The Seduction System Book

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The Seduction System


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Jay is a new college student, 19 years old, travel to Australia to visit his step mom Liz's twin sis, aunt Bec in his gap year, died in air plane crash. He went to the hell. A demon succubus Lilith took his soul and discovered all his evil thoughts, which is why he is in hell. She gave him some power and reverse his life back to 1 year ago. He needs to use the magic to save those unhappy wives, and let them find their happiness after their unhappy marriage life, in order to extend his life. If he didn't obey, he would be dead at the exact day 1 year after. =================== R18, Forbidden Desires, Villain, Corrupted Souls, Weak to Strong, Adultery, Cheating, MILFs, ... Extremely attention to detail, especially on some actions. *** Status: Applying for Contract *** Every chapter will be free before that! This novel is based around Netori, NOT Netorare. Jay will NOT get cheated on. Unhappy ladies he needed to save: Liz - His step mom. Bec - His Aunty. Step mom's twin sister living overseas in Australia Anna - The airplane crush survivor Lisa - His boss Zoe - His client Julia - His new neighbor Emma - His stepdad's new wife (new stepmom?) Sarah - His teacher Mia - His therapist Sue Gibson - politician And more... Moreover, at the end, he needs to find the final boss - Lilith! To free their souls. ================= Please leave your review and comments, vote for it, and add it to your collection. Your support is very important to me! Let me know if you enjoy reading my book, so I can provide more and better chapters for you!