259 Harvesting and Drying Rice

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Lan Ruozhu felt he was not fighting alone because he wanted to fight for the people still alive, the people his sister cared for. He also promised his sister he would live well.

After the Mooncake Festival, Su Binglan stayed home to help with the autumn harvest for a few days. Since the paddy had matured, they had to put away the rice quickly. Therefore, the people of Tenghe Town started getting busier over the next few days.

Many did not go home for lunch since they needed to bring the rice home early—instead, they packed dry food and water to eat and drink in the fields. After eating, everyone continued their work.

Although it was autumn, the sun still shined brightly in the afternoon. However, none of the villagers felt tired as they were busy bringing the rice home.

Even if some took a lunch break, they would hurriedly finish their food and return to work.


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