The Strongest Demon Lord In The Omniverse

What makes a demon lord a demon lord? Does power make one a Demon Lord? Fame? The power to lead others? What is it? Being the Demon King means being myself. And if my subordinates are threatened, I shall retaliate with destruction. It doesn't matter if I'm up against fate or providence, that is what it means to be the Demon King. Follow my story, as I go from Zero to being an All Powerful God. Just a warning, I might kill a few of your favorite characters.

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10 Chs

War 1

There were many types of magic, and this world magic only grew ever since Ainz entered this world. There were spells as simple as creating small flames, to spells that could allow one to rewrite reality.

The magic I began to start learning for the time being was Dream magic. It was known as forbidden magic since people can get reality and dreams confused. at the same time, many refuse to wake up as within a dream, they can have it all. in the end, they die in their sleep.

Another downside to this magic was the fact nightmares can slip into reality, causing all types of chaos, and the list goes on. Only one with a strong will was allowed to use such magic, and I can do so.

I mainly wanted to use this magic for one reason, I can greatly boost my skills and learning capability within the dream world. Many people can do this, but who would be willing to spend years within a dream, purely training?

I was able to turn my capability to be bored into nothing, meaning I could stay within a dream training for years on one task until I woke up. But to reach this level of dream control, I had to first learn to wake up within my dream, before learning to take control of my dream. There were other steps like learning to leave your dream and bringing your dream into reality

But I only reached the stage where I could leave my dream 3 weeks after I began training. I used up far more magical energy when trying to bring things out to reality than others, my affinity towards this magic was low. So, I just turned to training within my dream.

To maximize my training, I created clones within the dreams, all focused on learning one thing. combat, other forms of magic, and the list went on. to ensure that my training was on point, I had to use [record].

A spell that allowed me to record someone in reality, before bringing them into my dream. this way I can keep fighting with said person with all of their skills as if we were in reality. it was a good challenge, and I was able to explode in skills in a matter of days. That was even more so after I realized I could use x0 to ensure the accuracy of the copy within my dream was 100%

My energy control capability exploded, and my mastery in fire magic, down to even life magic reached a state I was a jack of all trades. but I wouldn't stop there as with those new improvements, I went on to try and fully master my dream magic.

I wanted for physical improvement gained within the dream to be reflected in reality. To say the least, these improvements would come at the cost of my magical energy, but the improvements would still lead to my magical energy growing once it recovers... So time passed.

Currently, I was walking outside the castle. Normally, I wouldn't as it would be hell to do so, but in the past few months, we managed to create a region outside the castle where a garden was grown. I didn't need to motivate the demons much, as they all were willing to fight each other for the chance to look after this garden. it was something they were all willing to die for.

So, at the moment, the beautiful plants could be seen being looked after by demons, ensuring they were in peak condition. but the garden was small, as we had to seal off the garden from the rules that govern hell. for now, just a few meters of land had been transformed, but with the whole demon realm being the size of a star, it would be a pain to convert it all.

"As you all can see, hell can be transformed. But I alone can't do it. I need all of your help." I said to the dozens of demon lords from all over hell that have gathered there. I looked at them looking at the small guardian, joy in their eyes, before looking back at me.

"I was against you reincarnating as a human... but I'm proven wrong Lord Ainz." A red skin demon said while looking deeply at me with a complex look. All of the demon Lords of today were at one point under Ainz, this red-skinned demon was against Ainz's plan to reincarnate and was the reason a civil war broke out among the demons.

"I was a fool to question your judgment. You have my full support," He said while falling to one knee, the other demons followed, saying something similar.

"I will not judge you on your past actions as it was reasonable. What I did was a gamble, but a gamble that has paid off." I said calmly while throwing a look towards Ainz who was standing at the side, looking at his former allies.

"Step one to transforming hell... I need the help of all of the dream demons. We will create a dream world where the researchers can enter to study ways to create dorms." I said while before me, an illusion appeared which caused all of the demons to look up, looking at the illusion which was of the demon realm.

"These dorms would be regions in hell or demon realms where the rules of hell no longer affect. but to create something like this could take a long time, we have to do this within a dream first, before recreating it in reality. We will need all of the manpower, and we must be united." I said to which the demon lords all nodded, determination burning in their eyes.

These were the beautiful parts of demons, how could they not be moved to see the path before them? So, time passed...

The Dream Demons are demons born with dream magic. Joining me, we went on to create a dream world, and using my x0, I made that dream world 100% similar to hell. So, when the humans and other people got to work on researching on creating the dorm within that dream world, they would have all the resources that they could want, as well with them having full control over time, allowing them to speed things up and stop time.

And yes, I used x0 on them, erasing their power to feel bored, lazy, and so on. 100% of their attention was on the growth of hell at this moment. As for me? All I could do for now was sit back and await the rewards to come in.

Within a training ground within the castle, at the moment, Isabella shot forward, shooting a fist towards me which I moved, dodging her attack with great ease.

"You're too strong!" Isabella said while falling to her knees, seeing as she couldn't even touch me.

"I suppressed myself to be as fast and strong as you. this isn't a strength problem, but a skill problem. Just take the time to train and improve your skills," I said to which Isabella pouted. I just held out my hand, which she took.

"You're growing stronger, thats a good thing," I said with a smile, helping her up to her feet. She looked into my eyes, which were clear and filled with emotions.

"What? Falling in love?" I asked with a slight laugh, causing her face to blush slightly.

"Stop teasing me." She said with a pout. Ever since we started training together, she had been teased like this, and what annoyed her more was that she knew I was just playing.

"Who said I was teasing you? I was happy for a moment," I said with a sigh, making Isabella grit her teeth. She knew I was playing as she saw how I played like this to everyone, It's the way I was,

"Fine, I like you as well. Let's get married." She said while holding my hands, causing me to freeze. Seeing this, she sneered.

'He plays around with others but can't take it himself?' She thought, just to freeze as I took her into my arms.

"I see why not," I said causing her to freeze. She opened and closed her mouth, not knowing what to say for a good amount of a few seconds, but she came back to reality seeing my smirk. She gritted her teeth, before kissing my cheek.

"Good." She said with a snort, which turned into a smirk seeing my stunned look. But I refused to lose, so I kissed her on the lips, leaving her stunned.

"Alright," I said with a smile. Isabella's face was slightly red, that was her first kiss. even demons took relationships seriously. She looked at my smile, before feeling wronged. She was too prideful to just give up now, but she was too scared to push it anymore. She was about to push me away but froze seeing the look I had while looking at her.

"I know your feelings, honestly I don't know if I like you or not. But I'm willing to give it a chance if you want to." I said softly, stunning Isabella. In the past, the thought of her falling in love with a human would be laughable. Humans were weak trash... yet she had fallen in love with the human before her.

She didn't know what it was, maybe it was his unique way of thinking or the transformation he was bringing to hell... either way. She was falling deeper and deeper in love with this human. It grew worse when the human offered to train with her, leading to them spending more time together. I was bored, and she was weak. So I thought a good way to kill time was to train with her

"... Okay." She said happily, demons although took love seriously, they weren't all shy and stuff like humans. normally, if a demon loved something, they would push it down and ride it. male or female, this went to the whole demon realm. But since I was human, and a demon lord, Isabella couldn't do that. But since in her eyes, I gave her the green light, she pushed me to the ground, leaving me shocked.

I wanted to stop her, but my lips were sealed, while my clothing was destroyed... and so, what followed was Isabella going cowgirl on top of me. Yes, I could have said no... but why should I? After the moment of shock, I just threw it to the back of my head and enjoyed it. Having sex with a demon was like nothing I have ever felt, maybe the fact Isabella was half succubus paid a huge part to it. For the first time in my life, I had trouble controlling my moans which I found both embarrassing and exciting. 

"... you know that was my first time," Isabella said softly, leaving me looking at her in shock. As a Succubus, I thought this wasn't her first. But it made sense seeing as she was gentle, not wanting to hurt herself.

"My bloodline is special, I fall in love with those I find special. during the past few hundred years, many came close... but you were something else." She said while moving to lie on top of me, her blue skin slowly disappearing as she became more human-like. She was beautiful before, but now her charm has reached new levels.

"You know, taking a succubus first time means the two parties being bound together.." She asked softly, like all succubus, she was charmed by those with power. but not just anyone with power can charm her. After seeing her father's powers, who can win her heart? but then I came around, and her heart was moved.

As a succubus, her strength was limited heavily due to the fact she never had sex. being a virgin made sure her strength never moved past the 4th tier. now that she just lost her first time, her strength began to finally take a step beyond tier 5th. but it didn't stop there as she had absorbed my magical energy, which had fused with her own, empowering her, and helping her evolve.

"What are you saying?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It means, our fate is connected... it means, mentally we have special connections. We can draw upon the other party's magical energy so long as we agree upon it, and a few other stuff. We can grow stronger by having sex with each other, and the list goes on." She said while looking deeply into my eyes. Although all succubus can grow stronger from having sex with others, the effect is best with their first partner.

"I see... want to have round two?" I asked to which her lust exploded, why on earth would she say no? I flipped her over and went on to begin another round of fun pleasure...