meeting, we became close to Sierra. We three started enjoying the work even more. Finally, we all were happy to work together.

Other colleagues were jealous of us. Before talking with us Sierra used to talk to other colleagues but they were selfish and always said bad things behind my back.

On my face, they were always sweet and good. They tried to instigate Sierra about me. But luckily she didn't get instigated at all. 

Soon, we three started hanging out together, the whole day we used to giggle. Our leader didn't like that we talked all the time. So she tried to separate our desks but still, we talked from aloof with signals.

Sometimes our leader got annoyed with her. One day I was doing my allotted tasks and Sierra came to me in her free time. 

Although I was doing my tasks as well as talking with her. My leader came and provided a different task to Sierra. 

Sierra came to me with an excuse for learning things. My leader sent her to Diana. I almost forgot to tell you that Diana, Sierra and I were in the same team.

As soon as Sierra went to her my leader said, "Naomi, you work hard always. I have sent Sierra to Diana so that she won't disturb you. You just keep on working." 

I laughed and said, "It's alright. I can manage. She was not disturbing plus I did my work."

Sierra used to hate our leader a lot. Our leader was quite quick when it's about work. She just makes everyone work, work and work. 

Sierra always mimicked her. Whenever Sierra sees our leader she runs straight to her desks and pretends as if she was working. 

It was always funny to see her behaving like her. To me, both our leader and Sierra seemed like a mother and a daughter who fights all the time.

They were very cute. Although Sierra hated our leader. But I respected her a lot. Whatever I have learnt in the industry was because of her.

She taught me almost everything. If it wasn't for her I would have not been able to learn anything and I might have a tough time adjusting.

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