The Son of the Major gods.

This is not the story of a Greek demigod. This is the story of a boy from the Norse Pantheon, the son of one of the major Gods of the Aesir tribe. An Aesir demigod that befriends a few of the Greek demigods and involves himself with the affairs of the Olympians, knowing that he's being hunted by his family. Enter the story of Jakob Thorsson, the Son of the major gods. Want to know well you have to add this book to you library and read it.

Vengeance9578 · Anime & Comics
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64 Chs

Chapter 1 Beginning

Jakob gritted his teeth, suppressing a scream of pain as a massive stone column slammed into him, sending the eight-year-old crashing through a tree. His eyes widening as he saw the tree about to fall on top of him, managing to roll out of the way in time before it did. Before he looked at what had hit him, a monster known as a troll.

Trolls were massive creatures, with Jakob barely coming up to its knees, with large tusks on the edge of their faces. All Trolls had massive strength, durability, and stamina, along with having higher intelligence than most monsters, making them more dangerous as they could think and plan. And if that wasn't enough, each troll also carried gigantic stone totems with runes carved into them. With the runes strengthening their abilities and granted them power over an element.

The redhead quickly jumped back when the troll shot a blast of flames out of its hand at him, roaring as it charged him with its pillar held above its head.

'Weapon! I need a weapon, something, anything!' Jakob thought as he ran through the forest, looking around for anything that he could use against the Troll before noticing the shadow descending towards him, rolling out of the way in time to avoid being crushed by the Troll's totem.

Only to bite his cheek, when a wave of flames erupted from the impact, burning his left side and throwing him back against a tree. Grunting as he forced himself to stand up, Jakob couldn't help but feel relief when he saw a sharp-looking rock sticking out of the snow. Thanking whatever god decided to show a little mercy, Jakob grabbed the rock before jumping out of the way of the Troll's fist as it smashed through the tree.

With the Son of Thor rushing the troll, getting in close and began stabbing and slashing at its leg, the monster roaring at the attacks before raising its foot up to crush the demigod. Only to roar in pain, when Jakob took the opportunity to stab the rock deep into its foot with it being buried even deeper when it stomped down.

'That should at least slow it down a little.' Jakob thought before he took off running again, knowing while it may slow the troll down, it'll also make it even angrier.

Unfortunately, Jakob didn't get far when something slammed into his back and sent him flying, making him bite his cheek again to avoid screaming in pain. Though he did let out a grunt when he crashed into the ground, looking to see he's back in the clearing they started in. Along with seeing what crashed into him when a large tree came flying out of the forest, towards him. Jakob's eyes widened at the sight before he tried moving out of the way, barely dodging the tree as it crashed down where he once was.

Though he was then forced to raise his hands, gritting his teeth as the Troll's totem smashed down against him. The Demigod felt the ground crack beneath as the troll kept pushing the totem down to crush to him. With Jakob using all his strength to keep it from getting closer, only to squeeze his eyes shut when the runes on it lit up with fiery energy and began burning his hands.

'Come on, come on! Push it back!' Jakob thought, struggling to push the totem back towards the troll or away from him.

Knowing if he didn't do it soon, then he'll either be crushed or burned alive, given he wouldn't be getting any help. That thought made Jakob growl in anger before his eyes snapped open, with them now glowing and sparking with electricity as he glared at the troll. Before, slowly, he began pushing the totem back until he was standing up, panting in anger. Only to shout and throw his arms up, sending the totem flying straight at the Troll's face.

The troll looking in shock at the sight before grunting in pain as its totem smashed into its face, sending the monster stumbling backwards. With Jakob jumping up and grabbing one of the Trolls tusks, flipping around to land on the back of the Trolls head. Jakob then began punching the Troll repeatedly in the head, making it stumble around with each blow. Until the troll managed to right itself, roaring as it tried throwing Jakob off, only for the redhead to hold on and continue punching it.

Before with a final punch, Jakob jumped off as the Troll went falling to the ground with a loud crash. The Son of Thor panting as he landed on the ground, only to jump up and slam his feet right down onto the Troll's back when it tried getting up, before he went over to the Trolls head. Glaring at the monster, Jakob grabbed the troll by its tusks, grunting as he twisted the Trolls head around snapping its neck.

Though Jakob didn't stop there, before he broke one of the Troll's tusks off and began repeatedly stabbing it in the head and neck.

"You're nothing to me! You worthless, brainless monster! You're nothing! DIE!" Jakob shouted as he kept stabbing the Troll, not caring that it was already dead.

Only for the son of Thor to be pulled from his raged-induced state when someone grabbed his wrist, stopping his assault on the Troll's body. Gasping when the person lifted him up before tossing him onto the ground. With Jakob's anger instantly fading when he saw the familiar cold-blooded and serious expression on his father's face.

"I-I…I did as you asked father…the Troll's dead." Jakob said, bowing his head, while his father continued to simply look at him.

"I said no weapons." Stated the god, making Jakob gulp before quickly tossing the broken tusk aside.

"I-it was already dead when I broke its tusk off!" Said Jakob, knowing if his father told him to do something, then he had to do exactly as he said or else.

With the god remaining silent before walking over to the Troll's feet, Jakob paling slightly as he ripped open the Troll's foot and grabbed the rock he used against it.

"Then explain this." He demanded, Jakob shaking a little since he knew he was in trouble before he gagged and clutched his stomach when his father flicked the rock at him.