The Strongest Demon Lord In The Omniverse

What makes a demon lord a demon lord? Does power make one a Demon Lord? Fame? The power to lead others? What is it? Being the Demon King means being myself. And if my subordinates are threatened, I shall retaliate with destruction. It doesn't matter if I'm up against fate or providence, that is what it means to be the Demon King. Follow my story, as I go from Zero to being an All Powerful God. Just a warning, I might kill a few of your favorite characters.

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10 Chs

The Bottom 2

"What are you planning on doing?" Ava asked seeing me walk out of the bathroom. 

"I plan to be a weeb or otakus. Thanks for finding me. but i'm 40, 40 years destroyed with the snap of the finger. I really don't have it in me to try and rebuild my life." I said with a sigh, Ava sighed while looking at me, before speaking.

"I'm taking Jack to court, I need you to help me destroy him," Ava said to which I just shrugged as I didn't really care anymore. Ava wanted to offer me the winnings, but all I wanted was enough to get back on my feet... and So Ava destroyed Jack.

By destroy, I mean that Jack found himself without a home, car, or even job. His bank was emptied to the bottom, and everything was given to Ava who at first wanted to give it to me, but I refused and just took 500k.

But Jack's suffering didn't stop there as many crimes were placed against him, rape, human trafficking, and the list went on. On his phone and computer, many illegal things were found, which further made it so that Jack lost everything, he was sent to jail for life... and yes, Ava framed him for these crimes.

As for me, I began renting homes. buying, fixing, improving, and renting them out. At the moment, I was busy cleaning the new apartment I had. it was a cheap place, where I only had to pay a few hundred a month, and I picked up a job at a supermarket, I was back on my feet somewhat.

"Are you sure? You know I can pull some strings to get you your old life back...not with your family, but with your job." Ava said while helping me get used to the new place.

"You did more than enough... I'm just not interested in people anymore." I said softly, to which Ava sighed softly

"Go to therapy, I will pay for everything." She said to which I just shook my head.

"Not interested, never believed in that stuff. It's just a scam that has become more popular as of late." I said calmly, making Ava roll her eyes. but at that moment, a knock came from the door. I went to open it, just to see Hannah.

"I wasn't expecting guests, what are you doing here?" I asked calmly. Hannah held back her tears, as she spoke.

"It's my fault mom divorced you, I pushed her into it," Hannah said with a lowered head.

"I know, I guessed as much. your mother isn't the type for such things. but you don't need to blame yourself, the proof was all against me, you made the right move by standing at your mother's side." I said calmly,

"Then come back... I have been going to therapy, maybe we can go to family therapy to fix things. It's never too late right..." She said to which I just shook my head.

"I don't blame you because I'm numb. I don't care anymore. those 7 days I waited for any of you pretty much killed me," I said with a shake of my head, I didn't care. I knew it would hurt her saying this, but I didn't care. the fact I didn't care is the reason I just left, heading off the grid

"It was me who told Mom to stay away. it was all me." She cried,

"Naw, you did the right thing. You made the best move with the information handed to you. what were you supposed to do? magically know the truth? stop crying over someone who could care less about your tears, go support your mother or something." I said to which Hannah nearly broke down.

Ever since the truth came out, her mother blamed her. Her mother didn't say anything, but the way she acted around her, and looked at her was enough for her to know it all. She pushed her mother to get a divorce, she stopped her mother from holding on to false hope and not believing any of my stories. She had listened to many cheating stories and saw I had hit all of the marks, but now she realized none of what happened would have happened if she hadn't pushed her mother.

"What he is saying is true, you're not to be blamed for something like this. This is all Jack doing, not yours." Ava said while coming over to the door, seeing her, Hannah's eyes widened slightly as her mind went wild.

"No, we didn't have sex. He wouldn't care for anything you say, so let's go for a walk." Ava said with a roll of her eyes, making Hannah lower her head. Ava sighed while leaving, I didn't care to follow and returned to cleaning the house.

3rd POV

"I had talked to some people about his condition. What you saw is a coping mechanism, it is something called Apathy. but in his case, it goes deeper. He cares about nothing, not even about his own safety. It goes as far as him not even caring for the pain he feels. he might as well be an undead." Ava said calmly, stunning Hannah

"Is he in danger of taking his own life?" Hannah asked freezing on the spot.

"No, he has a few things he cares for. How much about Daniels's past do you know?" Ava asked to which Hannah shook her head,

"He always avoids his past." She said to which Ava nodded lightly.

"Mental problems run in his family, his father believed that Daniel was taken over by the devil, and god was telling him to save Daniel. this led to Daniel's father pretty much trying to torture the devil out of Daniel. At times his father would come back to reality, just to snap back into that wild state. He forced Daniel to keep this away from his mother, but she soon found out. what followed was Daniel being stabbed through the chest, his father tried to get the devil right out of Daniel. but in the end, he ended up taking his own life when he snapped back to reality." Ava said with a sigh,

"Daniel almost died, he was saved in time. but his mother went crazy, she had pretty much lived through a nightmare, and almost lost the closest people to her. For a time, Daniel was walking around like an undead. just blank, thats when I met him at the hospital. he was walking around, and I was bored so I called him over. I don't remember everything, but we started watching anime together there. It is what helped him heal..." Ava said calmly,

"After that, his mother started seeing him as a demon. cursing him for everything that happened, but understanding it was most likely an illness, Daniel took care of her. But he always dreamed of having a family." Ava said to which Hannah shook in fear, with her grandparents having mental problems, was it not clear she would?

"You need not worry, Daniel wanted his bloodline to end with him. So, they went to a bank donor, you're not related to him through blood." She said causing Hannah to go blank, not knowing what to feel right now. too much information was just being thrown at her.

"Now that his family just destroyed his dream, he felt like he had nothing. I manipulated him, simply reminding him of the only thing he had, which in this case is Anime, he came back. From what I see, Anime holds a deep spot in his heart, followed by me, and I don't know what's after me. I don't think he cares much about himself. I don't want him to stay like this, the longer he does, the worse it will be. So, let go gather your whole family and friends together. although you all are the reasons for this, hopefully, you can all get him back." She said with a sigh...

So, she went to see Emily while calling the gang together. The gang was of her, among more of their close friends, going far back as when they were in middle school. For more than 30 years, they had held close to each other. Emily wasn't a part of the group, it was only them, although Daniel was kicked out of the group.

Ava was kicked out of the group, she had just had no contact with everyone as she wanted a few weeks to herself, while also getting to the bottom of what was happening. But she soon found out that she was in the center of the storm after her talk with Emily and had a lot of stuff to clear up...

"Okay.. last time he got out of it with the help of you and Anime. how about we watch anime together." Lisa, another female in the group said in guilt. she had been cheated on, the fact she found out that Daniel out of all people was such a person, plus more... she said many things she wished to take back, but she knew it was too late for that now and could only try and make things up.

"We all messed up, Daniel honestly has all right to just give us the middle finger and never speak to us," Mark said with a deep sigh, out of everyone, he remained quiet and wanted to watch things play out. he didn't think Daniel was capable of such things, but the evidence was against him. So, he just stayed out of it.

"Emily, you shouldn't blame yourself for any of this. you alone are not at fault, we are all at fault." Edward said while looking at Emily who looked as if she had gone through hell and back,

"I know..." She said weakly, she had heard those words so many times. but she didn't believe them, she felt like she was 100% to blame for everything.

"Let's just go and be with Daniel, maybe going into Japan on trips, and some other stuff is what he needs. for now, let's just show him that we are there for him. I don't know when his mind would start failing, I don't want him to go like this." Ava said softly, leaving everyone to nod before they left. Emily was scared to see Daniel, but she still went, and when she saw the run-down apartment, her mood instantly dropped. but she entered along with everyone and went to see Daniel.

the door was opened, and as they entered, everyone's hearts dropped. Before them, Daniel lay on the ground, a knife covered in blood in his hands, and blood covering the ground. Emily fainted on the spot, while Lisa let out a scream. 

Ava and along with the guys ran over, to check on Alex, but they quickly realized what they saw wasn't blood.

"It's ketchup?" Mark said while flipping Daniel's body over, just to see a ketchup bottle that Daniel had fallen on.

"Fuck!" Ava cried while falling back after seeing he was still alive, her soul nearly left her body. Everyone caught their breaths, but they quickly called the police to come to get Daniel, one doesn't just faint. but what shocked them was the fact no one could come to get them, as people have been reporting others for fainting out of the blue.

they had hundreds of calls already, they were even told to go online, and there they saw how the world was unease at the fact so many people were just fainting. the hospitals were packed... well, they were rich, they easily got a room for Daniel. although they wanted answers, the doctors could tell them nothing since even they were confused. some doctors and nurses had even fainted, 

but as expected the government knew what was happening. A week after Daniel fainted, it was reported that over 500 million people worldwide had fainted. the government came out saying the reason for this was an energy that has been returning to this world.

"Everyone who has remained awake is those who managed to adapt to magical energy, giving them the right to use magic. As for those who sleep... a good 99% of them would never wake up. but those who do are those with unique conditions. the world powers have all united together and with the return of this energy, it means the seal which has protected this world for more than 2,000 years is dying. Earth is about to return to the era of magic, the era of war with other races." On every screen across the United States, a man with glasses said while looking straight at the TV.

"I will give everyone tips on how to survive. 1, stay away from animals and lifeless bodies. Animals would also evolve, but they are more likely to turn wild and bloodthirsty. lifeless bodies have a high chance of turning into undead

2. Take time to sit down and focus on your breaths, this will help you sense the magical energy in the world around you. Just sit down, clear your head, and breathe in and breathe out. once you can sense the energy, report to the nearest government office,

3. many people will awaken unique gifts. for those who awaken such gifts, do not panic, and make sure you put all of your attention into controlling it. be careless and you will die at the hands of your own gift.

4. report any cracks in space you see, and run. this is important if you see a crack in space. like a cracked mirror, do not get near it. just report it, and flee. failure to do so would risk a whole city's destruction, do not near it at all cost. even when it calls you offering gifts and promises, turn, and run at all costs. bite your tongue to snap out of it, if your body doesn't listen to you, kill yourself. death is better compared to what that rift going to gift you." He said seriously, leaving the world stunned...

Back to the First POV

I was currently in a world of pure darkness, just walking around trying to find my way out of this world. I wanted to think like I was walking aimlessly, but I felt something calling me. So I was walking in a perfectly straight line, not in circles. This darkness didn't affect just my sight, but my other 5 senses.

I couldn't even hear my thoughts, this was a weird thing that would have driven many mad. but I didn't really care if I went crazy or not, it would happen one day, today, tomorrow... does it matter? I didn't know how long it took, the sense of time and space didn't exist for me right now, only that feeling of being called. Although I couldn't help but wonder how I kept my sense of balance, it was almost like some senses were not allowed to exist, but others were.

But I soon saw light within this sea of darkness. That light brought back most of my senses, which was a huge relief to me. It was still hard to sense the passive of time, but soon I saw that small light grow, and as it did my senses began to start returning to me.

I soon reached the light, which I found to be an orb of light that pushed back the darkness. I reached out towards the orb, it was so small, so small that the tip of my finger was many times bigger than it, yet it gave off such powerful light.

I tried to touch it, but as I did, my palm began to start burning from the light. I pulled my palm back in pain, I looked at that orb in shock. I thought I was numb to pain... so what was so different about this new pain? and before I could do anything, the darkness moved forward, grabbing me, and pulling me away from the orb.

I let out a cry as I tried to break free, but as soon lost sight of the light, and pulled far into the darkness, where I was thrown to the ground. I lay there on the ground, too stunned for words. but soon I found my senses were working as I heard something.

I looked around, and the darkness disappeared, revealing statues. I looked at these statues, some females, and some males. they stood in a row, all looking forward, with me standing at the end of the row. suddenly, the eyes of all of these beings glowed purple, giving off the aura of pure and absolute power. 

Their head all snapped toward me at the same time, I was stunned at the sight. but the statues all began disappearing, starting from the nearest one to the furthest ones from me. 

I was left confused for some time, but I soon felt something that caused me to look in front of me. and there the statue that had been nearest to me a moment ago was standing in front of me. although now it was an old man who looked like a ghost.

"Who are you?" I asked weirdly as I felt no something instead of nothing towards this person, instead, I felt a weird warmth from him.

"I'm you, as you are me." He said leaving me confused, but I watched enough anime to have a few guesses from his words

"My future self or my past life?" I asked to which the old man smiled slightly,

"your past life. everyone else you saw was those that came before me. I'm Demon Lord Ainz Ooal Gown. 2,000 years ago, I raged across the omniverse in a war against the heavens. We demons were always considered evil just because Lucifer birthed us as tools to fight heaven, even after Lucifer left hell, we are still considered evil. I wanted to change that, and bring my people out of hell." He said with a shake of his head while the world around us changed, showing the sight of hell.

"Why are you showing me this?" I asked calmly while looking at the demons who had to survive by devouring each other as hell had no resources. It was a place where only the strong can survive, and the weak are to be eaten

"Because I want you to help them. I had set my eyes on Earth, more than 2,000 years ago this is where I fell. I had ensured I would reincarnate here. I was hoping it would be me, at least I could find another planet or something for my people, after all, this universe only has humans, and surely they can share with demons. but heaven wanted us to stay in hell, so we fought." He said while getting on his knees and bowing.

"You can give them a planet on the other side of the universe, anything is better than hell." He said softly

"Even if I wanted to, I'm sure the demons wouldn't trust a human," I said, not wanting any responsibility, I just wanted to sit back and watch anime. everything else? I didn't care.

"They know I would reincarnate in about 2,000 years. they would make their appearance and not kill anyone out of fear of killing me... I understand you don't want to do anything, but with Magical energy returning to your world, anime would most likely disappear. maybe in a few hundred years, it would return." He said causing my eyes to go blank at his words

"but you need not worry. because the world is big and boundless. why watch the anime when you can live through it? if you want, you can leave this world and go out across the omniverse, living life amongst the anime you watched." He said causing me to look at him in shock.

"how do I leave this world?" I asked to which the Demon lord Ainz smiled, 

"that is the information I will give to you once you help my people, at that point, you would gain my acceptance and with it would come all of my memories, knowledge, and abilities. I'm you after all..." Ainz said to which I looked at him in confusion.

"To gain true power, you need acceptance from your past selves. We all hold a piece, you hold one. As you awaken, master that piece of power you have. Once you gain my acceptance, you can get the girl behind me, then those after her, and so on." He said while slowly disappearing

"What is my power?" I asked in confusion

"I don't know, everyone is unique. Destruction, Nothingness, Void, and Erasing. It's always related to those 4 powers. adding to the fact you are uncaring and I believe it has been showing yourself during moments of deep pain and stress, I believe you already showing hints of awakening your power... well, you should wake up." He said before I was suddenly pulled away from the shadows, pulled towards the light.

Ainz watched me leave, before looking towards his past life. there, he saw everyone looking from afar.

"thats the first time any of us showed hints of awakening our powers before coming here," Ainz said with a smile, just to get glares. Ainz sighed while disappearing, he was warned not to reincarnate as a human, how could a human handle their powers? but indeed, their new reincarnation had already shown signs of awakening his power...