The Starcraft System in the Far Future

Author: Cpt_Dark
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What is The Starcraft System in the Far Future

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This is the year 3783.  When Athena, a teenage girl from the 21st century, was transported 1761 years into the future, she quickly discovered that the far future is no utopia. This is an age where empires and nations that spanned tens of thousands of planets fought for control in brutal wars. An age where warships and cannons meant more than rights and wrongs. An age where human lives are just another tool to be used by their overlords, no different from bullets or fuel. Making things worse, Athena became just another infantry trooper of the oppressive Venya Imperium. Just another cannon fodder who could be thrown away with thousands of her fellow expendables in a random battle in a war she knew nothing about. Luckily for her, Athena had one thing that made her unique. The Starcraft System. By collecting resources, Athena could build units and structures from the game Starcraft and use them in the new world she found herself in.  Follow Athena as she grows her forces while carefully maneuvering her way through the darwinistic galaxy, doing everything she could along the way to conceal her own secrets and ensure her own survival. 

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When I tell you this is one of the best books I have ever read. I mean it because I like starcraft but I have not Found a lot of books on this topic and I am so happy that a good book was about starcraft four once


copied from the now deleted original in royalroad.com. careful there, kid. the original author fear getting sued by blizzard which is why she deleted it


Not menu starcraft stories this one is very intriguing she play her cards well and the story it’s well narrated


My real score for this fic is 4, but considering the number of existing star craft fics in circulation, I felt it deserved one more star. I didn't notice any glaring mistakes, but one thing that really disturbed my experience is the transitions. One moment you are reading a scene and the next moment you're suddenly somewhere else. Overall this fic is great, I hope the author would keep updating.


Good story with just a few mistakes.Would like to see more similar novels with starcraft, wh40k, stargate, even stellaris 😃


Me encanta esta historia, siendo que la selección de historias de Starcraft es muy limitad, pero la continucación de toda la trama es excelente por parte del autor. Ademas que el desarrollo en si de las cosas con las facciones del sector Kropulu es tal como se ven en el juego siendo hostiles uno con el otro hasta que puedan trabajar en conjunto.


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