The Strongest Dark Lord

Follow Lucas Grindelwald, a reincarnated soul who walks a similar path to his adopted father, the infamous Dark Lord Gellert Grindelwald. As a good Dark Lord in training, expect a MC with loose morals who has no problem with getting his hands dirty. This is a translation of the fanfic Hogwarts: I, The Strongest Dark Lord Of History. The story will have differences from the mtl version since I will be changing things I don't like or that don't make sense. Subscribe to my Patreon /mysterion901 to read advanced chapters.

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Blood Pact!

Lucius Malfoy muttered inwardly.

Unexpectedly, there are still people visiting at this time.

He looked towards the fireplace hastily, and at the same time, he was thinking about what to say to the visitor.

Wearing a black robe, greasy hair and a cold expression, Severus Snape made his appearance.

"Severus, what's the matter with the sudden visit?"

When he saw that the person who came was his friend, Lucius breathed a sigh of relief.

Snape then revealed his reason for coming here in a cold tone.

"I'm just following the arrangement of a certain gentleman and came here to persuade a fool who thinks he is smart."

Lucius looked at the blond boy on the sofa in surprise.

"Even Severus has become one of your people?"

"You misunderstood, Professor Snape has been in touch with Dumbledore since the beginning."

"You don't naively think that the sudden disappearance of you-know-who more than ten years ago had nothing to do with Dumbledore, do you?"

Silence was the best answer for Mr. Malfoy.

Lucas turned to look at Professor Snape beside him, who proceeded to roll up his cuffs consciously.

The originally indistinct Dark Mark on the left arm was now clearly visible.

"Lucius, you should have found out too, right?"

Looking at the Dark Mark in front of him, Lucius held his left arm with his right hand.

Professor Snape sneered, "Don't kid yourself, you should know that he's back, in England, and gradually recovering his strength."

"Such a situation happened once three years ago. Is that the reason you threw away that diary later? You should understand what the darkening of the mark represents."

Lucius fell silent again, and Draco on the side was very anxious when he saw this.

"Dad, don't hesitate any longer, for Mom and me, for the Malfoy family, we can't watch the family be destroyed!"

Lucius Malfoy looked up sharply at his son.

"How much is Draco involved?"

"He knows all there is to know", Lucas said with a shrug.

Lucius' expression became more and more gloomy, and looking at Lucas, his eyes were full of anger.

"Draco, you go out first!"

"No, I'm also part of the Malfoy family."

Lucius was very angry at Draco's stubbornness.

Lucas looked at his friend and nodded slightly.

And Draco, who was planning to continue persuading his father. In the end, he chose to trust his friend, turned around and walked out of the study.

This scene made Lucius Malfoy even more angry.

"Heh, the future heir of the Malfoy family following your orders, Lucas Grindelwald, you are really good at it."

"You misunderstood, I just told him about the diary, as a qualified heir, Draco immediately sensed the crisis from that information."

"Don't worry, Draco is my best friend, so I will not let him encounter any danger."

Lucius Malfoy gripped the arm of the sofa tightly, the sound of leather cracking reached the ears of the three.

"So in your plan, what does Draco need to do?"

"Of course he has to join the Death Eaters after you-know-who returns."


Lucius Malfoy jumped up from the couch.

"Uncle Lucius, Draco has no choice." Lucas sighed upon seeing this.

"No choice?" Yes, he really had no choice. Lucius slumped back on the sofa in a state of desperation.

He knew Voldemort's moodiness better than anyone.

A dozen years ago, whenever he was displeased by one of the Death Eaters, he would raise his wand and kill them.

Among the Death Eaters at that time, except for a few lunatics, most of them were afraid of Voldemort.

Even Lucius Malfoy was no exception.

Thinking that his son will have to face that crazy guy in the future, he felt a kind of despair.

Lucas met Professor Snape's eyes, then continued.

"In fact, we already know where he is hiding, and even know his follow-up plan."

"Just now I have introduced to you our strength, and I have also introduced the strength of Muggles."

"You should be clear that the crazy Voldemort cannot bring light to the magic world, he will only speed up its destruction."

"Now we have a whole set of plans to get rid of this trouble for the wizarding world, so that you don't have to worry about the Malfoy family and Draco."

"Uncle Lucius, I have no ill intentions towards you. On the contrary, I hope that the Malfoy family will walk side by side with me."

"The Malfoy family will no longer be Death Eaters from now on. Members of the Malfoy family will be admired by all people, and you will be a model of British wizarding families."

"Uncle Lucius, join us, for the Malfoy family, for Draco!"

As soon as Lucas finished speaking, Professor Snape continued, "Dumbledore asked me to bring you a message when I came."

"Dumbledore?" Malfoy raised his head and looked at his friend blankly.

"That's right, Dumbledore said, if you're willing to join, he will forget past grievances."

Seeing the gleam in Mr. Malfoy's eyes, Lucas knew he was moved.

Dumbledore's influence is still useful.

"How can I believe that what you say is true? What if you use up our Malfoy family and finally liquidate us together?"

Lucas chuckled and said: "I can make an unbreakable vow with you, this vow will be valid for life, as for Draco."

As he spoke, he took out a necklace with a silver container at the end of the necklace.

Inside the container were two entangled drops of blood.

"Blood Pact!" Malfoy said in surprise.

"That's right, with the blood pact, Draco and I will never be able to hurt each other, so you can rest assured."

The moment he saw the blood pact, Lucius Malfoy's worries were completely let go.

Although the blood pact is not as severe as the unbreakable vow, the conditions for forming a blood pact are very harsh.

If the two do not trust each other, the blood pact cannot be successfully formed.

He finally nodded and accepted to join.

In the presence of Professor Snape as the binder, Lucas made an Unbreakable Vow with Lucius Malfoy.

When everything was over, everyone sat down again.

"What do I need to do?" Lucius asked calmly.

"Before the end of June next year, your task is to contact as many Death Eaters as possible to join our cause."

"To make you more convincing, all these Muggle weapons are presented to you.

Lucas conjured up a pile of pistols, rifles, and grenades.

"These weapons are very dangerous. Members of the Saints Group will come to teach you how to use them later. If they are not enough, you can just go to my manor to find Vinda, and she will help you arrange them."

"No problem, can you get some of that weapon called a missile that you showed me earlier?"

Seeing the gleam of excitement in Lucius Malfoy's eyes, Lucas rolled his eyes inwardly.

Sure enough, no man can resist the charm of guns, even if he is an antique wizard.

"Uncle Lucius, even if I get it, you don't have a place to test it, and the missile's movement is too loud, which can easily cause unnecessary trouble."

"However, I can take you to visit the Muggle barracks. When those hesitant families see its power, they will definitely choose to join us without hesitation."

Lucius was very satisfied with Lucas's suggestion.

The three chatted for a while, then Lucas and Professor Snape got up to leave.

Lucius and his son sent the two out of the gate of the manor.

Looking at the figure in the distance, Lucius said with emotion: "It's amazing."

"Yes, Lucas is indeed very powerful."

Watching the silly son beside him that was used without knowing it, Lucius smiled helplessly.

Lucas Grindelwald is not only good at persuading others with words, but also good at grasping the weaknesses of others. He is really a powerful guy.

In such a situation, how can he not agree? His son is already in the hands of others. Fortunately, there is a blood pact between the two.

"Draco, come with me to the study, I have something to tell you."

Lucius, who thought his son should improve his awareness, walked into the study with a straight face.

Looking at the sunset in the sky, Lucas felt that the time passed so quickly today.

In order to convince that old fox Lucius, he actually stayed in Malfoy Manor all day.

"Professor Snape, how is the situation on your side?"

"Crouch Jr did search my office last night, I followed your instructions and put the ingredients for polyjuice along with gillyweed in a prominent position."

Lucas nodded and said: "If there's no accident, your materials should be stolen after a while."

"It is absolutely impossible for Crouch Jr. to carry enough Polyjuice Potion for a year, and gillyweed can also help Potter complete the second task."

"Hmph!" Professor Snape's depression got worse, the materials this time were taken from his private collection.

Lucas could understand why he is unhappy.

Just as the two walked out of Wiltshire, Professor Snape suddenly asked, "How are you doing on your part?"

"I can start tonight, will you and Headmaster Dumbledore go and have a look?"

"Won't we be discovered by the dark lord?"

"Don't worry, I naturally have a way."

While talking, the two returned outside Hogwarts with apparition.

Harry just left the prefect's bathroom holding the golden egg with an excited expression on his face.

Returning to the Gryffindor common room, he immediately raised the golden egg and shouted loudly: "I know the clue of the second task!"

He once again became the object of everyone's attention.

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