The School Angel is my Fiancee

Author: zelotwo02
Magical Realism
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What is The School Angel is my Fiancee

Read ‘The School Angel is my Fiancee’ Online for Free, written by the author zelotwo02, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, SLICEOFLIFE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: It all started on a rainy day.I was on my way home soaked in water because I forgot my umbrella.It was supposed to be an...


It all started on a rainy day. I was on my way home soaked in water because I forgot my umbrella. It was supposed to be another normal day for me, after going home I'll take a bath, eat and sleep. It really was supposed to be another normal day... So please tell me why is the school's angel in front of my apartment soaking wet too!?!? "You finally came home, I was waiting for you" One day, a high school student named Kashiwagi Haru found out that the infamous Prickly Angel, Kobayashi Kaede was his fiancee. Caught up by the whims of their parents how will their love story unfold!

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The Woeful Tale of an npc

“Hear YE! Hear YE! HEAR YE! I bring you great news in this filt.. *cough*...This Great City under the establishment of the crue....*cough, cough*..The Ever Kind Countess Niwlat Evolem Dnaetah, a so wondrous and charitable Lady that many men from the Great Mother Church Wintal has come to visit her ladyship bearing so many blessing and gifts. However not all is well for our Kind and Benevolent Lady. For there is an unknown evil that lurk around in this City, and our Lady’s many husband has been assas...*COUGH*..Fallen to this Evil leaving our Glorious Lady a widower, all alone to fu..*Cough*..Mourned with the mens of the Great Mother Church. In Light of This Evil, Our Kind and Benevolent Lady bring unto you, my dear citizen, a bounty. For any man, woman or child that bring about news that lead to the capture of this Evil, a bounty of 2000 gold are promised to them.” .....Well....that’s over with. My name is Rugwald, and that wasn’t even my job, as a news speaker to these plebians. Not that I actually have any choice mind you. I mean it was either stand in the middle of the city square, freezing my arse off BUT SAFE or get to be bait for goblins. So, here I am, standing with my knees deep in horse dung and pelted by cold harsh winds and yelling on top of my lungs to these people. Just my luck to get picked up by a crazy battle maniac that run around, appearing and disappearing at random times. I have so many questions, questions such as; What in heaven’s name is a Player? Why the hell is this crazy person keep calling me an npc? What the hell is a System? And most of all, why does crazy morons like this guy keep on appearing everywhere and charge right into a group of monsters? And the ever so obvious and most important question of all, why? Why oh why did I ever think that applying to be an adventurer would ever be easy money? (please excuse the use of profanities that may be evident within, and the possibly horrible grammar.)

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10 Chs


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