The Strongest Dark Lord

Follow Lucas Grindelwald, a reincarnated soul who walks a similar path to his adopted father, the infamous Dark Lord Gellert Grindelwald. As a good Dark Lord in training, expect a MC with loose morals who has no problem with getting his hands dirty. This is a translation of the fanfic Hogwarts: I, The Strongest Dark Lord Of History. The story will have differences from the mtl version since I will be changing things I don't like or that don't make sense. Subscribe to my Patreon /mysterion901 to read advanced chapters.

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Cho's Reminder, The Savior Can't Find A Date For The Ball?

Unfortunately, Harry was one step too late.

When he catched up to Ronald, he had already stopped in front of the Beauxbatons girls.

Fleur frowned upon seeing him, but as a champion in the Triwizard Tournament, she thought that it was Harry looking for her.

"Mr. Potter, what can I do for you?"

"No, it's not me, it's him!"

Seeing Fleur's eyes, Harry blushed slightly, and in order not to make a fool of himself, he directly pushed his friend into the pit.

When everyone's eyes turned to Ron, Harry peeked at Fleur.

'The veela allure is really powerful. Every time I face Fleur, I feel my heart beat faster and can't help but feel flustered, and her beauty doesn't help either.'

Praising the female champion from the bottom of his heart, Harry looked at his friend again.

Ronald has never had much resistance to Veela, and Fleur's exceptional beauty enhances her allure even more.

"Monsieur, what do you want?"

Fleur was disgusted by Ronald's gaze, so her tone became cold and stiff when she spoke.

"Miss Delacour, may I ask you to be my partner for the Yule Ball?!"

Ronald said those words almost shouting and even Harry felt a little ashamed.

The Beauxbaton girls looked at Fleur with teasing smiles in their eyes, and this look made her even more annoyed.

"Sorry, I already have someone I want to go with."

Fleur frowned, walked around Ron and planned to leave.

"Miss Delacour, can you tell me who your partner is?"


Fleur didn't manage to finish her words because she became distracted.

Ron noticed that her eyes were fixed on the corridor ahead, so he followed suit. He found Lucas and Draco walking towards this side next to each other.

He didn't know what they were talking about, but they looked really happy with smiles plastered on their faces.

"Hmph!" Ronald immediately understood in his heart.

"It turns out that the person Miss Delacour invited was Grindelwald. Maybe you don't know it, but he has three girlfriends."

When mentioning those girlfriends, Ron's tone became even worse.

Not only because he was jealous of Lucas having several girlfriends, but more importantly, there is his sister Ginny among them.

Ron's seemingly persuasive words immediately aroused Fleur's displeasure.

"Monsieur, it's not a gentleman's behavior to speak ill of others behind their backs. I'm sorry but I have something to do, goodbye."

She wasn't interested in chatting with someone's followers.

That's right, in Fleur's eyes Ronald Weasley was nothing more than Harry Potter's follower.

When Lucas came to the entrance of the great hall, Fleur had already left by another way.

Noticing Ronald Weasley was glaring at him, he was very puzzled.

"Draco, what did you do to annoy Weasley again?"

"He's looking at you, Lucas", Draco said nonchalantly.

Just when he was going to tease Lucas in turn, he suddenly saw Mad Eye Moody coming from a distance.

"Lucas, let's go in first!"

The last time he was turned into a ferret still caused a psychological shadow on Draco, so much so that now he's a little scared to face the fake Moody.

The two entered the great hall attracting a lot of attention. To be precise, they attracted most girls' attention.

Among the five champions, besides Fleur, Lucas must be the most popular, so many girls want to be his Yule Ball dance partner.

It's a pity that he already has several girls by his side and it's not their turn at all.

Lucas glanced around the great hall and soon found the three girls hiding in the corner.

The three of them put their heads together, not knowing what was in front of them, but it could be seen that Ginny and Cho were in the same group.

"What are you talking about?"

The sudden sound startled the three of them. Seeing Lucas beside her, Hermione's face suddenly turned red.

"I'm full, I will go back to do my homework first."

Hermione ran out with her head lowered.

"What happened to her?" Lucas asked suspiciously.

The other two girls smiled and shook their heads.

Seeing that the two of them didn't intend to say anything, Lucas shrugged and decided it's better not to ask.

He sat between the two of them and said while eating the food on the table.

"This Yule ball, how about Ginny being my dance partner? You are not yet in your fourth year, so you can't attend without an invitation."

"If you become my dance partner, then all of us can enter the ball."

Lucas thought it was a good solution. At that time, it is fair to invite each of them to a dance, and there will be no favoritism.

But to his surprise, Ginny shook her head and said, "No, someone has already invited me."

"Huh?" Lucas looked at her suspiciously and a cold look flashed in his eyes for a second.

Ginny looked at Cho beside her and said, "I accepted Cho's invitation, the two of us will go to the ball together."

"You two? Isn't Cho going to be my dance partner?"

Seeing their boyfriend didn't understand yet, Cho sighed and said: "You can't always think so simply, my dear."

"At this time, you should be more biased. You are a Hogwarts champion, and your dance partner will attract a lot of attention."

"So it's not me, let alone Ginny, but Hermione as your first girlfriend who should take this position."

"She gave up a lot for you, which is very unfair to her, so you should favor her more."

"At least at this time, she should be the one who can stand by your side, and it can only be her. Do you understand?"

After the two girls finished speaking, they walked out of the great hall. They gave Lucas space in hopes that he would figure it out.

"Be biased?" Lucas repeated in a low voice.

For such a long time, he always wanted to treat them equally.

So when encountering such a thing as the Yule Ball, the first thing that came to mind was how to arrange for all of them to enter the ball. And subconsciously ignored that on such an occasion, the one with the highest status should be standing next to him.

Thinking of their first meeting at King's Cross Station, he also thought about how Hermione had supported him unconditionally all these years.

Smiling lightly, he got up and walked out of the great hall with purpose.

It was getting dark at this time and many students returned to the common room after dinner.

Harry and Ronald were no exception, the two sat in the Gryffindor common room and played wizarding chess.

Seeing Neville passing by, Ron subconsciously asked: "Neville, have you found a partner for the ball yet?"

"Already found it!"

"What?" The two looked at Neville in surprise.

"It's only the first day, and you've already found a dance partner?"

Ronald couldn't believe what he heard.

Neville Longbottom, that Neville who always forgets everything, unexpectedly found a partner on the first day.

"Who is she?" Ronald asked unwillingly.

Neville said shyly and said "Hannah Abbott."

After making sure that the other party was not lying, the expressions of the two who were without a partner yet became very frustrated.

Then the twins turned their heads and said: "Ronniekins, you have to hurry up, or all the good girls will be picked away."

The words of the two reminded Ron of Fleur again, and he felt very ashamed at the thought of being rejected in public.

For fear of being rejected again, he turned his mind on his own family.

Just then Ginny came in from outside.

"Ginny, are you going to be my dance partner? I don't think it's possible for Grindelwald to invite three people to be his dance partner, right?"

Seeing the charity-like expression on her brother's face, the smile on Ginny's was immediately retracted.

"Sorry, someone has already invited me."

"What?" Ronald looked at his sister who was walking towards the girls' dormitory.

"Who invited her? Could it be Grindelwald?"

"Maybe someone else?" Harry suggested beside him.

"If it's someone else, it means that Ginny and that slimy Grindelwald have broken up? This is really good news for everyone. I must write to tell Dad."

Harry ignored his friend, what he needed right now is to find a dance partner as soon as possible.

The twins were right, the good girls were all going to be taken away if he waited too long.

"Angelina, why don't you come to be my dance partner for the ball?"

Harry felt that she would definitely agree, both of them are members of the Quidditch team after all, so shouldn't they help each other?

"Sorry Harry, I already have a partner."


Angelina set her sights on the twins and Fred cooperatively raised his hand to indicate that it was him.

At this moment Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown entered.

"Lavender, do you have a date?"

As soon as Harry finished asking, Lavender showed a shy expression.

Needless to say, someone must have already invited her.

"What? You've already been invited? Why didn't you wait for me?"

Ron questioned Lavender Brown angrily.

"Didn't you already go to Fleur Delacour? You can invite others, why can't I accept others' invitations?"

Lavender's expression suddenly became cold, and after answering Ron's question, she turned and walked towards the girls' dormitory.

Watching Ronald beating the sofa angrily, Harry didn't know what to say to comfort him.

Thinking that everyone he knew already had a dance partner, he suddenly became restless.

In fact, he wasn't the only one feeling irritated, the same goes for Krum and Cedric.

They tried to invite several girls, and all of them rejected them without exception.

These Tournament Champions seem to have suddenly become quite unpopular.

Outside the Ravenclaw common room, Lucas was waiting for Hermione to come out.

After receiving the news from Cho, Hermione immediately ran down the tower.

Looking at her boyfriend outside the door she smiled happily, even her eyes seemed to be smiling.

"Don't say anything, I'll take you somewhere first."

Hermione took Lucas's hand, and walked downstairs regardless of whether he agreed or not.

Not long after the two left, a figure walked out from the corner.

"Luna, why are you so indecisive, you should have invited him just now."

"Medusa, you don't understand, Lucas and Hermione Granger are a couple already."

The Star Dragon Medusa flicked her tail and burrowed into the void.

Before leaving, she also left a sentence: "It doesn't matter to you, if you can't make it to the dance, don't cry then."

Luna chuckled lightly.

Immediately afterwards, she walked towards the big carriage outside the castle.