The Strongest Dark Lord

Follow Lucas Grindelwald, a reincarnated soul who walks a similar path to his adopted father, the infamous Dark Lord Gellert Grindelwald. As a good Dark Lord in training, expect a MC with loose morals who has no problem with getting his hands dirty. This is a translation of the fanfic Hogwarts: I, The Strongest Dark Lord Of History. The story will have differences from the mtl version since I will be changing things I don't like or that don't make sense. Subscribe to my Patreon /mysterion901 to read advanced chapters.

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Is The Boy Who Lived Lying?

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Nothing has changed underneath the lengthy plumbing.

As Lucas slid down, the professors were already watching for traces of spells nearby.

Professor Sprout looked at the bones on the ground with emotion.

"Professor Kettleburn would be very sad if he saw this."

"I don't think Kettleburn should have this kind of trouble now. He will retire during the summer vacation, and he can live quietly with his pets in the future."

Hearing what Dumbledore said, the professors present breathed a sigh of relief.

This shows how much everyone fears Professor Kettleburn.

After all, there's always a co-worker with dangerous creatures at work.

And Kettleburn has an horrendous track record, with no less than 62 periods of probation that no one understands how he survived them without getting fired.

The only reason he's probably retiring is that he has only an arm and half a leg left of his limbs. There's even a bed with his name in the hospital wing because of how often he gets injured by magical creatures…

"Professor Dumbledore, please come this way."

Professor Flitwick stands in front of a pile of rubble.

He picked out a few broken stones with his magic wand and placed them in front of everyone.

"Judging from the traces, it is indeed an exploding charm, and it was cast very skillfully. Judging from the traces of the gravel, all the stones flew out."

As a Charms professor Flitwick's words are authoritative.

Several professors looked towards where Lucas and the others were standing.

Professor Flitwick even praised without hesitation: "Mr. Grindelwald, I am amazed by your talent for magic spells."

"Please come to my office if you have time in the next school year. We should have a lot of common language."

"Thank you, Professor!"

Lucas never misses an opportunity to learn.

Even if he now has Rowena's library and Salazar's laboratory, he will not be so arrogant as to think that he's invincible.

Instead, talking more with these well-learned professors can be beneficial and their experience in the application of spells would be of great help to Lucas.

When Harry saw the professors studying endlessly a few broken stones he started getting anxious.

"Professor Dumbledore, in front of you! Go further and you will reach the real chamber of secrets."

"Oh~ well, let's go and have a look, Harry, don't worry."

Dumbledore walked slowly down the road as the professors followed behind him.

Seeing this, Harry ran to the front, pointed to the corner and said.

"See what's ahead and you'll believe what I say."

"What's up ahead, Harry?"

Dumbledore just played along, he had obviously learned from Lucas and others that there is a shed skin of a basilisk there.

He just deliberately pretended not to know.

"It's a snakeskin, the skin of a basilisk!"

Harry had just finished speaking when Lucas felt that Professor Snape became short of breath beside him.

Turning his head to look, he saw that the potions professor's eyes were much wider than usual.

Really, for Potions masters like Professor Snape it is impossible to resist the charm of a basilisk shed skin.

When the skin appeared in front of everyone, Professor Snape's unique, deep voice rang out in this subterranean space.

"Hands off, nobody touches it, and I mean nobody!"

Although the way he speaks is the same as before, Lucas could still hear the urgency in his tone.

Dumbledore didn't seem surprised.

"Severus, I will give you this snake skin, but you need to tell us its size and year before receiving it."

Professor Snape chose not to speak but answer with action.

Lucas stared dumbfounded at his Head of House taking out one tool after another from his pocket.

Professor Snape has already made preparations long before coming!

"Twenty meters"

Putting away the measuring tool in his hand, Professor Snape looked at Harry questioningly.

Seeing that he intended to explain, Snape raised his hand to stop and said, "Don't worry, I still haven't checked its age."

After finishing speaking, Professor Snape took out an exquisite crystal bottle and carefully cut off a piece of snake skin with a knife.

He looked distressed as the skin merged with the liquid in the bottle, the result of the year test will be available in a short while.

"Probably between four and five hundred years."

Putting away the crystal bottle, Professor Snape added: "Suppose the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets is really left by Salazar Slytherin."

"Then this skinshed must have been here for hundreds of years, besides, I remember very clearly that Mr. Potter said just now that the basilisk was about fifty meters long?"

All eyes turned to Harry who nodded subconsciously.

"That's right, the basilisk was fifty meters long, and it could swallow me whole with its mouth open."

Professor Snape said nothing more. Instead, he called Lucas who was watching the show.

"Mr. Grindelwald, now collect this skin with me. Be careful, if one part is damaged, you will have to write an extra ten inches of potion papers during the summer vacation."

Professor Snape was blatantly threatening his students, but this just shows how much he treasures this basilisk skin.

The professors all stood in place and waited for the two to collect the skin.

It's not that they don't want to move on, and not because they promote workplace camaraderie either.

It was because when they moved, Professor Snape's cold eyes would immediately look at them in warning.

Dumbledore reassured the anxious Harry and the prefects retreated far away to chat.

This short exploration can be described as an eye-opener. They did not expect that there would really be such a large space underground in Hogwarts.

"Okay, we can continue to advance."

It took forty minutes before Professor Snape finished and allowed them to move.

Everyone couldn't wait to walk to the real Chamber of Secrets.

The circular door to the basilisk's lair was tightly shut and under everyone's gaze, Harry opened it again using Parseltongue.

Parseltongue sounds eerie normally, but it sounds even more creepy with the surrounding environment.

Fortunately, Harry only said a short sentence.

Accompanied by the circular door opening, everyone finally saw the true face of the Slytherin Chamber.

"Woah, don't tell me this is Salazar Slytherin!"

Gemma Farley as Slytherin's prefect frowned looking at the huge and ugly statue in front of her

Originally, she thought that the portrait in the common room was deliberately made to look uglier.

But now she had to accept the fact that the real Salazar Slytherin seemed a far cry from what she had imagined.


Hearing Lucas coughing in front of her, Gemma quickly put away the disgust on her face.

"Mr. Potter, where is the basilisk?"

Professor Snape's voice came from ahead.

The environment of the secret room is clear at a glance, and there are no basilisks at all so he felt cheated.

"Take it easy, Severus."

Dumbledore comforted his right-hand man to prevent him from going on a rampage.

Waiting until Professor Snape calmed down, he said to Harry: "Harry, can you tell us about your battle with the basilisk that day?"

"No problem, Professor."

Harry led everyone back to the door of the chamber of secrets, then walked in through the pipe on the side.

"I hid here at the time, because Fawkes helped by pecking the eyes of the basilisk blind, so I was not killed by it."

Speaking of the Phoenix Fawkes, Harry's expression was a little sad.

"If I was stronger, Fawkes wouldn't have been hit by Voldemort's Killing Curse when he was fighting the basilisk."

"It's not your fault my boy"

Dumbledore comforted his savior boy then followed the professors to observe the surrounding traces.

Right now the Professors seem to be experts in trace science, trying to restore the scene at that time.

Soon, they frowned and walked back.

They looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time.

Professor Snape's expression was even worse.

"Potter, you said that the basilisk entered this pipe, but there is not even half a scale here."

Professor Sprout also frowned and said, "It's impossible for a fifty meter snake to leave no traces on the ground."

She looked at Harry with increasingly questioning eyes.

From when they entered the secret room, there were too many flaws.

Professor Flitwick nodded: "From the statue to this point, there are absolutely no traces of battle."

Seeing everyone looking at him with distrust, Harry panicked for a moment.

He turned to look at Dumbledore in bewilderment, hoping the Headmaster could believe in himself.

"Harry, are you sure the basilisk came?"

Seeing Harry nod his head affirmatively, Dumbledore said softly, "Go ahead then."

Following the explanation of Harry, more and more doubts were pilling

Several prefects looked at Harry more strangely as time passed which made Harry start to stutter when he was talking.

This also increased the suspicion of others, until everyone returned to the statue.

"Then here, I hid in the statue's mouth and found that there was actually a lot of space inside."

"I took cover above the entrance, and when the basilisk entered unsuspectingly, I pierced it through the brain with the sword of Gryffindor."

Harry finished telling the process in his memory and everyone in the Chamber of Secrets looked at Dumbledore, waiting for his attention.

Professor Snape's eyes grew impatient, looking to be not a little disappointed.

"Headmaster, how long are we going to play with this arrogant Potter? He is just like his father."

He let out a sneer when he finished.

Dumbledore paid no attention to anyone but went to Harry with a serious expression: "My boy, stand still, this won't hurt you."

After all, Dumbledore took out the elder wand, which symbolized strength.

The fact he's using this wand means that he's being serious.


The tip of the Elder Wand glowed with a White light.

Lucas slowly clenched his hands behind his back to prevent others from seeing the sweat on his palms.

He knew it was a matter of success or failure.

If Dumbledore restores Harry's memory.

Everything he has done will be in vain, and he will even be branded as a dark wizard and kicked out of the British magic world.

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