The supporting character's harem is very normal

Hm... Fantasy battle, smart MC, smart heroins, supper plot twist...etc... are all things that... this novel doesn't have. This place only has... Stupid MC, Normal heroins, normal plot, slice of life and... some sh*t thing. I just want to write what I want no matter how bad it is. ( ' 3') --------------- After going bankrupt, with nothing left in his hands, Lathel died at the age of 50. After his death, a god offered him a chance to go to another world and help the male protagonists. His mission was to solve the problems surrounding the heroines so that the male protagonists could easily get along with them. To be more precise, his job was similar to that of a chef. He would Process the ingredients and cook a sumptuous feast, while the male protagonists just needed to sit at the table and enjoy it. After completing his mission, he was threatened by a stranger. In the face of this threat Lathel just smiled and decided to commit suicide. After he died, those heroines also dropped their facade and revealed their true nature. Lathel once again met the god who helped him. This time, the god allowed him to choose the world he wanted to go to as a gift for completing his task. He then chose a Fantasy world, a place most men dreamt of. However, the Fantasy world had too many people to choose from, moreover the number of main character and antagonist slots were all full. In the end, Lathel accepted to take on the role of an extremely weak supporting character to go to the Fantasy world. However, this time he didn't need to work or help the main character. He just needed to not affect the main character's development. Lathel: “Hm... as long as it doesn't affect the main character... then... Can I make a harem?” God: “Of course.” Lathel: “Hm... so... I just need to avoid the main character's woman.” God: “That's right. You just need to try to survive in that world. Ah! I will give you a system that will help you have a good life in that world. I Hope you enjoy this new life.” Lathel: “Um! So my harem will consist of lackluster women, it seems like a peaceful life is waiting for me.” God: “Hm... not really...” *** See the character's pic here: https://twitter.com/HikaruKiki1111

HikaruKiki · Fantasy
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I am Charlotte

Lathel immediately entered the cloud of dust and smoke that covered the entire hallway.

Luckily, his body was twice as strong as before, and his eyesight and hearing had also become much better.

He then walked about 10 meters to where the explosion occurred. It was easy to tell because smoke was coming out of that room.

He went inside, the room was quite large... no, it seemed large because the wall of the room had been blown up so he could see the grass field outside.

Charlotte stood still in one place, as she looked outside. He worriedly approached her, when he saw that she was okay, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"What just happened?" Lathel asked.

Charlotte slowly turned her head to look at him, her face lacking any other emotion. She was extremely calm and indifferent, as if nothing had happened.

She used one hand to support her face, tilted her head and said: "I don't know either. I just wanted to make some tea to entertain you but I don't understand why everything blew up like that."

"Make tea?" Lathel frowned and looked towards the collapsed wall. At the base of the wall there were still signs that showed that a stove was previously there.

Lathel frowned, he couldn't imagine how someone could blow up a wall by making tea?


"Ah! I didn't know how to make a fire, so I used magic to light it." Charlotte explained: "But fire is too common, it's been a while since I've met someone to chat with, that's why I wanted to use explosive magic."

Lathel: "…"

Even in Fantasy novels, he had never heard of someone using explosive magic to make tea.

This was no different from using a grenade to make tea.

"So… where's the tea?"

Charlotte looked towards where the wall should have been, now there was a hole looking outside.

No, to be more precise, the wall had disappeared.

She pointed at that place and said: "The tea… is gone."

Lathel: "…"

He held his forehead and sighed: "Okay, I don't need tea."

"No!" Charlotte suddenly frowned and said: "You are the first guest here, I don't want to be rude to you."

Lathel was unable to convince this woman. Perhaps... the older a woman is, the harder it is to persuade.

He glanced around, the explosion had caused the structure around this room, which was already very weak due to time, to now have countless cracks.

If he stayed here for a long time, it would be very dangerous.

"I really don't need it." Lathel said as he held Charlotte's hand, trying to pull her out of this room.

Charlotte was a bit surprised by Lathel's hand, but her face still didn't show any emotion.

Charlotte didn't even use any strength, as she allowed him to pull her away.

After dragging her back to the living room, Lathel breathed a sigh of relief.

As soon as he let go, Charlotte suddenly felt like she had lost something.

Charlotte didn't understand and approached him.

Lathel was startled when he saw her standing only 10 cm away from him. Even though Charlotte's face was wrinkled due to age, that still didn't hide her beauty.

Charlotte felt a bit strange, she stared at him. The two of them looked at each other for a long time, but she still didn't know exactly what the feeling of loss was.

Charlotte reached out to hold his hand, however, Lathel didn't know that.

Seeing her standing too close, he immediately stepped back, unintentionally avoiding Charlotte's hand.

"Can you…can you show me a way out of here?" Lathel found another topic to talk about.

Hearing that, Charlotte retracted her hand: "Heh?! Why do you want to leave? You want to go to the royal academy, right?"

"Um… but… it's not really necessary." Lathel frowned thoughtfully. In fact, he really didn't want to go to the royal academy either.

After the system gave him many skills and now that he possessed two Rank D talents, he felt that even if he did not enter the royal academy, he could still develop himself well.

What he needed to do was travel everywhere, and see the beauty of this world.

Of course, the main problem was that he wanted to create a Harem for himself.

"Then you don't have to rush." Charlotte smiled and said: "I feel like you are not a noble. Looking at your appearance, you look like a commoner."

"Let's make a deal."

"Deal?" Lathel asked confusedly.

"Um… every day you stay here, I will give you some resources and gold coins. Along with that, I will teach you some magic, okay?"

Lathel was immediately surprised when he heard that. He swallowed his saliva, then asked a little happily: "You... how much will you give me?"

Charlotte raised her index finger.

"One gold coin?"

She shook her head and said: "Every day, I will give you 100 gold coins. Along with that, I will give you 2 Rank D elemental stones, you can choose any type of stone you want."

"Of course, I will also teach you some basic magic. You definitely don't know any magic, right?"

"Heh?! How do you know?"

"Hahaha… because I can see the magical energy inside you." Charlotte laughed and covered her mouth, as she spoke.

"It's like a puddle of rainwater. Earth Elemental talent… a somewhat useless talent, but compared to other adventurers it is still much better."

Hearing that, Lathel realized that the skill 'Sheath' helped him hide his true talent and energy level.

He pretended to be surprised and said: "Hey?! You… you know my talent."

"Of course, nothing can be hidden from my eyes." Charlotte said a little proudly.

Lathel: "…"

However, he began to think about Charlotte's proposal. Even though the proposal seemed excellent, as he could gain a large amount of gold coins and even learn magic, However…

Lathel glanced at Charlotte and said: "But… how can I trust you?"

"Simple, we can sign an equality contract. If anyone violates it, he or she will be punished."

Lathel knew that in this world there was a type of magic that is used very widely, which is a contract.

After two people sign the contract, if anyone violates it, that person will be punished by the penalties stipulated in the contract.

That type of magic is widely used among magicians and in the royal family, or large guilds.

Civilians seem to rarely use it, and many people don't even know about its existence.

Lathel nodded: "Okay, I want to be the one to draft the contract, okay?"

"Heh… you're really careful." Charlotte said, her face showing a bit of surprise. But after that, she gave him a yellowed scroll and a pen.

"It's up to you…"

After she finished speaking, Charlotte went to the chair next to the window and sat down. She looked outside, and did not pay attention to Lathel.

After thinking carefully for a while, he finally wrote a contract that he thought was perfect, without any loopholes.

Lathel was about to call Charlotte, but he saw her looking at the starry sky.

Although Charlotte looked like a 70-year-old woman, whose hair was white, with wrinkles on her face.

The image of her sitting on a chair looking at the sky was extremely beautiful. It was like a priceless work of art.

Although Charlotte was old, the aura of a beauty and a noble still remained.

She was like a lonely princess stuck in a castle, who was only able to see the outside world through a window.

Charlotte suddenly slowly turned her head to look at him, smiling gently: "Have you completed the contract?"

"Ah! Contract? Yes... that's right..." Lathel was startled, he quickly said: "I have finished writing the contract, you can take a look..."

He gave the contract to Charlotte, she took the contract and read it carefully.

"Hm… you really created a perfect contract. I feel… instead of you being a magician, you could become a businessman."

"Hahaha… but I prefer being a magician."

"It's also true. After all, a businessman is just an ordinary aristocrat, and they only think about gold coins all the time. A magician is a special noble, respected by countless people."

Charlotte said while looking at the contract: "I feel… with your talent, the conditions I proposed are a bit low. Then… I will double it."

"200 gold coins, 3 D-rank elemental stones and 1 two-color elemental stone. Are you satisfied?

Lathel was a bit startled when he heard that: "You... you don't have to do that."

He had looked around this castle. It was extremely old and could even collapse at any time.

He was also not a wretched fraudster, who was greedy for the property of the elderly.

"Don't! We need to do that. Or… you think I can't pay you."

"What I mean is…"

"Alright. I have decided, you just have to follow it, I promise to pay you in full." Charlotte said as she waved her hand.

Lathel was silent, he felt like he had met a rich lady. He was thinking about a future where he stuck to Charlotte's leg.

While Lathel was thinking about that bright prospect, a stream of light flew out from Charlotte's hand and stuck to the paper. The text that Lathel had written on it began to change according to what Charlotte had just said.

After that, the contract emitted a dazzling light. He knew that Charlotte had signed the contract, and now it was his turn.

"Put your finger on the contract, let your magical energy enter the contract through the tip of your finger."

Lathel did what Charlotte had just said. Immediately afterwards, the contract disappeared, and a flow of information similar to the contract appeared in his mind.

"Heh?!" Lathel was immediately startled when he saw Charlotte's information.

"Hahaha… are you surprised?" Charlotte said with a smile, then, she stood up.

One hand placed on the middle of her chest, the other holding her blood-red dress: "Let me introduce myself again. My name is Charlotte, a pureblood Vampire."