46 Face slapping - The first heroine (5)

"The Fifth Elder? Lilith?" Lathel frowned and muttered. Although he didn't know what The Fifth Elder was or who Lilith was, he only knew one thing: she was definitely a heroine.


What identifies a heroine? She must be talented, beautiful, beautiful and beautiful, important things need to be said three times.

Is Lilith beautiful? Yes she was beautiful, so beautiful that when Lathel saw her he was amazed by her beauty.

Did Lilith have talent? For such a young woman to become The Fifth Elder of the Enchanter Tower, her talent was certainly not bad.

Third, Lilith just saved Alec.

From the above three things, Lathel could guarantee that Lilith is a heroine.

Alec also saw how beautiful Lilith' beauty was, he immediately thought about many things, he even chose a date to get engaged to her and thought of a name for his first child.

'So beautiful… this woman… must definitely be mine.' A thought appeared in his mind.


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