The Stupid Missy Glows Up After Marriage Book

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The Stupid Missy Glows Up After Marriage


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The stupid, ugly daughter of the Meng family jumps into the river for the sake of a man. When people find out that she survived, everyone despises her. “As the saying goes, the scourge would live for a thousand years. She is going to act silly again.” However, she is only daring for the attention of one person. "Hubby, my legs are weak. I want you to carry me." "Hubby, my mouth hurts. I want a kiss." The silly girl is no longer ugly anymore! She is even deemed a "goddess". The silly girl is no longer silly anymore! Look at her unscrupulous and sharp expression. Wait a minute, who is the man that the silly girl is holding onto? She had actually fallen in love with someone else! "Hehe, that man is just a freeloader who has good looks." "Marrying the daughter of the Meng family will save him more than ten years of hard work." "If the shoe fits I guess he'll wear it." Hold up, isn’t he the richest man in the world? ... The first year after their marriage—“Hubby, you look so handsome. Muah!" Mrs. Mu wheedles. "Stop right there, don't come over!" Mr. Mu cannot resist her enthusiasm. The second year after their marriage—Mr. Mu is exasperated. "Wifey, look at me." Mrs. Mu waves her hand impatiently. "What's there to see? Don't block my view of the handsome boys." "That's not what you said back then." “That’s why it’s important to be a person with broadened horizons.” “...”


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