The Tyrant's Beloved Priestess

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What is The Tyrant's Beloved Priestess

Read ‘The Tyrant's Beloved Priestess’ Online for Free, written by the author PetiteSnowdrop, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering DARK Fiction, SURVIVAL Light Novel, TRAGEDY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "You are neither human nor monster. You are destined to live and die alone," a spirit whispered to her. She was a namele...


"You are neither human nor monster. You are destined to live and die alone," a spirit whispered to her. She was a nameless child born with the ability to see dead people's spirits. Due to this curse, she was banished as an ominous monster to the forgotten land. They made her the Priestess of the land, who existed solely to channel dead people's spirits. People feared her yet sought her power at the same time. Everything changed when the Roseau Empire invaded. Led by the bloodthirsty tyrant, they slaughtered people, destroying her homeland. "Since no one called you by your name, you will now be called Aisha in the name of Emperor Archibald Lywellyn Ambrose." His heaven-defying declaration preceded his return with her as a spoil of war to his empire. No one ever considered that he would force her to marry him later. Before his decree, her frozen heart skipped a beat. In reality, it was all an illusion because the Emperor had never put her in his eyes even once. "What I need is your power, not you. Bring me back my love by channeling Rosetta's spirit. For I will only acknowledge her as my wife and Empress." Trapped in the tyrant's clutch, can the Priestess survive? What would happen when this pair of enemies begin to feel attracted to each other?

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Early around the beginning of existence a group of individuals who each specialized in a specific aspect were cursed with endless reincarnation that would force them to reincarnate after each death and have everything from their previous life carried over to the next one. One of those people soon became a monster who slaughtered their foes enjoying killing and were insane and a madman. A thousand generations later the speed one was faster than light sound and as fast as teleportation the reflexes one was able to react just as fast as the speed person. A trillion years after the curse began the healer was able to overcome death they could be decapitated and still recover they could recover from death could heal in wide range. These people kept improving their aspects. The madman was still killing his insanity was unhinged and he was basically heartless emotionless lacking in humanity. The blacksmith enchanter alchemist were working against each other hired for wars to build and clash against one another in building. Forty trillion years later the other warriors and fighters set out to deal with their insane fellow cursed warrior. They beat their insane fellow cursed companion and trained together. Four hundred trillion years later on the new world known as Earth. The intelligent among the cursed individuals figured out the loophole in the curse. They used their intelligence to make fortunes and endless wealth that they then used to pay the alchemist the blacksmith the enchanter as well as the other builders to create weapons that could be used to kill the other cursed individuals and armor to protect against them.

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another shameless review from the author. this time, i take some courage and challenge fantasy romance genre. this is completely different from my previous books, but i have a lot of fun writing it. hope you guys enjoy it, and please send a lot of support for this book.


Enemies to is one of my favourite tropes, and PetiteSnowdrop executes it so well! You're immersed into the story right from the first chapter 😍


5 star for one of my fav author!! the summary is awesome and I hope this one is also a great work of our authors Sama[img=recommend]


Dropping review to one of my girl! Petite has return with a new book, I’ve personally read it and it’s amazing! You should try reading it too!


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