1 The Start

A/N: The Rewrite is basically done and I have a lot planned out this time. Updates will be a little slow but thanks to it being Summer Break they should speed up over time. Main Goals were to make the MC less cringy, Make him plan things out more, Have long and short term goals and most importantly start him in a weaker world. Outside of all that I edited his System a bit and hopefully things won't go off the rails too quickly hehe.

"This is where we got the report of criminal activity. Be careful." Four Figures were standing outside of an abandoned warehouse. They were wearing dark green uniforms with blue insignia on their shoulders. They had their weapons drawn in the form of pistol-like gun's. The person in front of the rest of the group made their way to the side entrance of the warehouse.

Turning on the flashlight attached to the bottom of their weapon they took a deep breath and rushed in busting open the door. Immediately the three behind them followed as they quickly observed their surroundings. It was completely dark inside the warehouse and only their flashlights gave off light.

"It looks empty." One of them spoke as they all continued to cautiously advance. "There might be a backroom. Stick together and don't let your guard down." Taking the lead the person in front slowly moved through the large warehouse as their team followed. It was only after they had walked a couple of dozen meters from the door they came in that a loud slamming noise echoed out.

The door shut itself without warning causing them to jump and quickly turn around. "Crap!" Being engulfed in darkness even with their flashlights they could barely see. It was as the four of them tried to form a perimeter of safety that one of them tried to slow their breathing. "Calm down! I'll make my way to the door and see if I can get it open."

As they were thinking that they didn't notice, a nearly invisible red string slowly draped down from the ceiling of the warehouse. It was only after the light from their flashlight shined on it that they noticed it. "Wha-" Before they could say a word the string suddenly tightened. Dozens of these red strings wrapped themselves around the person's face and neck.

They couldn't say another word as they choked and were raised up at breakneck pace only the sound of their gun hitting the ground was left. "Vio?" One of the team members closest to the sound turned around and saw that he was gone. "Someone's here with us! Vio's down!" Alerting the rest of the team with a yell they didn't notice the figure that had appeared behind them.

The figure cloaked in the dark reached their hands out and grabbed the person's head. With one powerful twist, the team member's head turned almost a full one-eighty at the same time a loud crack rang out in the warehouse. The last two remaining team members turned around towards the sound of the crack.

"Oh, shit Amra!" They only saw a shadowy figure rush out of the flashlight's range as Amra, their teammate, fell to the ground dead. "You bastard!" Without hesitation, the second teammate opened fire and shot out multiple times. Their gunshots echoed through the warehouse and the flashes of blue light lit up the warehouse periodically.

Briefly seeing their target the other teammate did the same and began firing as the shadowy figure dashed through the warehouse at near inhuman speeds. "They're fast!" He tried to aim at them as the figure rushed towards them but simply couldn't track their movements. The shadowy figure extended their hands towards the team member and a red thread shot forward.

This thread shot forward like a beam and wrapped itself around the team member's hands. With a single tug the string ripped into their arm's and flesh tying their arms together and making them drop their gun. "Agh!" Feeling their arms being cut into he let out a scream and fell to the ground. " Raj... Get out of here I think they're a hunt-"

Speaking through their teeth he couldn't even finish his warning as the dark figure barreled down on them. Suddenly someone grabbed the man's head and slammed it into the metal warehouse floor causing it to creak and bend. The last remaining team member named Raj looked around and couldn't believe his eyes.

In mere moments all three of his teammates were dead. "This- This can't be happening. This was supposed to be a criminal hideout. Why…" Being surrounded by darkness on all sides he kept turning and trying to find a glimpse of the person who had attacked them. But now that it was just him his mind was racing and his arms were trembling in fear.

"Oh right, that call came from me. Sorry about that." Raj's entire body froze as their eyes widened. A cold voice came from directly behind them as they saw red glimmering strings begin to wrap around them and block their vision. Before a scream echoed out there was a loud crack before silence dawned down on the warehouse.

A few minutes later a person could be seen climbing onto the top of the warehouse and sitting on its roof. The view allowed them to overlook the large city at the bottom of the hill. The person on the roof was a boy who looked no older than nineteen. He had pitch-black hair to the point it resembled the night sky and his eyes were like crystal ambers.

All he wore was a slightly scuffed black jacket and pants. "I'm going to need to get new clothes soon." Looking at how worn out everything he was wearing was, he sighed. He had woken up in this body and it was by no means his original one. When he opened his eyes for the first time in this world he was lying in an alleyway covered in bruises.

He could only assume the original owner had died when he came and took their place. 'Maybe they're in my body now back in my world? Well either way it's theirs now good luck to them.' He had barely thought back to his life before. Although it was by no means bad it was also normal and bland.

Sure games and anime could brighten things up but all good things came to an end. Except his life started once more after he had died in his original world. 'Still hard to believe I was placed in the world of RWBY out of all of them. I mean I only go to Volume 6.' It took him a bit to verify that he was actually in RWBY.

I mean Faunus could easily be mistaken for normal demi-humans and the world despite its technological advancements compared to the modern one was pretty hard to recognize. However, once he began hearing familiar names such as Remnant and Mistral he was able to piece it all together.

'Alright let's see if I got any closer to the cap limit.'

{Personal Information}

Name: Shen

Level: 4 [225/1000]

Race(s): Life Fiber-Hybrid (10%)

Abilities: Life Fiber Manipulation [Lv. 1]

Skills: Tangle (Life Fiber Manipulation)

A glowing Menu that was completely controlled by Shen's mind appeared showing a long list of information. 'I only got twenty EXP from that? Not only are they starting to be worthless but the cap is just going up.' Shen scratched the back of his head as he switched the screens of the Menu.

{Personal Stats}

Points: 0

Physical Strength: 11 (+15)

Endurance: 5 (+20)

Dexterity: 16 (+15)

Power: 10 (+5)

'I got pretty strong since I started doing these fake calls and luring in the Police Force. Currently stronger than a normal human by far. I might not even have to keep ambushing people.' Holding out his hand Shen moved his finger's intricately. Red strings flew from the tips of his finger's and danced in the air.

These were Life Fiber's which came from his 'Life Fiber Manipulation' Ability. 'I have to admit Kill La Kill really did show how useful these fibers can be.' He had been in the world of RWBY for around two months and in that time he had been pretty passive. He had gained a System but it was a little on the odd side.

A Lot of the functions a normal System world have were missing and some of them were locked. The only instructions he was actually given was that the stronger opponents he took out the stronger he would become. However, the only ability he started out with was Life Fiber's but at the same time, it was a pretty good ability!

Even at Level 1, he could use them to cut into people's bodies and even set traps due to them being semi-conscious. On top of all that they had slowly been integrating themselves into his body which was how he unknowingly became a Life Fiber-Hybrid. 'Still, the Ability is only at Level 1 and all progress on merging has stopped at 10%. Plus I'm starting to gain less and less EXP from every person I kill.'

Overall he had hit what you would call a brick wall. "Alright guess I gotta start moving along then." His current info on where he was and the timeline of the world consisted of this. He was in Wind Path city which was a part of the Kingdom of Mistral. The city was far from the central government of Mistral so crime was fairly rampant making it pretty dangerous.

At the same time, it made it easier for Shen to get away with almost anything as long as he was careful. Standing up Shen dismissed the System's Menu and looked down at the city one last time. "If I want to advance anymore I'm going to have to start branching out. And since this is Mistral there's one sure-fire way of doing that."

Jumping from the warehouse's roof Shen saw that night was beginning to set in. He made his way down the path from the warehouse directly into the bustling city. Crowds of people were walking by him as everyone went on with their lives as normal. If someone was passing by you wouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary when it came down to it.

However, if you were like Shen who was carefully observing every shady movement you would see there were similar tattoos and markings on people's bodies. This was proof of being part of a crime syndicate or at the least a gang in the city. At the same time, the lack of safety from the Police force made the whole city feel slightly dim in the atmosphere.

"Now where are they?" Shen continued to avoid people and avoid attracting attention to himself. His eyes scanned the crowd's for a couple of minutes before he finally locked onto someone. It was a woman wearing a hood and cloak over the majority of her body. If people weren't so busy they would clearly see she was different.

She was cautiously walking on the other side of the street as Shen followed her with his eyes. Because hidden under her cloak Shen caught sight of the end of a tail. 'Bingo.' The woman looked around her before entering an alleyway unnoticed. Crossing the street Shen went into the same alleyway and followed her while remaining out of sight.

'I thought I would have to search for days to find one but lucky me.' There was only one reason he was following this Faunus and it was linked to the fact he needed chances to get stronger. While defeating opponents allowed him to grow, killing them gave even better rewards depending on their strength.

So Shen came up with a plan in his first month of arriving. The moment he got strong enough he would join an organization and use it to its fullest to reach his objective. And the only one that came to mind was the exact same one this woman was making her way to. Shen slowly peeked around the corner and saw the woman walking up to a door at the end branched alleyway.

Knocking on the door it only took a few moments for it to open revealing a person dressed in white and black. They had a mask covering a portion of their face. 'The White Fang, good they are in this city.' The woman lowered her hood revealing a pair of wolf life ears on her head. The White Fang member nodded and led her into the building before closing the door again.

Turning his head back Shen remained behind that corner. Mistral was extremely discriminated against by Faunus from what he remembered. At the same time that meant a Faunus would never be allowed in the City or even bother entering it due to the risk. However, that woman did and it was all because the White Fang was here.

One issue presented itself, however. "To get in you probably need to be a Faunus and I definitely don't look the part." His appearance was 100% Human which was a bit of an issue. "Hmm…" Thinking to himself for a moment an idea hit Shen. Holding out his hand he began manipulating Life Fibers once again.

They began to weave into one another slowly but surely. Despite having the Ability Shen still needed to practice to reach the level he was at. And that also meant it was pretty tough to do things beyond that level of practice. As his arm tensed up he continued to manipulate the Fiber's as they changed colour and density.

Soon a pair of black horn's twisted slightly were in his hands. They were still Life Fibre's but they looked completely real. Shen let out a breath as he held the horns in his hands. Suddenly he heard a robotic voice in his mind. [New Skill: Appearance Manipulation Acquired!] Shen showed a look of surprise but didn't check his Menu.

'So this counts as something new? I wonder what else would be equivalent to a new skill.' Thinking about it for a moment he slowly manipulated the horns he made and attached them to the side of his head using the Life Fibers. By all means, he now looked like a Faunus more or less. "Alright let's see how this goes."

Shen made his way down the alleyway after turning the corner and walked slowly towards the door. Once he had reached it he knocked two which he heard a series of locks being undone. The door slowly opened as a White Fang member looked at Shen and then at his horns. "You're late… You almost didn't make it. The meeting's starting so hurry up." Shen was on edge at first but seeing there was no issue he smiled inwardly.

"Right, thanks."

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