242 Why are you crying?

At midnight, the party finally came to an end. Lathel carried Charlotte, who was about to fall asleep, to a special room that Ryne had prepared.

He also felt that Ryne was very thoughtful. At first, he thought that she knew Charlotte's identity as a vampire; however, she just thought that Charlotte was poisoned by some kind of poison, and that's why she slept so much.

After all, in this Empire, there were a few people who suffered from strange diseases that could not be cured, so Charlotte's problem did not make her too suspicious.

Even the daughter of Count Bourban had the same symptoms as Charlotte. However, the other girl had been sleeping for many years, while Charlotte could occasionally wake up.

Speaking of Count Bourban's daughter, Lathel remembered the invitation Straghor had given him to come and treat her.


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