106 Lafien is angry

Thank you Dephiria for your 11 Golden Tickets (^_^)


This was the first time someone had thanked Anna. After all, she was just a type of Beast Flame, and her only function seemed to be fighting.

For an incredibly long time, she had been absorbed by magicians and then abandoned, then taken by someone else... and no one ever thanked her.

This was the first time she was hearing these words, and Anna felt an inexplicable kind of comfort from them.

Lathel didn't pay much attention to her, as he continued preparing the cooking ingredients.

After 30 minutes, everything was prepared, the maids could only watch him work, but they occasionally helped him with some cooking utensils.

The rest... the entire process of preparing the dishes was done by Lathel alone.

10 wooden boxes were placed on the table. Each box is divided into many compartments. In each compartment, Lathel placed a little food inside.


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